Imran in my view ….. A Situation before Election

Situation is getting worse day by day and everyone is not only worried about the ever increasing prices of electricity, petrol, gas but also mourn about unavailability. The situation is panic . Pakistan is  losing its integrity all over world due to memo case and many other such events ……. Everyone is now looking towardAlmighty Allah to help them come out of this situation and send a MASEEHA to help all get out of chaotic situation.

Meanwhile Imran Khan comes up with great JALSA in Lahore and had become in flashlight. Media is giving coverage of every second and boasting Imran as the only HOPE of the nation. We can easily get an insight about the popularity of Great Cricketer-come-Politician by simply watching around us, in markets, schools, colleges, universities, bus stands. Everyone is discussing about politics and taking Imran as the only Hope of dying nation as people of  Pakistan have tested all faces twice or thrice and are now fed up of all they want change and Imran have come up as a strong candidate for CHAIR. Youth is showing their confidence and enthusiasm and is active to support him. And the graph of popularity is going up day by day.
Earlier we have seen Imran struggling over the years to establish him in nations politics and had support from youth, the youth who has seen him holding the world cup for them and bringing pride to Pakistan, but he could not get any break through, we have also seen him committing some mistakes and hurting his supporters but that is PAST.
Well Imran was in discussion from the time when he has came out to make Shoukat Khanum Cancer hospital and people from every age of life supported him . But no one knew that one day he will again unite this nation and will drive them.
After coming to politics he struggled a lot in last 15 years, he fought bravely stood before others and tried to put his point of view, but was not that successful as he just had the support of youth that has nothing to do with politics at that time. But now the youth is seemed to be in main stream and time will show what change they can bring in national politics.
Politics in Pakistan is I will say a family politics …. There are just few faces with 2, 3 parties and come after one another….so v could not see any change until any dictator comes and take charge. All faces are now exposed all the nation have tried and tested them all one by one, all were desperate about ongoing situation.
After giving an entry with tsunami in Lahore Imran khan has increased enthusiasm of public in politics and has become an increasing threat for existing parties who don’t even bother to think about him as a politician. All were busy confirming their positions in establishment for next elections. But all of the sudden whole scenario has change after Lahore tsunami. Politicians and establishments are restless not only by increasing popularity of Tehreek-e-Insaaf but also about their key party members leaving them and joining hands with Imran Khan.
Long after Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Imran have brought out educated people who have never voted and was not interested in politics any more. Now people from all walks of life are out to support Imran as he is only Hope for Nation now. He has a charisma in his personality that what he decides people follow him blindly. This is a big success for him as half the work is done.Now we are waiting to see if he can stir the minds and hearts of people in Quetta and have a bewitching effect on them that they blindly follow him and support him in coming elections.
After hearing him I looked on him as a serious and cool minded Politian as he does not shows much enthusiasm in his speeches as we are familiar with. He has put forward himself as a strong personality over the years and man of determination and the way he have brought political rivals under one umbrella shows his sense of politics. He is a visionary man. Now he is here to eradicate plague of corruption from society and provide INSAAF on every door step.
International media is claiming that IK have caught sight and fame of people due to the failure of zardari’s policies…and also attracted people with his opinion against America and drone attacks.
Let us hope we will have a fair election because it is the only way that will show clear picture what people of Pakistan are thinking and feeling now, and wait to see what happens in next elections because we also have seen that number in rallies does not actually confirms your position in establishment but keeping in view the media reports he is most favorite candidate for next elections as most of the Pakistani living in or abroad are fully supporting him.
Let’s see who will come next and with what…..whether he will stick to his promises with public or deviate and deceive nation as its common practice since ages.
It will be a great Challenge for Revolutionary Leader to bring change and keep up with hope of people as the situation in Pakistan is far worst then anyone can imagine.

Let’s see which World Cup he will manage to bring this time .
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