A Page from Diary.

A Busy Day !!!!

I would like to tell you about my last day in Islamabad, Pakistan  ……. and a flying experience that I had 3 days back.

A domestic flying company announced lowest rates ever and everyone was just like running to get a chance to fly on lowest rates to any desired place , my husband booked his ticket and then he thought to buy tickets for us  (my and daughter’s) as well . He bought ticket months ago. I am happy that we  have facility to do all online. We (my daughter and me ) enjoyed a round trip from Islamabad to Karachi . 
When he( my husband ) bought his ticket it was for 4:30 pm on 15th January  , after some time when he decided to get our ticket all tickets were sold within few minutes . Then he bought our tickets on 15th January at 7:30 pm.
On that day we could not get up early ,we slept very late last night as we were out for shopping  …..we had planned to have our breakfast on Clifton Beach. We got up at 11 am and took our breakfast at home and then decided to visit beach but before visiting beach we have to go to market to change some dresses that we took last night …. After changing dresses when we were going to beach meanwhile we got to know that we have to recharge our internet router , so we turned towards PTCL office . It did not took much of our time and we were happy for that , but unfortunately we could not even get down on beach and could not enjoy walk and my daughter’s wish to go on swings was not fulfilled as it was very hot in Karachi and it was time for schools to close and we could not take risk to stuck in traffic as husband have to leave at 1:00 pm from home.

On our way back home we came to know that our neighbor have a new addition of baby girl in family and we thought to visit them as well , we turned to market to buy some new born stuff as time was so close and we were in rush everywhere.  We hurried back to home and tried to visit our neighbor but they were not at home at that time , so we could not see new born baby girl , and my daughter was so sad as she was so excited before that she will visit new friend.

Anyways, my husband went to his friend house to park his car and called his friend to drop him on airport. I called him if I cook something , but he told me he is already late . He got back home , he bought some snacks for our daughter with him and then he left for airport.
After he left I started preparing my bag , packed some clothes , shoes etc as my daughter slept  and then I thought to check in online, I tried to check in online but the price for check in was higher than the price of ticket , so I thought against that . I was thinking to check in before I got to the airport as I was thinking I may also not get late like husband .  Afterwards I inquired from my husband about this situation he told me check in is free but as may be I selected seat so I have to pay or I was checking in very close to flight time .
I woke up my daughter at 5:30 and prepared her to fly. My husband called a taxi to give us a drop on airport before leaving so after preparing we started  waiting for taxi , my husband called me when he reached Islamabad , that taxi will pick me from home at 6:10 pm . Taxi came at 6:00 pm and building watchman came upstairs to inform me about that.We got on to taxi and reached Karachi International Airport .  Inside the airport I had to search for my terminal and I saw a lot of  employees on airports were busy with their heads down on computers. They were all busy to make it sure that all passengers reach their destination without any problem.
Ultimately I found my domestic terminal and I went up for check in. I had to look in different counter to reach my desired counter. At check-in counter  employ asked me if I have any bag and I shook my head in negative , my husband actually took my bag with him. Then he checked my ID and pointed towards left side where I had to go , unfortunately I misunderstood him and thought he is asking me to take my boarding pass to person sitting on next counter. I went to next counter and I tried to show my Pass to employee but he was like.. what you want now , you have your boarding pass….. then I realized what I had done , so to cover the situation I turned my boarding pass towards me and noticed that gate number was not mentioned on that , I asked at once , what is gate number ….. then he told me Gate No. 2 and guided me to the gate.
Inside there was a man with long mustache and he asked me to go and visit female search room and told me to go left but I discovered it was  right. A man was continuously arguing with him over something , I think he confused him and he guided me to a wrong door.
After usual process we went to waiting room and had an hour to kill, so I went to one of those snacks and coffee shops and thought to drink a cup of coffee but my daughter started shouting as she wanted to watch PEPPA PIGGY cartoon on her IPad . So I started searching for some unsecured networks in range inside waiting lounge , finally after changing my place few times I got unsecured network from some coffee or Ice cream shop . That was a sigh of relief for me as my daughter will not bother me for at least  some time.
We were supposed to board at 7:00 pm as my flight time was 7:30 pm . I went to check boarding time but it was not mentioned and I was like … WHAT ….!!!! Anyways I went to gate number 2 from where we had to leave , all passengers were waiting in few rows to board , but the employees were not paying attention to passengers despite were moving here and there and were looking on back side as if they were trying to see from gates if pilot had started the plane . Few children went to counter and tried to present their boarding cards but they were told to wait a minute. After waiting for more than half hour they started boarding in an orderly fashion.
This was my first experience with this airways when I went into plane I was surprised as it was so small and it was hard to move with bags and I thanked God that I do not have any hand carry but a small shoulder bag.
It took more than half hour for passengers to board and when I called my husband at 8:00 pm , he wondered if I was still on ground . It was a 1 hour 35 minutes flight , not much long flight actually. But with no Music and no mini Screen for games / cartoons ( for my daughter) it was hard to spend this time. It did not took time for me to imagine how the flight will be for me – with my daughter shouting and making mischief throughout.
 My daughter sat on seat and started inquiring about mini screen ( mama where is my TV , how I will watch cartoon , I told her to watch cartoon on I Pad , she took I Pad from me and after some investigation she handed that back to me saying no internet ) then the next demand from her was for macaroni , as always with other airline she use to ask for macaroni she opened her front table and adjusted her position and waited for aunty ( air hostess ) to come and serve her macaroni .
It was actually a budget flight and we had to purchase everything we need . I saw a card with all available items , there were few drinks , chocolates , biscuits , noodles etc.
I was looking into this if I can find macaroni and I can buy for my daughter but unfortunately they were not serving that . I tried to give my daughter snacks that I was carrying with me but she said she just want to eat macaroni from aunty . I told her to wait , so she started waiting for the time when she will be served with macaroni.
By the time we were informed to tie our seat belts and after some usual prayers we took off. I was happy I got seat with a window , I glanced out of the window , I saw whole city full of lights of different colors it was very beautiful scene from top and then clouds came in between.
My daughter was continuously moving on her seat and I thought she will be bothering a lady next to her so I changed her seat and asked her to have window seat and watch outside. She was happy to see the lighting in whole city .
Eventually, the ladies with trolley approached us for some food items but I negate to take any . A boy got a pack for noodles on other side and he was shocked to know the price for a noodle pack in air. The way he overcame his facial expression and situation was worth seeing it.  
My daughter noticed that aunty(air hostess) is here now and she asked me to get macaroni , meanwhile lady next to us bought coffee  and air hostess left soon after that as I had told her before I will not take anything . While watching air hostess going my daughter started crying that aunty did not give her macaroni , it took for me few minutes to convince her to enjoy croissant with juice .
My daughter was continuously busy singing poems talking about peppa pig and red riding hood and acting like George monkey and she attracted the attention of lady sitting next to me . She asked about my daughter’s age and stuff and then we started talking about ourselves . She was bit unhappy with men as she had a bad experience in her wedding but I told her if she will give someone else a chance he can change her views about men, but she told me that she is happy with her life now — she exclaimed that she is living a life as she wanted , she works and enjoy her time with her two kids.
We had good chat and finally we were informed that we have started our descent.
Our plane then taxied across the runway and arrived its destination.
 We get off the runway and they opened up our gate and we entered inside airport and passengers hurried to take their luggage and I called my husband to tell him that we have arrived, he told me before that he will wait on Islamabad International Airport and we will leave together from airport for our home .

We ( my daughter and me) came out of airport and met my husband, before we came out my husband called a taxi so we sat in taxi and started towards our home. It was 10 pm and I asked my husband to buy some food from the way as what I will cook at that time at home. So he got Turkish shawarma with rice , salad and some soft drinks . We reached home, I asked my daughter if she wants to eat macaroni but she said no and told me that she just wanted in plane from aunty and we laughed a lot afterwards we enjoyed our food and went to sleep to have a fresh start again .
I am also happy  as the Airline gave a chance to its passengers to fly in lowest rates ever. Private Airline is good option as PIA is very busy and always have high rates… with low rates those people also got chance who can not afford air ticket with normal rates.  I wish we get some good offers in future as well. 

It was really a busy day for us but I am happy everything went as it was planned but things got very closed and we have to rush as we woke up late in morning ….

So never forget to set an alarm if u have that tight schedule during the day.