Pakistan Of My Dreams

Everyone in this world dream,so do I. One of my dreams is a dream for my Pakistan.

It would like to see Pakistan in which there will be no communalism, provincialism no terrorism and racism. Firstly, I would eliminate all the fans that forces of disruption and separation. Communalism in any form would be rooted out.

Secondly, I want Pakistan to be scientifically advanced technologically better and agriculturally strong country. A  Pakistan where fanaticism, crude emotionalism and coarse sentimentalism would no longer rule. I would like to see Pakistan at the apex of scientifically and technologically developed nations. Being an agricultural country I want Pakistan of my dreams would be a Pakistan which is self sufficient in food. An agrarian revolution would be brought about by launching different agricultural programmers and better seeds and modern equipment would be provided to formers.

Thirdly, I would also strengthen Pakistan’s defense. I want my country to be strong enough that no country/enemy would dare to cast her covetous eye on the holy soil of Pakistan. 

My next step would be to increase the literacy rate. People would be educated on mass scale. It’s the only way through which democracy would be workable.
I would like to see a Pakistan in which there would be abridgment of gap between rich and poor. National income would be distributed rationally among sections of society.

Most important one is I want to see Pakistan as true fortress of Islam!

Everyone wishes that his/her good dreams may come true but I have a firm believe that one day my dream will come true IN SHA Allah!