What a Day!!! International Women’s Day.

 I got up in morning with a thought to finish all the pending tasks from whole week as it is a weekend today on 8th March , 2014. I started my day with breakfast then did my laundry , cleaning and finally I sat down to prepare some assignments and quizzes and lecture for my students as I am working as a teacher in a local institute in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. For some references I opened Google.com and came to know that it’s my day today. I mean it is the International Women’s Day.

I am a women in South Asia who came to know about something important going on around the World for my rights and betterment or anything else related to life only if I came across Google.com by chance.  

It really made me wonder as many other days are celebrated with great enthusiasm like Civil  Defense day was celebrated then we had fun on cultural day few months back. No one from my colleagues , friends , family wished or informed me or even no event was organized in my institute regarding this important day. In fact . it really made me sad. Then I Google more about the importance of the day and came to know that this day was celebrated by different countries having their own themes and objectives for the day throughout history since 1900s. In an international conference in Denmark , Socialist lady Luise Zietz from Germany raised the point for a unified observance of the day in August 1910. Hundreds of the women from seventeen countries agreed the proposed idea and emphasized to observe the day to give equal rights to women in every field.   In 1977 it was observed as a popular event when United Nation General Assembly announced March 8th as United Nation’s Day for Women and World Peace.

In some countries it is celebrated as Mother’s Day some take it as a Valentine’s Day to show , care , love and respect towards women who play a vital role in life as being mother , sister , wife etc.

Many International Organizations stand for rights of women in this male dominated society and claim for equal opportunities and rights for females in every field of life . Many women have gained respect internationally for their struggle to empower women politically   , educate them  and provide them with ; better health facilities to survive a long healthy life and  justice in their doorsteps.

There are many names from South Asia as well who struggled hard for recognition of the capabilities  of women in different fields . Like nowadays Malala Yousafzai is striving hard for the education of females in some remote areas of Pakistan and have gained respect from masses from around the Globe.

Apart for all the struggle from a small number of women around the world and the observance and celebrations , I just want to tell the world that many women living in South Asia or other poor countries of the world do not know about any such day or they are not aware of any one fighting for their equal rights. They are not even aware of their rights , they live a life in a miserable and pitiable condition and suffering more than yesterday.  They are dying every day because of lack of health facilities, they are beaten badly by male members for nothing , they are considered as useless part of family , having no right to speak or give their suggestion in any decision of their life , male do  not even bother to ask their will. 

Celebration or observance of holiday does  not mean anything for them as it cannot grant them good health or medicine, it cannot save them from domestic violence and oppression , it cannot give them strength to speak . This does not make any difference in their lives if any day is specifically observed for their rights and people cry for them.

In almost every country around the world many women come out of their houses rallying cross main roads in cities , programs are organized , seminars , symposiums with women enchanting slogans for their rights ; some stand for equal rights , some shout  against domestic violence , some raise voices to give equal opportunities in education and jobs . Every society cries for their own problems as many females demanding right to drive in country like Saudi Arabia . But none of such rallies can bring poor , uneducated women their basic rights of living , none of slogans can be heard by them. They have a lot of restrictions ; boundaries of religion , culture , customs that they can never cross, not even think about crossing as they know that a miserable death is waiting outside.

The main reason for their suffering is being uneducated . They do not know that the way in which they are treated by the male members of their family is a crime according to rules of their own countries. They take this treatment as their destiny and fulfill every demand as their duty , and they believe in continuously doing so as they have seen their mothers , grandmothers etc going through same situation doing the same.

Women make fifty percent of World’s population and in many developing countries women are even more than men but it is a sad aspect that they are not given fifty percent share in overall opportunities of the world . Poor countries can progress in every filed if they will empower , educate their women as they are poor as not utilizing half of their potential. Developing countries must try to decrease gap in society.  Many organizations are trying to help women to get equal opportunities  for job , education , health and trying to give them representation in politics.

Many countries are trying to support females ; changing their regulations to accommodate females also giving them support to be effective part of society. Here in Saudi Arabia the condition of females is changing every day. I personally believe that the females in KSA are blessed as they are protected by every possible way. They are given right to vote and have their Identity Cards . Government is giving better opportunity to females for education in every field and producing lot of job opportunities for them. Now females hold main positions in major sectors and companies of the country. 

Apart from little development in some parts still no one in the world even in advanced countries thinks about giving women a right for equal pay as well , for equal amount of work they are never considered eligible for equal amount of pay. Many women holding same degrees and skills  never get a chance to be equally paid as their male colleague. So women in suffering every where in the world but the suffering is more in developing countries than advanced.

Regardless of the ethnicity , customs , traditions or society or country there is no way that a rapid recovery will be made to end differences and issues.  But I personally believe when the women will come forward herself and raise  her voice against injustice  , there will be improvement in her condition with a quick healing.

A women like me having all the facilities like internet , television , news paper is that unaware just because she is busy with her home and work place , how came we can expect that women living in rural areas with not communication facilities , having no Television , newspaper can know about this all.

If someone really wants to benefit such women from poor areas , a large scale campaign must be launched in which not only women but also men volunteers must reach such women to help them , educate them , aware them and above all get poor women some resources so they can live a life of their own . Just rallies , slogans and one day holiday or celebration with lot of  discussion , debate  will not make any difference in their lives.

I wish that soon female will hold her right position in national development in many poor countries of the world by having more and better access to education .  I wish she will have a long happy and  healthy life. I wish she will play vital role in political decisions of  her country. 

I will be happy to know , how you have celebrated women’s day?