Depressed , feeling Grumpy ????

Time changes, situations change, our ideas, thoughts and reactions change , and moods change. We cannot be in same frame of mind all the time . Sometimes we feel jubilant and at times we feel miserable, down, blue discouraged and depressed.
Are you feeling sad? It’s natural phenomenon, all of us feel the same at different times, when things do not work according to our expectations our moods change and we feel down and it’s normal. Sadness is an emotion as a reaction to some event or happening around us, and it will not stay forever. You can feel sadness for long time or short time depending about the situation that you faced and you    ultimately  get out of that after some times. It’s rampant in people of all genders and ages around the world.
When we are sad?
Your opinion can be different, but according to my observation and knowledge we feel sad;
·          When things do not go in our way and the outcome is not the same as we expected, we feel sad.
·          When we miss someone then we feel sad.
·          When some very close person passes away it makes us sad as we know, no     matter what we do we cannot meet them again in our lives.
·          When we have some problem at our work, we feel sad
·          When we have problem in our relations, we feel sad.
When we remain alone for long period of time we feel sad.  

When we have a lot of negative thoughts and emotions in our mind as a reaction of any behavior or event, we feel sad.


·         Sometimes if we feel we are not abide by laws of our particular religion , we feel sad
We can feel sad if we are not allowed to have any right on our life, we are not allowed to decide anything about our lives. 
This normally happens in South Asia, where parents and family have reserved all rights to decide about the fate and life of their children from cradle to grave. Children cannot live as they want, they cannot have a profession of their choice, they are not allowed to choose their life partner. Living in such situation is surely hard and how can we expect that one who is facing a lot of such problems, will not be sad or can be happy in any way. Being chained with invisible strings hurts you, on every try, with every passing moment, you will surely feel sad and down.

Are you interested to know about it and how we can end our sadness!!!!!

Let’s try something else!!!
Can we feel sad normally??

If same feeling of depression and sadness doesn’t stay for long time, neither comes frequently or we do not react in a very strange way towards others then it is fine and normal. Sometimes sadness comes like a rapid mist. I believe humans can easily take charge of any state of their mind and can learn easily how to overcome sadness.
It’s easy!!!! I can bet!!!
Can we control sadness?
We can easily deal with sadness but before that we have to know, “why are we sad? What are the factors that stop us from being happy? ” We have to ask this question from ourselves. When we will identify the root cause then it will be easy for us to get out of that situation.
If we feel sad then we must try some of these;

  • ·      Start thinking about something pleasant , it can be anything that can bring a smile on our face, we must think of good things in our lives , it will surely take us out of situation we are in.
  • ·          We must call good friends and have fun with them.
  • ·          We need to share our problem with family and get their help.
  • ·          We must try to look around for some fun and that will distract thoughts.

Can you identify sad people around you???

Many people around us are sad, all have depression in their lives — the intensity varies, depending about state of mind and our control over it. Somehow we must try to give such people a glimmer; it can change their life and make it much better. They can come out of misery with just a little help and their lives can be turned from hell to a blessing. Reaction of different people is different when they are sad, some become very aggressive and some turn their anger and sadness inward and in this way they are making their life more critical. Some people are always sad, without realizing the fact that they are actually always looking at any unhappy event that have occurred in their life.

Can we do something???
In such situation one rarely thinks about doing something that can calm nerves, give them some relaxation and enjoyment, even if they only visit a nearby park, they can figure out a remarkable change in their behavior.
We do not even think to take time and observe nature; it’s just like, we think, why we should bother ourselves????? They do not take chance to enjoy any moment of peace coming their way, they do not feel contentment in their lives, there is no pleasure at all, they just feel worthy of sitting in front of television, going and collecting pop corn to eat during programs and prefer raiding their kitchen and refrigerator, they end up with not only complaining about sadness but also about over weight, that makes their feeling more bitter. Their condition gets worse than getting better. They think something have gone wrong. They are actually leery of trying something new; they think camping in their TV lounge can reveal them. But the case is not like that. They need a motivation they must not numb themselves.
‘Work together.'”
If we are clear about our need and desires then it can give us a clue to fix things. 

Let’s be delightful again:

1.   We must rediscover the lost Joy in our lives, this is very important that we change our styles of living. Harmony can spill over our lives with the help of family and friends. We can be in a place where we always wanted to be with each other’s support.
2.   We must change the way how we think and see the world, it will certainly not occur over night, this will take time but the moment we will decide to see world as an optimist we will start getting its fruits.
3.   When we are sad, no matter how we feel, we must try to go somewhere, where we can see people walking, children playing, and enjoying, we will feel relaxed. It will open a way of joy to life. We will notice life is going on all around us.

We can easily take control of our feelings and emotions:

·          Do not feel if you are giving up, try to stand and fight.
·          Do not feel if you are pushed with the wall having no way to run or move, remember where there is will there is a way.
·          Do not feel hopelessness; figure out for ways to beat sadness.
·          Clearly monitor the thoughts flooding your mind.
·          Do not think that whatever you do, nothing will work.
·          Do not feel like if you cannot be happy again.
·          Do not think about all those things that you cannot get, try to think about blessings of your life.
·          Do not feel that everybody in this world is having some conspiracy against you.
·          Do not isolate yourself; try to seek help from your family and friends that can take you away from hopelessness.
·          Do not think that you have tried everything to make you feel better, look around and try to find something different.
·          Do not feel that you cannot mend relations; hopelessness will not help you make your relationship better, try to change something in life.
·          Do not feel that you cannot live without something or someone; surely you can, were you not living when you had no introduction to something special you are desperate for.

You can try any of these to change misery in happiness;
·          Try to be the part of activities that include helping others.
·          Try to study some inspirational stuff from great writers, it will affect your thought and give you a new thought to look in life from a new prospective.
·          Try to learn to appreciate some good stuff around you.
·          Try to learn to praise and to love 
·          Try to remain out of conflicts and disagreements.
·          Try to appreciate the moment you are living in.
·          Try to be yourself!!!

Your life will always be like you want it to be. Sadness, happiness, anger, aggression, excitement these are emotions and are within us because of a natural phenomena. We must always keep our hearts and mind open to see a clear picture and discover something new .Try to make use of every moment and try to live every moment of your life as you never know, where the journey will end. Life is beautiful do not try to make it miserable at all. 

Live it and Feel like living!!!!

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Sharing in Caring 🙂