Let’s Roll it!!!!!!

Let’s Roll…… Papers J

I was always interested in creative work and when ever, I got some time I always checked a lot of videos on you tube and other websites. I got so many ideas from different people sharing their work and letting all of us know who to recycle stuff that is always at our homes.

Then I started working on many projects like paper rolling , origami , I also tried my ambition with soda cans and water bottles and their caps . I started thinking about  things that I feel I can make. I saw many related videos by different people to learn different techniques , and thought to apply easiest of all.
I will share about different things in my coming articles but today I will tell you about paper rolling.
The things that you need to produce some appealing stuff with papers are;

 Papers ; You can use magazine papers , white papers or any kind of paper you want , but please do not use tissue paper J

Pencil or a straw ; it’s better to have long pencil as in start it will be easy for you to take help from longer one , but gradually you will be able to roll a paper without help of any pencil.

Glue Gun ; after preparing all rolled sticks of paper you have to join them by using glue gun.

Glue ; as you will join edges of paper with it.( I feel it easy this way otherwise you can also use your glue gun.)
And that’s it !!!!!
Lets start and create your first art work.                   

Put paper on smooth surface in such a way that one corner is towards your side as you can see in picture. Now put pencil on one edge in such a way that one end of pencil is longer than the other.
Note: while rolling the paper you have to be careful that pencil may not go inside the rolled paper , it must remain little bit out so you can pull it out when you will be done. After keeping pencil in this way start rolling the paper around the pencil and roll it across till you reach other end.

When you will reach to other corner of paper you will put some glue on last corner and join last edge with rolled paper then it will be in form of a stick. 
Now pull out pencil from other end.

Now start rolling paper in such a way . Roll at least 12 sticks of papers. 

Once you are done with rolled paper sticks , you have to join them using glue gun in form of rectangle or a square . 

Place two similar size sticks in bottom on some distance from each other then join two more on top of first two, these sticks should be perpendicular to first two sticks  , and then go on until your desired height of frame is reached.
Check pictures to understand the technique.

 Yeah!!!! You are done now . You have to find some place to hang your work  now somewhere at your home. But if you want it to look more beautiful and nice you can go for many small things that are spread around your homes , but you need to have a keen look . You can attach Christmas balls of different colors , flowers or you can join beads of different colors.


You can make your own flowers with ribbons or papers of different colors or use from market. There are many videos on YouTube.com to help you make flowers from paper or ribbon.

 I will also let you know that what you can do with empty bottle caps. Start collecting them from now.

We can recycle things in a beautiful way to appeal our eyes.

I would also like to thank my sweet little princess(She is 3 years old) for helping me , she actually did modelling in these pictures … You can see her small hands while rolling paper. 🙂

See if she can do this , why can not you?????
Make some stuff and then gift to your friends , they will surely love that.
If you are not clear about anything leave your question in comment and i will try to help you.