You will get , what you want !!!!

I was sitting with my family meanwhile my three years old daughter came up to me carrying paper and some colors in her hand and said to me to write some thing on paper for her so she can color. Unconsciously i went on and on and on …… Ultimately i come up with this for her.
You will get , what you want !!!!

If you can read this , let me know 🙂

What you can see in this , i will be happy if you will share.

  • Thank You HJbM
    I think this is easy way to engage kids by something that they do not understand so at least they will take some time to understand that and we will be relaxed at least for few minutes 🙂 I think u must give it a try its not hard. all you need to grab a pencil and a paper and make what comes to your mind.. its that simple . Believe me.

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  • That's lovely! I wish I could draw that when my kids ask me to draw something

  • thank you

  • Very Nice…!

  • adeel
    its good to say alhamdulilah … but yeh tu english ha
    by the way thanks for visit


  • Very nice. But I am not able to read it 🙂