FIFA Lifts Ban on Head cover (Hijab).

 I came across the news that FIFA have authorized the female footballers to cover their heads during football matches.  This decision was taken on the demand of female players who do not want the religion to be  kept apart from a their game of football.

 I personally believe that there must not be and segregation or prejudice because of any race or religion . Everyone in the World is created on same basis and we can should not discriminate among them just because of religion or race.

Previously the hijab was banned for Muslim women until 2012 . Cover on head is just like anyone wear shirt or trouser . It’s part of Muslim female  dress. We  see sikh community males have their religious turbans on their head during different games. If sikh males are using turban according to their religion without effecting their performance then why there is always problem with females covering their heads. As far the performance is not affected it must not matter and specially the religion and sport cannot be separated but are linked.

 If females feel comfortable to play while having a cover on head then why anyone else have problem with that . Many Muslim females are habitual of covering their head according to Law of Islam and it has just become a part of them , without hijab certainly they will not be comfortable and surely their performance will be effected.

If we will start dragging religion out of our sports so certainly many people and groups will be offended in one way or the other. We must think of what are the negative and positive implications in this case. Stopping  any group or race or religion to follow their law only depicts the lack of tolerance.  Any expression as per law of one religion or group must not be taken offensive by the other group or religion in any way.
We must think how covering hair by some females offend others on ground. According to the law of Islam covering the hair is a must for Muslim females. Many people around the globe hate Islam and associate many brutal activities with it. Any evil act is someone’s  personal expression-and that is consequence of wrong interpretation of the religion by a certain group or race for their own benefits . In fact law of Islam have nothing to do with such acts.

If it is possible that we start banning all the players  praising their Creator according to their religion in a certain way after victory – by such act surely  all the players following any certain religion will be banned. It will result in promoting atheism or non believers . Even if we become non-believers still we will support any act that  makes the players comfortable to continue their game and give their best.

No one would have ever complained that he is offended by a certain way of prayer by some player ….. I personally believe if we stop someone doing something as per their religion we are actually violating his rights to live freely in the World.

A play like foot ball that is the most famous game of the world ,having millions of players from around the World. People are from different ethnicity , nation , race , culture and country.  A play like this can have it’s vital role to  strengthen and unite people , rather segregating them  on the basis of religions , race or culture.

People must be given a chance without race or creed in every field of life , even if it is any game . This is a fact that religion is base of our societies and involvement of religion in our daily lives cannot be neglected. Surely our acts will be affected in some way or the other by our religion.   Thus surely we cannot separate it from football in any way . No matter if football being touched by religion and racism but we must not let anyone effect  freedom  of  others.

I just want to appreciate a positive move by authorities of FIFA that in a popular game like Football it has not shown any prejudice. It will attract more women in the game. It depicts the respect of every culture and religion. 

There must not be any discrimination regarding religion and everyone must stand united against unfair policies.   Discrimination must be condemned in each form and should be put to an end from every field of life and the people must be given a choice for living their own life in their own style.

According to report by Aljazeera FIFA has also allowed the use of turbans to sikh community in game.