No doubt it is the era of fashion.  The fashion industry has established to a great extent that majority of teenagers are now interested in choosing fashion and designing fields rather than medicines or engineering. The fascination of fashion is particularly very strong in urban areas. Not only adults, teenagers know very well about fashion. To look good, to wear well is not the only fever around. To look best and wear the top designers dress is a craze. So to a more or lesser extend every mind is entangled by fashion industry. Undoubtedly some professional designers are doing quality work but majority of the people are just focusing on copying the western dresses and making money. On one hand it’s good to see fashion industry growing in Pakistan. Many of our designers have gain fame in Asia and some European countries in recent years.

The growth of our fashion industry will not only help us to promote our culture but also inspire our young generation to have their identity in this global village. On the other hand designer dresses are so expensive that only a hand full of people in Pakistan can afford them. The development of fashion industry in Pakistan has leaded us to pomp and show. Even majority of celebrities are seen in TV shows telling about their wardrobes and the prices—that how expensive their choice is. They feel proud to wear western dresses hence not only wearing but also promoting western culture and customs. So in this way they not only let other people to do the same but this thing has created a lot of frustration as well due to the huge difference in living standards of a poor and rich. Majority of designers are following western trends in their dresses hence are promoting western culture than theirs. New generation is blindly following their celebrities consequently forgetting their culture, moral values and traditions. It is said that the death of a nation happens when it forgets its own tradition and get indulged in others custom. In this way younger generation is being pushed by designers to western culture and vulgarity.

It is requested that dress up well, wear neat and clean but important is to cover yourself to be on highest standard of humanity. While dressing up with silk remember those who are in rages. While imitating west and indulging in quest to wear best think for those who are without dress. All that ALLAH has granted you is to check you and HE has placed a portion for poor in your money.