How i wrote a Recommendation on Linkedin

Almost all of us know about linkedin. I was asked by my x-boss to write a letter of recommendation for her on linkedin.

I am happy to write for my boss as she was one of my best boss ever. But i wanted it to be good. So, after eagerly observing her profile on Linkedin, i came up with something that i feel she will also like. Even i was informed by her that she like it, this was all i wanted.

I would like to share my letter with you but i have changed the names of people and places.

 I feel it as my pleasure to write for Doctor and I will recommend her strongly for any academic or non-academic profession , keeping in mind her academic skills and leadership qualities, and I wish her good luck in her future endeavor. 

Doctor is currently working as a Consultant at the vice rector for planning, quality and development in one of leading Saudi University. She also performed duties of Associate Professor and Chair department of Information Technology in many other Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Universities.

Throughout her career she has been working at top positions of the high ranked organizations including a private University, where she was vice rector for all academic affairs. 

She was also dean for Computer Science department and I was working as a lecturer in Computer department under her deanship. I found her very co-operative, energetic, receptive and friendly. I really like the way she use to encourage all. I would also like to admire her approach to convey her thoughts and take everyone in confidence prior to any decision and the way she trusted her team really inspired me. I have a high regard for her because of her quick response to everyone. Whenever you need her, you will find her there standing side by side with you to help and guide you . I believe that not much people around have this ability, I feel this quality also makes a difference. She is one who is always full with new ideas and know, the way, how implemented, can produce excellent results. 

She is an excellent teacher, I deem it necessary to mention that her students really admire her methodology and her help outside class, as even being so busy, she was always ready to help out her students and give them valuable advice and open new horizons of thoughts for them . She is lady will excellent communication skills and knowledge. She worked really hard in private university for its improvement. 

She is the lady with beautiful personality for whom I personally believe that, she fits for any top management posts. 

Doctor is one of the researchers in all around the world who has done a marvelous contribution in knowledge and literature through her high quality research work. She is a brilliant researcher. Her research work is published in high ranked international journals. She has also presented her research work in different international conferences where her work was being praised a lot. 

Her expertise and interests are around but not limited to these areas: Academic Leadership, Business Development, Project and Personal Management experience. 

She has got a diverse industrial experience where she had been working for IT, Business and Healthcare industries. 

These diverse kind of experiences made her expert in wide range of fields. Doctor is an inspiring personality with high level of confidence, knowledge and experience. I wish her best of luck to achieve her all professional and personal objectives.

This was what, i finally came up with after taking guideline from one of my X colleague from Mirpur University of Science and Technology Mirpur Azad Kashmir Pakistan. Thank you “Aasim Munir Daad” for your help and guidance.

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