Pakistani Truck Decoration

Truck Art – Pakistan 
If you visit Pakistan you can see beautiful art works moving on roads everywhere from the sea of Karachi to the mountains of the Kashmir this beautiful art work is done on trucks, buses and suzukies etc.
The Truck art has become a symbol in Pakistan and now Pakistani truck decoration is popular form of regional decoration in South Asia, and is known all around the world. You can see on Pakistani and Indian trucks nice landscapes or floral patterns and calligraphy etc.
Many trucks with Pakistani truck decorations are also taken in many parts of the world in different competitions and also as personal liking. Many decorated trucks from paksitan while servicing fortransportaion of stuff in  Afghanistan are named as jingle trucks by  American troops.
Paksitani decorative trucks and truck art has gain fame worldwide. The buses and trucks are highly decorated and customized. The art includes painting, calligraphy, poetic verses, plastic work and carving. Trucks are decorated according to the taste of owners.

Paintings of many national heroes, sports man, movies heroes, myths, beautiful baby girls and boys, animals and women are seen. Moreover these trucks have striking fresh and full of life colors. It is just like painting masterpieces running on the roads.  Many people from Pakistan went in International fares and competitions and won by showing excellent skills to decorate their vehicles.

A pakistani truck decoration can cost nearly $3,000 to $5,000. But the wages of these artists are very small. Perhaps these artists are portraying their wishes and desires and imagination on trucks –wishes that cannot be fulfilled because of their small earnings. Often birds are painted that were flying in open air. These pictures are not only showing great art but also indicate the thinking of the painter that wants to touch the sky. God knows well he want to touch the sky by getting fame and appreciation of his work or he wants to earn enough so he can live a free peaceful life.


Many families are linked with this art and are doing this from their ancestors. But according to the current situation they are thinking to leave or to switch to some other business as there is no support from government and the wages paid are very small as compared to their work.

On the other hand some fashion designers in South Asia have also used the same technique and style of folk art work in their dresses and cloths. Some use the technique in furniture and many craft men have started creating same art form on home accessories. So this unique decor art from roads is brought straight into our houses.

This art form was originally created in Pakistan and there are some organizations that are dedicated for the preservation of this form of art. So this art may live alive in fabrics and other interior decoration pieces but the survival of art creators will be difficult because of the ignorance of people and non supportive behavior of the government.
Pakistani Truck Decoration has new mediums now and you can find same decorative patterns of furniture, utensil etc.
Pakistani Truck Decoration has actually become the art of Paksitan, you can enjoy trcuk art pictures some beautiful truck art images on a suzuki in this post. This suzuki was standing near my house and I clicked the pictures.