Roasted Chicken

Today I will tell you how I always cook a tasty roast.
Ingredients that you need are :
Chicken 1100 grams 
yogurt – 1/2 kg
black pepper ( according to taste ) ( grounded)
salt ( according to taste )
garlic 3-4 cloves ( grounded)
ginger ( according to taste ) ( grounded)
Oil ( preferably Olive oil)
oregano ( 1/2  tea spoon)
soya sauce ( 1 table spoon)
Aluminium Foil
Oven ; preheated from 15 minutes.
Preparation :
Clean chicken and make some cuts on it so the mixture will penetrate inside to enhance taste.
Put yogurt with all written spices in a large bowl , mix all well. 
Now put your chicken in the mixture , try to soak it properly in mixture so the mixture stick with all the pieces . Now leave this to marinate for half and hour .
Take a baking tray , grease it with oil and then place all the pieces of chicken in that . Now cover non sticky tray with an aluminium foil and cover well. 
Now put your chicken in oven for 20 minutes then take it out try to turn over the pieces and put some olive oil on it. Cover it again with foil and put back for 20 minutes.
Yogurt will produce a lot of water , if your chicken is cooked you can remove excessive amount to water and then put oil and recook from other side . But it must not be watery at the end that’s why it is better to remove excessive water in the middle when you will turn around.
After 20 minutes take out the aluminium foil now put chicken back for 2 minutes with out lid to take some golden brown color.
Here you go the yummy roast is ready.
Enjoy with bread and chili sauce.  
Unfortunately i forgot to take picture when it was done as i was dying to taste it … and in excitement i totally forgot. The color was really nice and all liked it a lot . I cooked it for some friends who visited us on weekend. 

Cook this easy roast and give me your feed back …