Plenty in Saudi Arabia !!!!!

What’s More?????

Everyone have their own idea about things they see around them . If you have ever heard about Saudi Arabia you think of desert and oil , apart from it I will tell you there  are many things that you will see in plenty , whenever you got a chance to visit Saudi Arabia ,you will find them everywhere you go.

The list is very long , but I will tell you about some of them;

  • ·        An unending desert with colorful sand
  •       Masjids(Mosques)
  • ·         Cars
    • ·         Abaya and Thawb
    • ·         High Buildings
    • ·         Hotels

    • ·         Places to Eat
    •             Arabic tea + dates
    • ·         Petrol Pumps
    • ·         High Temperature
    • ·         Mobiles
    • ·         Cats

    Where ever you will go, you will see sand but the interesting thing is ,  it’s in different colors and forms. Somewhere you will see very smooth sand  but sometimes you will see rough , hard with stones and pebbles. It can be seen in empty plots within city , and out of city there is nothing normally people say dead desert but I do not think anything like that as it has greenery as well everywhere you can see sheep and camels grazing on natural bushes growing outside cities in desert.

    You will see a masjid almost at the end of every street . Some are very big and some are small. There are large number of Masjids in Saudi Arabia. Some are very beautiful with every facility inside. Amazing thing that the timing for Adaan , unlike Pakistan is same, you hear very beautiful recitation from verses of Quran five times a day during prayer. All of masjids are maintained properly. Government is very careful about maintenance of masjids and have provided every possible facility. 

    Abayas ; Every female is covered  in black long cloak ,its mostly loose and named as abaya . Wearing abaya is not only obligatory for local ladies but also necessary to any female visiting here. After my experience with abaya I came to know that it’s use is helpful in quite large number of ways . The weather here is very hot , so when you are walking in abaya , its continuously moving and constantly provides some air J, so you do not feel much heat. Male also wear a long loose white shirt almost touching feet or ankle length. It is called thawb or thobe. 

    About buildings , I am currently living in Riyadh , if you go out on some road you will see very high buildings. By having a look on them you can imagine , how and on which pace the city is developing , there are many huge malls , hotels and even more are under constructions. All the buildings for offices , malls , hotels are fully fitted with many facilities. There are many projects under process for extension of city and a large number of buildings are under construction.   Some building are very high as you can see in this picture. The highest building is Kingdom tower

    If you come for a visit or you want to stay for some time , residence is no problem , you can find five star hotels and even you can see some mufroshhat (small hotels) everywhere you go, they are like small apartments and are cheap as well.

    You will never face any problem related to your eating , you will just go out of building on road , in the street then on both sides almost in every street you will find places where you can have anything you want to eat . They serve you variety of food. You can enjoy ALRUZ(Rice) cooked in variety of ways , then in meat; you will have shayaya , mandi ( forms of roasted meat ) and many other forms , you can have fast food everywhere or  you can go for  shawarma in different shops. If coming here never think of cooking , just enjoy the variety that is available. Apart from food you can also find coffee everywhere you go. I am talking about cities , if you went somewhere in desert then you will find eating places on main road connecting two cities after every few hours travel.

    Yes !!!! this is their true love , Arabic coffee + dates , as Arabic coffee is without sugar so they use dates with them . Where ever they go no matter male or females , you will see them carrying a thermos of coffee or kahwa with them . They are fond of drinking Arabic coffee even serve on each family event or even outside.  

    Next comes cars , as Saudi people are fond of having good vehicle , you can see a large number and variety of cars in Saudi Arabia . Each model that is created anywhere in world will be found here . Everywhere roads , streets are full of variety of cars. Every single man at home have his own car . Government is taking measures against over speeding , there are cameras everywhere on roads. I have also noticed that the drivers are very skilled here. You can see different models if you go out in street at night where all cars are parked or you can see different models of cars in parking of offices or malls.

    As I have mentioned above there are large number and variety of cars , so there are petrol stations everywhere , if somewhere in desert you cannot see anything but you will find a petrol pump easily, they are everywhere and best thing is they sale petrol in very cheap rates, you will not believe but even cheaper than water J . At times I ask my husband that we better start drinking petrol J I wish I can do such thing, like many people around the world doing wonders, but I am not that brave or skilled …..ALAS!

    You will be familiar with this , if you have ever heard news .


    Yes, you are right ,  I am talking about the temperature , it’s very high here in summer . You cannot imagine to go out and enjoy a walk or you will find it hard to come out of building and go to car . Buildings , cars etc everything is properly air conditioned you do not feel heat , but if you go out in sun then you will surely know . I think Saudi Arabia will also be having largest number of cooling system or air conditioners in the world. Now I know why the females and males always wear loose dress and cover their heads ,wearing such loose cloaks is quite helping in this intense weather, this surely save them from intense heat outside.

    Saudi people are happy to use latest technology in every field and have a lot of i pads , iPod ,  mobiles , almost every person have 2 ,3 mobiles , it’s not like, they have old models with them rather they go for every new model launched.

    Another thing that you will see mostly in residential areas are cats … you will see variety of cats in different colors, sizes ( some are very big ) and shapes. I am not much in cats , otherwise I must have informed you with their families and species J  …you will find them freely wandering everywhere around shops with food items , around bread shops and mostly you will see them around garbage bins at night as they have their feast on left over edible items. There is large variety of cats in Saudi Arabia , I will suggest to cat lovers to have a visit and select your pet , free of cost . Anyone who wants to have a research on cats must come and spend some time in Saudi Arabia. I can bet!!! The cats you will find here , you cannot see them anywhere else , also it’s in large number everywhere , some are very friendly they will come and circle around you and try to rub their body with your legs … they want you to pamper them but some are very dangerous.  So stay away from them , and do not blame that I have not mentioned it before. Different animals have special importance in Islam and cat is one of them, our beloved Prophet Mohammad ( P.B.U.H) has advised Muslims not to hurt animals and be kind to them . 

    Apart from all this , the number of foreigner workers in every field , yes i am talking about expats , are more than any other country i guess , you will meet a lot of people from Asia e.g. Bangladesh , Philippines , Indian , Pakistani and westerners.

    There are many more things in Riyadh , like there are more than 30 exits in Riyadh , no matter on which road you travel , finally get to same places , after circling whole city 🙂 . Riyadh is city of lights , you can see whole city glowing at night , it is one of biggest city of Saudi Arabia and the Capital . I am so impressed with the hospitality and generosity of people , which is at its peak during holy month of Ramadan.

    Above all there is PEACE in air , you will feel it if ever you got a chance…. I am happy that I have visited the country of my beloved Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and got a chance to live here. This country is exactly it should like to be, people are very helping and hospitable.  All the rules this country is following are according to Islam and Muslim do not have any problem with them , but appreciate that even in today’s world Saudi Arabia is only place that is safe from impurities.

    I have noticed this above mentioned stuff in Saudi Arabia , if you have noticed something else leave a comment , I will be happy to know about something I have not noticed .

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