International Day of Happiness.


Spring brings many pleasant changes with it. It has an everlasting effect on moods of people that prevail throughout the year because of its celebrations. If we look around in the world then many festivals are celebrated by the arrival of spring , like; Hindus are enjoying their Holi , Passover a Jewish holiday ,  Nowruz identifies first day of spring celebrated in Central Asia , Semana Santa holiday observed in Catholic countries and many more festivals around the world are observed during spring. No matter which festival world is celebrating students around the globe are happy to have their spring break .

United Nations General Assembly accepted the decision of observing International Day of Happiness on 20th March every year. It acknowledges that happiness is “fundamental human goal” and asked for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes… happiness and well-being of all peoples”. International Day of Happiness was first celebrated in 2013.

On this special day many people posted pictures on social media showing their meaning of happiness. Many programs were organized to give people a chance to be happy. Many surveys were also carried out online by different organizations to know about the choice of people , what they believe that can bring happiness for them. Majority of surveys showed that happiness and well being matters more to people than the wealth. Most of the people selected happiness and well being over wealth. Many workshops and seminars were run throughout the day in different places and institutions to emphasize the need to be happy and to aware people how they can make themselves more happier as it is profitable to individuals, organizations and ultimately for the country.

Initially Bhutan declared a day of happiness – its people are considered to be one of the happiest in the world.

Choices and criterion to be happy vary from person to person , some value their relations with family and friends , some give importance to  their religion over other things , some think that their work , appearance , possessions matter a lot for them to be happy.

All of you must have gone through all such statements and blogs for the day but what I want to discuss is , what is the need for the day and if it will come and pass like normal days for many people of the world , without any significant influence on their lives.

On this day , when many people are busy collecting pictures and participating in different events organized by committees or societies for having fun. Many throw a party gather their friends and enjoy. Media has also created hype to get best out of this day but the picture that few people from around the world show or media is depicting is far from reality in most of developing countries of the world.

Many people participate in such activities laugh for a while and think that they are happy . But once they return to their life after few hours the situation is same they are again depressed and unhappy. First we have to be sure what happiness actually means and how can one be happy. Just participating in events and having few laughs does not ensure happiness. What is Laughing in your opinion ??? Do you believe it shows  happiness????? You may have come across many around you who laugh loud and try to pretend that they are really happy , but in my part of world ( South Asia) we believe that behind loud  laughs misery and sadness is hidden somewhere . People who laugh a lot actually they try  to cover up their  sadness by laughing . But for sure it’s not the right way at all to hide their despair , pain or sorrow . People repeatedly laughing are sad and have a deep hollowness inside that seems to be killing them.

I think on such days we must not only think for ourselves and do not plan things to make us happy as going in an event playing some games having fun for few hours is not a happiness , it can give you laughs for some time but after that it’s effect will fade. Everyone around the world , no matter belonging to any religion , creed or culture , is rich or poor , young or old , surely feels happiness in life no matter it’s big or small. For some just a small gesture or chirping bird out of window brings happiness .

Overall happiness can be achieved by improved quality of life , many factors are involved but most importantly it includes ; improvement in health services , improvement in economic growth.

If we see around the world and compare some statistics from online surveys than we come to know that even with large scale advancement in science and technology the condition of a common man is not improving but it is getting worse than before. If we see our ancestors than they are happier than us. They are more contented and satisfied. Everyone surviving today is under many pressures from society , family , work place. We are stressed and over burdened by the ever increasing demands. Some are after status , some after luxurious life . You cannot meet a single person who will tell you that he is happy and contented with what he has.

In west the condition of people is much better than the east . In west one is not stressed about many such issues that are faced by people in east. People in west have healthy life and best medical facilities , the economic condition of countries is much better than East. I want to talk about South Asia , where  people have financial , health , accommodation , transportation problems. The ratio of crimes is ever increasing day by day. Many people living under the poverty line could not even earn to feed their families. Due to education west have controlled their population and is proportional to their resources but in east the sword of increased population is hanging on head on nation. People are not aware of their rights , they have no health services , purified drinking water is not available in many areas and people are drinking contaminated water causing many fatal diseases . Governments do not have resources to provide people with basic necessities of life…

If you have a look around you in world there are many people who do not know the meaning of happiness as they are stressed and starving , they are hungry and dying because of lack of food. They do not have any place to live and sleeping in streets or on footpaths or parks. Some do not have resources for income and females sell themselves for few loafs of bread. Children are being sold and killed because parents are afraid as their children will starve to death.  Many small children are sold for camel race in middle east , just to have few pieces of paper that will help parent to be alive. People are selling kidneys just to bring food for their families.  Some are being killed and some participate in negative activities like suicide bombing just to keep their families alive. No choice is left for them. They are deprived of basic necessities of life. Their life is bitter and no special day can bring any change to their lives. They do not take part in any activity going around in rich circles of the cities to celebrate the day of happiness and well being.  If I start counting upon the miseries of people in poor areas of South Asia then It will take years and even then I suspect some will remain unlisted or even unnoticed.

I always wonder , what a world we live in …. People are being killed and many are killers.  There are many who waste a lot of money on luxuries of life , they are in quest of having latest model car , latest technology at their palaces. On the other hand there are people who are going from door to door begging for a penny , some are killing themselves and their loved ones as they cannot afford a single loaf of bread.

Few days back I came across a news in which a lady killed her three children as she told to media she could not afford food for them to keep them alive , they were hungry from couple of days and she was not left with any other option. As a mother I can understand how much tough it is for specially a mother to take such step.

Why I am talking about all such things under happiness day topic . I just want to tell that we take so many things as for granted and do not even think of people around the world who are suffering. What difference it will make if I do not have iPhone  5 or precious stones are not engraved in my hand bags or jewelry . Buying such thing can never bring happiness and well being. Real happiness can be achieved if we try to save and go and help such deprived ones. Your each and every saved drop of water can bring life for them , your each and every loaf of bread saved for being wasted and thrown out can save them from starvation , your each penny saved  can save their lives .

We are living in world where we can help each other grow .  Dozens of studied in every field like psychology, economy, education etc reveals that happiness can be easily achieved and happy society is more profitable.

There are a uncountable benefits of the happiness to the society and individual. Take a moment and decide that you have to drive things around you towards a better future. Make a goal to achieve ultimate happiness by helping and saving for those who are needy. It must not be limited to yourself try to engage your family , friends , colleagues with you in this quest.  Try to motivate each and everyone around you to think about those who do not have access to basic necessities of life. It will take a lot of time and effort but once you came in charge then you can surely turn the things around and you will be heading towards a real happiness. It will not be limited for a day or will no longer dependent on one day celebration.

It is never too late so make a plan and mark a clear strategy for next World Happiness Day celebration , try to spread your message to others that you do not want to enjoy your day by forgetting others but want others to join hands in hands and celebrate together. Let others know that you want them to get their part of happiness , use your social media , take help from family , friends and colleague to make a change on next year Happiness day by working for well being of people. Make a resolution by selecting any action that can help bringing your happiness and help others as well. Make your life a beautiful struggle helping others and comforting them it will bring real happiness your way. By doing so you will be washed with a perfect peace of your mind and soul.

                           March Equinox also fall upon 20th of March.

 Have you ever thought that does it make any difference in lives of others by celebrating a day???

So what is your resolution of the day, what action you will choose for yourself to help in bringing happiness your way that can also bring a positive influence in other’s lives.

Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read the voice of poor from across the world.

I will be happy to if you will share your thoughts with me.

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