Be a Gardener

Greenery always has a positive effect on environment and living organisms. Deforestation is a severe problem. It is not only demolishing animal shelter—a threat for their survival but also killing humanity. Everyone knows that the key distracter is human himself.   The need of the hour is that we should take it as a serious problem and try to search for its alternatives where ever it is used.

Gardening is a superb hobby. It not only makes your house beautiful and gives it a lively touch but also have a soothing effect. It is the best way to consume your spare time. Gardening play a vital role for modern man to spent some time with nature and get relaxed.

Gardening is the oldest skill in the world. The description of beautiful gardens can be found in many holy religious books. For example in Quran and Bible it is written that God made the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, and put them in to a beautiful Garden in Eden. In Quran it is written a number of times that, on the Day of Judgment poise people will be granted to live in gardens of Eden where they will enjoy all the luxuries and they will live in those gardens forever.

Poet Tennyson even consider Adam as first gardener and says that “the grand old gardener and his wife”. Therefore gardener belong to the oldest trade of human race. No doubt gardeners should feel proud of their profession. Moreover we should try to develop gardening habit and try to get knowledge about gardening. To be a gardener and a good gardener we must know about plants and their uses. We must know about plants that can be grown in our soil and climate or what type of soil is required for potatoes like plants and what type of soil needed to grow roses—which plants need more water to grow and which requires less.

To be a gardener not only gives you a beautiful landscape in front of your house but it serves to develop certain virtues in your personality. Gardener sow a seed waits for a plant to grow from seed, water the plant and waits till it grows up bear flowers and finally fruits. In this way gardening adds patience to your nature. Gardening gives you foresightedness. A gardener must think before time about the coming season and plan for that moment in advance to avoid any harm. He must work hard in order to get good results so this industrious quality flavors his personality. Moreover he gets methodical, regular and logical in his life.

All these qualities are the outcome of “Being A gardener”. To live better happy lives adopt gardening as a hobby and spend time with nature where everything surrounding you is beautiful and thought provoking.