Are we Happier than our Ancestors?

An American writer, Henry David Thoreau, says that we are unhappy than our ancestors because our life is complicated than theirs.

In fact I believe that  Thoreau might had an opinion that life should be less  complicated and easy.  Without newspapers and messages that brings depressing news and frustration round the clock. People are running towards luxuries and facilities without thinking that all this , if on one hand is bringing their ego a self satisfaction or mental peace , is also making their life more complicated and disturbed as one is in continuous contact to family of friends, resulting in loss of freedom and independence . Even after having everything , dreamed of , we are still dissatisfied and are not contented whatever we have strived for.
Though we have much more facilities than our ancestors but these facilities let the modern man to be on a racing track in every moment he lives. We are continuously running an unending race and all of us are trying to beat all others. Consequently even having many facilities than our ancestors we do not enjoy spiritual peace at all . Love of money have killed our feelings , sentiments , emotions and passion . We regard others as  cogs in the machinery. Our ambitions , aims , objectives , desires are very high. We have set new goals for us in life ; having a luxurious life keeping aside love , respect and care for others. We do not care for feelings and emotions today but our personal benefits matter more to us .

Modern man has least moral values and has lost his faith in religion and the Creator of all , constantly thinking about  crossing all those limits which are kept essential for  life. As a result of this race , he is still unhappy, sorrowful , miserable and frustrated and not enjoying peace of mind by any means .

Looking at the optimistic view of Thoreau’s saying, comparing ourselves with the ancestors makes it clear that we are enjoying many conveniences and  comforts of life than them; its easy to cover great distances by flying in air like a bird, swim in deep depths of seas and oceans like a fish, and has landed on moon .Today even a child is familiar with facts of universe and solar system. At present we have access to different types of knowledge and ideas. Anyone can plan properly and execute his plan easily because of availability of many helping tools . Although all this was not available to our ancestors and I think they really suffered.

Modern man is enjoying a better and healthy life as compared to his forefathers because of access to technology and new ways of treatment like heart transplantation , limbs replacement etc.    
 In short, it can be said that our ancestors had nothing what we have now , but still , they were more contented and satisfied , enjoyed their life and had lived for long ages. Whereas we , in spite of having all , what we desire and demand for , are still dissatisfied and less-contented. The real reason is only the loose knot of our faith , that we used to have with our Creator.  
 All luxuries and facilities must be enjoyed but not at cost of peace.
Shafaq Akhlaq
Dua ><(((:>