Written Numerous Times but Still Not Believed

Having competed years of democracy and “truly” democratic system, people have-not yet been convinced it’s the best system available. The simple answer is the study of this government’s performance on vital matters like economy, governance, peace and development. Surely the results are not much encouraging.
The history has shaped numerous systems and the great Empires have been built and declined in the vicissitudes of time. What is commonly concluded that the better systems prevail, like today’s democracy and democratic systems have developed the limits to control the world. Undoubtedly it has become a benchmark and every other country is trying to imitate, in the suitable way it can.
Pakistan as a case study has done same it has been democratized repeatedly to move forward and even the anti-democratic agents have used the democratic skin to accumulate the rationale for their rule. In today’s time the countrymen have fought and won the democratic system for them, but with a capital “BUT”. Democracy is not an end in itself but it’s only a platform to acquire development, equity, justice and so on. The capital “BUT” suggests that this system didn’t help us at all to develop anyway. The proponents argue the continuity of system to deliver etc. but practically speaking the state of matters has not even stabled on the point where “non-truly” democratic system was wrapped. It has gone far worse and dejection prevails the horizons.
The purpose here is not to scream out political criticisms or hurl acquisitions, but to gauge some reason of situation. In my view all systems developed over time thoughtfully have enough good reasons to deliver but systems are not self start or automatically run. The people if are dishonest or disloyal, the system would collapse, this is exactly what happened to the Romans, the Bezentinians and Muslims to say. The ball is in our court. The exact time for us to separate ourselves from blind race of materialism. Honesty is hard earned wealth, truth pays late but worth’s believing. Satisfaction is the bride for those who choose tough ways to lead their lives. Our system is too good to believe, we have huge machinery to implement our policies and develop. What we need is only to be vigilant against what we should not do while walking on road, travelling, dealing with the family of God (the people around).
Usman Akhlaq