Spiritual Policy Planning

A plethora of articles written and speeches have been delivered on the importance of spiritual development along with the development in the physical world. Scholars having thoughts and ideology of this “style” often have a religious disposition. This is the reason why many modern people don’t consider it worthwhile as we have made religiosity a separate entity. But this matter is a grave one and deserves a serious thought in real life.

If we look at the ramifications of not considering spiritual building in our society we realize that this negligence has wreaked havoc in our society. Today our nation has an obvious outlook of a crowd, or a mod exaggeratedly. There are several reasons for this menacingly odd situation, all spiritual in nature. This is not because we have less developed roads and buildings, less jobs or less education, rather because we have less clarity of our objectives, and aimless beings. Nation states are made by common ideology, sacrifice, law abidingness and truthfulness. All these qualities are spiritual in nature not material and require justice, equality, opportunity and inspiration to flourish. Unless and until these trends hold ground in a society, it can’t prosper.

It’s the philosophy of spiritual development that compels individuals to become moral beings. Spiritual strength makes men to overcome the material hurdles and keep working honestly on their ends otherwise they are lured and tempted to mold their ambitions towards wealth accumulation as they enter practical life. This is why the innocent and competent students wishing to join medical for helping miserable humanity get status sick after passing out of medical colleges and same for army officers and the likes. There may not be much difference in the actions of a spiritual and material being but difference of view as what a materialistic man does for his personal gain, a spiritually developed man dose the same for the betterment of humanity. When the stress of society is upon the wealth as the social symbol of superiority then every individual would enter the same race even unknowingly.

The question arises what ought to be done on government and social level. I leave this question unto you to think, to ponder and prove to yourself because as much we think about a matter, its importance its reality is engraved in our heart to help change us for ourselves.

Usman Akhlaq