Do social networking site e.g. face book, MySpace, Twitter etc. improve our communication skills or reduce social activity in real world?

For people around the world, Social Media was a great convenience (only when it started out). You can get a message sitting miles away in a split second via email or instant message. No doubt social media has brought about countless advantages or benefits but it’s also a reality that it is responsible for creating so many problems that could hardly be imagined.
According to some people, it really depends on an individual that how he/she uses these social sites. And often say it helps you to remain in touch with people you have not seen for years. I just want to ask them what about them who are around you presently and you are ignoring them because you want to know about them who are no more around you. So in real social media is reducing our relationship with others.
We are living in country where surely very few people will be awarded of it that once you have shared any information regarding you or anything else can not be removed from internet again. However it’s just a problem from millions of other that social media is bringing to our lives.
Technology has many positive aspects but I think we should know how it can affect us negatively.
New generation is growing up in a atmosphere we call social media. Now it’s the duty of parents to look after their activities and help and guide them to have a balance in their social and other life activities.
Statistics found about children and technology:
·       Media consumption among kids has grown over the past four years to nearly 35 hours per week, presenting an increase of 2.2 hours since 2009.
·       TV usage is up 12% versus nine years ago, according to Nielsen, despite the many lternative devices available to them including tablets, computers and games consoles.
·       Computer and gaming consoles make 27% of kids’ daily media consumption.
·       While tablet adoption rates have increased, their adoption still represents a small slice of the pie, at 8%.
·       Though computer and smart phone usage is up among kids, gaming is their Number-one activity across devices. 96% of kids say they use their Computer for gaming, compared to 88% on the tablet and 86% on the Smartphone.
·       Three-quarters of kids say they watch short form video on their idevice, And consuming long-form programming is growing: more than half of kids With an iDevice now watch long-form content, a 23% lift over last year. 
According to an article “Is face book killing us” sites like MySpace, bebo, face book and twitter are making young generation self centered. Moreover the writer says that it’s just like drugs and drug addiction.
We are addicted, and like an addict we have built up a tolerance that requires more of the drug to keep us satisfied. Even worse, just like an addict we cannot function normally without being on the drug. 
Mark Zuckeberg and the owners of these techno-drugs have bought our brains for a low price and are using them for ad space, making themselves richer by the second. In an interview with “60 Minutes” last year the creator of Face book who has an estimated net worth of $6.9 billion, was asked how he feels about his success. He responded with no emotion and nonchalantly said “it is kind of crazy.” These billionaires will call social media as a gift. But we must realize that it is a curse. Do not let social media sites to engulf you.
Shafaq Akhlaq