Having Success , Respect and Independence

Having Success , Respect and Independence.

What is your opinion about having Success , Respect and Independence? How much it is easy ?
I thinks , having all at the same time is not that easy . It’s not immediate ever . It takes a lot of time , effort  , hard work and devotion . Many famous people from around the world always share their experiences through media and emphasize on working hard and being devoted to your goals. They will never say that it’s easy. If you have all of them , it shows that you have worked really hard over period of time.
Sometimes it also comes with luck . But having all , with luck ? Do you believe this?
I do . Let us suppose that you got all with luck , still it needs a lot of effort to sustain it.
If you got it pinned on you as you are born as a millionaire , then the case will be easy for you to talk about. But if you were an average person , you must have discovered that  it’s not that easy at all.
If you want to get success , respect and independence , you have to emphasize on few important things ;
·         Firstly ,Set your goals and make your idea as a faith , believe in your idea and yourself.
·         Use systematic and sequential approach to attain that.
·         You should be punctual , devoted and above all fair in your dealings.
·         You must be willing to work under every condition and work even harder if you fail.

By doing so you will definitely have the opportunity to be successful , immediately gaining you respect and ultimately independence. You will accept that, it turned out amazing. Do not wish for things , just start doing them right now!!!!
People who want to be successful in life ,  make their plans and execute it with their own strategy till end. They are never afraid of failure , every failure assure them that they are near to success and some day they will be successful and their methodology will benefit them and masses.
Everyone in life must have a goal and some objective, so he can have some motivation and try to be successful as Socrates Idea about life is , “ Unexamined life is not worth living “.
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