Killer Keyboard

Is it enough that we keep our bodies clean to be healthy?

Surely it’s helpful but not enough . We have to keep all places and objects clean around us , where we come in contact.

Growing use of technology has eased our life in many ways but we are at most risk as well. Computers and laptops are used continuously in our life, as a result we are exposed to many harms. Despite the loss of eyesight we are also exposed to many harmful radiations that are effecting us every time we use computers. Yet we have something else that need to be cared about.

Everyone using computer or laptop continuously have their hands on keyboards. If we are not cleaning our keyboards , then it is surely home of large number of many microscopic germs like viruses and bacteria. When we work on such, toxic keyboard ,germs stick to our hands and fingers.

Now what we do , completely unaware of the fact that we are carrying large number of transmittable germs with us , we never bother to wash hands . When we touch different objects around us, we leave germs in new places. In fact, everywhere where we go and touch . These microscopic organisms start multiplying in new place . They grow and grow more with each passing moment .If anyone else touches those objects then he will carry those germs with him and will eventually spread them on new ventures. These germs also enter inside our bodies when we eat with such germ carrying hands.

That’s not it , when we shake hands with others we directly pass these germs onto them. Sometimes with passage of times it happens that we develop immunity against those germs, but they can harm their new host.
So we must be very careful about cleaning our keyboards regularly with some good disinfectant. We should be very careful for cleaning our hands . All doctors emphasize on cleaning hands as most of diseases are transmitted with hands. Specially make habit of washing hands before eating , and teach kids for this practice. Its also told by Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him that clean your hands before eating.

This is not just for keyboards , as you may have noticed many such news about the key pads of your mobiles and other technological instruments like tablets etc. They have more germs then many things around us that we take as full of germs. The thing is same , when ever you use any thing like mobiles , laptops , tablets etc. clean them properly , to be safe.
So by showing a small care towards us and to others we can safe ourselves and others from many fatal diseases.
Will you remember to clean your hands next time and will you remember to share with people whom you care about.?

Stay Healthy and Blessed.
Thanks for reading. .