Since several years I have been witnessing the passing of time getting swift day by day, night to night. All that discussed is that time has become quick, much quick indeed. The people who have experienced the slow times and the calmness associated can only take a deep sigh to recall the past but cannot alter their schedules and activities to re-attain that grace, lost. Actually it can be possible, but certainly at a cost.

First of all we need to check and think what has caused such an overwhelming change. The answer is that the number of increased activities has rendered this happen. Today in every walk of life people have several things to deal with. To the foremost is the mobile or the cell phone (rightly christened in both cases). Every single person receives 20-200 written messages daily and frequent calls from people all over the society and all around the world, every caller having his matters and dealings. This implies in simple as that u have to work for all those people in some manner or the other as all have contacted you for some of their personal matters, that they feel you can help in.
Second in the row is the easy access to the newest appliances that have been made to make your life easier. It will be quite satirical to say but the reality is that most of the people (me included) press their clothes because an educated Englishman has invented the Iron. Most of the government institutions send you to the photocopier not because they want to solve your problem but for the reason that . . . . . . . they don’t know themselves exactly. We are using different perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, shampoos and all of different brands available at distant and different stores. Quite interestingly men (and the better half of course), living at this end of city get their desired shopping form the other end and vice versa. People in the twin cities have their favorite mechanics, hotels and shopping markets in their twin city, sadly not in their own.
Thirdly the rise of urban societies has created uncountable opportunities for the people of every class and section, be him a student, businessperson, graduate seeking a job and whatsoever. A student (be him of primary or a university) has uncountable educational institutions and fields to be chosen from. And same is for the other segments.
All what we are doing must not be for its sake but purposeful, all these activities must be selfless and disciplined. In fact this is the materialistic and capitalist society in which everything we are doing or wanting to do is for some sort of materialistic gain. Where this factor comes in the calmness, serenity, beauty and satisfaction excuses itself. Although the point remains that we have made our lives difficult in these manners that needs to be reconsidered and pondered deeply by every individual, what for am I running (like a horse), but the other more sophisticated and spiritual subject lays here. Fate is we destined for, nothing more nothing less, no one ever carried anything from the world then such a haste, greed and efforts for what? When the effort is objective the person remains calm, and when the end becomes the objective he gets frustrated, and efforts respite. The roles we are given must be played well instead of longings for the other roles. Experience is that when you make your position your passion, you become satisfied of life and the Nature recognizes your selflessness in its own manner, making you different and superior to all others seeking promotions.
(Usman Akhlaq)