Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day verses Mother’s Day 

After a long day full of excitement, fun , red roses , red clothes and chocolates with friends on 14thFeb 2014 I am sitting in my room in Hostel H# 5 at 2 a.m. with a heavy heart and I regret about each happy moment of the day and curse myself ,desperately trying hard to study for quiz on Sunday but it does not seem helping at all, I am tired and my heart seems bleeding. I cannot stop myself for thinking about an incident happened few hours before .
I was studying in my room few hours back, it is a cold night with a deadly silence hiding many secretes inside. I noticed some sound coming from outside of my window , I became afraid to hear that , I was wondering what it could be at this hour. I kept my window open just to refresh my mind and get rid of sleep , I regret that idea this moment. I tried to muster up my courage just to give a kick to window so it can be closed . I got so scared , but a detective hiding inside , insisted me to investigate about sound ,I was continuously thinking to close window but my ear were trying to get idea of a fragile and bizarre sound.
I told to myself that I am a brave girl and nothing bad ever happened in hostel , there are many security guards outside so I must go to have a look of what was happening and from where the sound was coming and who was there at this hour and what he/she is doing.
So , even being afraid deep inside I tried to calm down my nerves and I walked towards the window with my heavy Mathematics book in my hand to help me if needed , today was a real chance for  it to prove that Math can help in our lives , so I went slowly up to window and sat down to recognize if the sound was really coming from out of window …. Well , I was positive about that.  I slowly stood up and tried to to peek outside from window, holding my book even harder in my hand and close to my face. I dragged my head out of window and tried to check in corridor, I could not see anything properly as there was only one light in corridor that was lit so far away , after a minutes’ investigation I found someone sitting on floor  having head resting with wall and I did not take time to figure out that voice was coming from there. I turned inside my room and ….thought , Oh God who is sitting in corridor right now and what ,is he/she up to .. anxiously I saw again in corridor from window and identified that a lady  was sitting there. Now I was brave enough to investigate properly, I observed her deeply and then I noticed she was crying.
Oh what happened then a thought struck my mind that it’s the sweeper of the corridor. Ooh God what happened to her? Why is she crying like this? My fear was totally overcome by tension. I ran unintentionally to my door opened it and ran towards the cleaner.
I started walking slowly to get  even closer to her . Now I was standing near her and she was drawing a heart  on corridor floor with her finger and tears were falling from her eyes on floor and she was crying bitterly  …. And was jabbering something I could not get.. after couple of minutes she noticed someone standing nearby and turned to me , stood up erect and tried to wipe her tears quickly and turned around just to give a look as if nothing happened and looked at me with questioning eyes, “Why I was there?”
I kept my hand on her shoulder and turned her to my side… and asked .. aunt,” What’s wrong with you ? Why are you crying ? What are you doing in this cold night out on floor and you know better as you are not feeling well. I picked her scarf from floor and tried to cover her, “You will get cold and who will look after you!!!! I said anxiously, I asked a lot of questions in one breath.

I tried to push her towards my room and she held me tight and said to me, “You know, today is 14th Feb,  all of you celebrated the day , had a lot of fun with your friends, is there any day for a dying sick mother ? Why my son did not thought in whole year and on this day just to give me a call and ask if I was still alive?  Okay!!!  if I accept that you have a day Mother’s Day for me as well , but why it’s so dull and you do not show such enthusiasm and really come and see us ? Why that day is not celebrated like this one? No gifts , no love for parents , even not a single visit!!!!! Why is that so ? Why you have double standard even for that days you celebrate ? How your love for parents die even its not alive on special day? I do not need care now I guess?
Sigh !!!!
Everyone  got a lot of gifts , cards but nothing for me from my children,  Do not have I any right to be happy ? Am  I not a human who need care and attention.
After long pause she started again ; I know I am old and I am of no use now  Why there is no real day for me with excitement and love ? Was there no saint in history who preached to respect and love parents?? Why ??? Why????? She shock me with force by holding my arms tight with her weak hands …. Then she sat down on ground , she covered her face with both hands cried loud and then swiftly stood up and left running towards her room.
I felt to be standing frozen on my feet where I was and I could not walk ,could not say even a single word to relax her and to make her comfortable even though I really wanted to ,   as I had no answer to any of her question.
I am leaving you with a thought here , if you have your parents who really need your care and if you can not help it in your busy schedule , just go and give them a visit , they will forget about all the pain and troubles in their lives . Remember , You will be there in their places soon!!!!! All these days like valentine’s day are celebrated because of marketing from media and companies , who are taking their benefits out of this by making us fool. No one is even certain about the story told behind this celebration there is no authentic proof.
According to Islam we are not allowed to observe any such day which was not celebrated by our beloved last Prophet Mohammad peace and blessings be upon him . The day that is spreading vulgarity must be condemned by all the Muslims. As Muslims are not allowed to mix and interact with any female without any legal purpose . All Muslims must think that by blindly imitating and following Western culture they are not getting modern but going towards the fire that is waiting for all those who do not believe and do not obey the orders of the Creator of Universe Almighty Allah. Islam strongly emphasis for respect and love towards your parent this will bring success , peace in life here and here after.
I hope next time you will condemn any celebration of day called Valentine’s Day and I hope you will not wait for any Parent’s Day to show your love for your parents but you will love them and care for them with every possible day without bonds and limits ultimately you will have the best reward in both worlds.

Are you with me ?

Say No to Valentine’s Day!!!!!