I want Peace

Think in a silent moment about life , why we were created by GOD i.e. what is purpose behind our creation , why we cannot find satisfaction anywhere we go , why we have deep wells in our minds, what is the world we long for and why we have emptiness in our souls and holes in our hearts, why we move around helpless, What we lack in our life…….I feel all is about PEACE.

According to definition of Wikipedia , Peace is presence of harmony with no violence, conflicts and the freedom from hostility. Peace also stands for sincere attempts for the existence of healthy relationships among mankind. It also refers to prosperity in matters of public or monetary interests. Peace strongly recommends the equality of human beings. The definition of “peace” can vary with religion, culture, or subject of study. The term is sometimes used to refer to a termination of all the aggression among all individuals.

 The International Day of Peace, also recognized as the World Peace Day, is observed  annually on 21 September. The day was first celebrated in 1981. People from different nationalities , races , religions observe this day throughout the world with a wish to have a peaceful place to live , where they can nurture their capabilities to live without poverty and many other current problems . I am glad we have one day when all people in universe focus on PEACE. All of us have this inside us kept from our Creator , as we love our family , friends etc.

I would like to dedicate this thought and writing to all those, I would rather like to say surviving in world who really wish to expand Peace on Earth.

World peace is actually the freedom for the expression of your ideas, peace of your mind , and happiness throughout the world among different nations and peoples. World peace is an idea of peacefulness by which people of the world can help , guide and cooperate each other in their capacity by their will , either voluntarily or by virtue of a system which avoids planetary conflict. World peace normally refers to a permanent end of warfare throughout planet Earth.

Being a part of this chaotic world I strongly believe that we have a voice against combat and devastation threatening all parts and I also believe that one day it will be heard and it will effect and save many lives from such brutal acts against many who are suffering directly or indirectly.

We have to rise by promoting peace and by caring for each other with love and kindness. Mankind’s voice will spring louder than ever. It is our destiny and birth right. We have been given the gift to live on this earth with one another as human beings  in peace, harmony and equality. We are not the members of the same family or religion, or same country , we do not speak same language , nor we have same interests, we aren’t having same gender and color ,but the only thing common is a wish for a peaceful life .

Everywhere on internet you come across many statements like ; All I want to find in life is peace of mind and happiness for all human beings. I want to have a peace that flow to all like a river .

Peace does not mean to be in place where there is no noise or trouble or poverty or chaos at all , it means that you are surrounded by all of those problems but still you are satisfied from inner and have a clam in your heart and feel life in your soul.

This is our utmost duty to make this world a  peaceful place to live and we should hand over this love , harmony and peace of mind and soul to our next generation.

Do you believe that purpose of war in world is peace?

I believe that war in world can never give peace.  If we see around us then we’ll come to know that many people are suffering from warfare and hostility against them , they are not at peace at all . Also if we inquire about all those parts of the world who faced warfare against them in any capacity , internal or international are still paying the price . For example we should not forget about the pain of people of Japan / Germany who are still suffering from after affects of war. United kingdom still has signs of World War II.

Sometime people and nation have to pay the price of ruthless dictators and in other areas many terrorist/ religious extremist groups in different countries take benefit of youngsters who are desperate of chaotic situation , they do their brain washing and motivate them to have violent attacks , like we see many examples of suicide bombers , who attack to destroy property or people or even they create a panic and alarming condition in country , after investigation it come forward that most of them are teenagers or youngsters. 

Conflict can be between groups , nations , ethnicity , religions and between countries. There can be different purposes for conflict between different groups and its size also changes depending upon whether there is conflict between groups , religions , sects or nations and countries. The biggest effects and size is when there is conflict between countries ,it cannot remain limited to just two countries as many allies also take part in war and it spreads all around. It’s devastating  after effects are inevitable. Conflicts , violence and a warfare truly cast a long and dark shadow on the lives of nations and its peoples. War has a heavy economic and human cost. After effects of war depend on the country , different countries have different outcomes. Its effects are not only limited to humans who have many psychological and numerous health related problems among still living , it creates malnutrition, water and sanitation problems , set back in education , it ultimately comes up with the loss of life, limbs, loved ones and many customs and traditions. It means that war affects people , mentally , physically and spiritually. Many wars have been accompanied by significant depopulation. It generates trade barriers. War also effects our environment , ecosystem and climate as it increases air pollution and many other problems related to environment. It pollutes air , water and soil. War brings with it the unending application of weapons, the destruction of structures/buildings crop and oil fields, it set everything on fires that comes in its path. All can notice with fear the military transport movements and have to suffer chemical spraying. We can hear screaming everywhere , everyone is afraid of sudden deaths by bombs or rockets shot or stray bullets , death prevail and is scaring all everywhere. These are some examples of the destroying impact wars have on the environment and the people.

No doubt that we cannot get rid of conflicts during this century as President of United states Barrack Obama said in his speech when he got Nobel Prize for Peace in 2009   “We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth: we will not eradicate violent conflicts in our lifetimes,” and that “There will be times when nations — acting individually or in concert — will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified.”

But still I wish for peace and believe that secret of happiness is to count your blessings that God have bestowed on you. He have created everyone free and have not given right to anyone to enslave others.

In today’s situation around the world , do you believe that peace is possible ????

I do. I believe that we can make it happen together . It will occur by stopping violence , saving lives , healing devastated group of people and by standing together shoulder by shoulder against all conflicts regardless of any nationality , ethnicity , race or religion.

In conflicts area around the world some local people from the society are physically standing against violence and are making the difference by helping everyone who is in need. They are creating a real change by working together with many other women and men. They began by focusing on human rights, and sometimes also train youngsters to build peace by challenging violence and extremism.

I remember a line from a song ( I do not remember completely or not sure about name of singer or writer, but it says)

“We want peace, and we want it right now.”

Why do not we have a purpose in our lives and stand beside them in every way possible. There are many areas with conflict where people across the borders do not have access in such situation we must support them in every step of way and help them morally and financially and can make a cheerful combination. Together we should find a way that brings even a modicum of comfort to their miserable lives.

Violence is thus wasteful–I believe that if we take a minute to think , try and understand, what is the cost of war ,we will surely try to avoid violence as much as possible. We must understand how to create , if not a non- violent then at least a less violent world.

We must initiate and do something that is not still been done , we can win the hearts of many people around the world by standing for peace. We have to stand firm to end all brutal wars . We have to show courage , strength and determination and many lives will be saved . We need an environment where we can freely exchange our ideas , thoughts and experiences . We are living a miserable life where we miss peace and lack satisfaction. We must stand before everything is finished and we can not even get the ruins .

I strongly recommend all to stand for peaceful interpersonal and international relationships. By doing so we will achieve our inner peace , its so precious that even if paying and spending even all the wealth and resources you can not get this. The aim of our lives must be to have peace, and specifically to have a place where there is no war at all.

All I want on this planet earth is peace and what do you think is it much to ask for ?

I wish all murders and sadness is finished  , I wish people can have the right to breathe freely on earth. I want the world to unite and stand against hatred and wars. I wish to be in a world where everyone is smiling , I wish we show tolerance to everyone ,I wish there is no killing , no bloodshed ,no more deaths on name of religion , race , nationality. I wish that all future conflicts should be solved by dialogues and non-violent means and a working political order that serves the true interests of all without any discrimination of race , nationality or ethnicity  . I wish that the desire for peace and freedom will eventually win through all barriers that are laid in it’s path .I wish that our eyes will open soon and rather than going blindly behind anyone who is after his own benefits and risk the life of masses  and makes lives miserable we will think , understand and try to stop any such acts against humanity. I wish we use or sight and brains to see and understand. I wish all wars and hatred is ceased one day. I wish we show love, peace and honesty towards our self and to the universe. I wish everyone get the elevated respect he is entitled to. I wish that everyone should condemn any insulting behavior towards anyone.  I wish we may not attack, insult or mock any religion like Islam, Judaism or Christianity etc. in any way , this should be unacceptablebehavior. I wish to be in world where everyone have free and quality education . I wish all qualified individuals will think in this way.

I trust with all my heart that someday I will see this happening during my existence in this world. In addition to this I consider that the ability placed essential to attain this, is contained by all of us, keeping aside any difference of race, religion, tradition or faith… it initiates with love. We will accomplish it.

At the end I will appeal all of you to spread love and peace by any means you get. It can be a simple act of a smile or a little support and I pray that May peace prevail on earth.

All I want in World is Peace.

An old song by John Lennon says about peace as, 

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

It’s that simple…. Believe me.

What do you believe about Peace??? I will be happy to hear you.

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