Dress Code for Muslim Female: Hijab, Niqab or Veil #Islam

                                                          Got this from Facebook.

Today I came across above photo in Facebook and thought to share something about dress code of a Muslim women according to Law of Islam. The Creator has ordered believers ( women and men) to dress modestly.

I found on BBC website a translated verse from Holy Quran related to covering. It states;

 Tell the faithful women to lower their gaze and guard their private parts and not display their beauty except what is apparent of it, and to extend their scarf to cover their bosom

Quran, 24:31 

For male it is necessary to cover from navel to knees and for female it means covering whole body except face, hands, feet.

A lot of discussion is going on around the world about the covering for women between many scholars.Women all around the world have different concept relating Hijab. Their interpretation of covering and specially head covering is different from each other in many aspects. 

Females wear head covering according to their tradition or according to interpretation of their scholar.

How many ways to cover ?? How much to cover??

Women use different types of head coverings, different terms are used for it like hijab, niqab, veil. 
  • Hijab; it covers hair of female , neck , ear and face is left open.
  • Niqab ; it covers hair , neck , ear and face as well but eyes are left uncovered.  
  • Veil when they go out in of their homes in public.

This dress code is observed by Muslim women when they are going out in public just to hide themselves from sight of other men. Females do not observe any such dress code when they are at their homes or with Mahram ,it includes; father,brother, son, grandfather, uncle. She is free to decide about her dress when she is surrounded by her family. It is totally up to her choice.

Many scholars believe that there is exception for face but others believe that females must cover her face as well. The thing I like the most is; Islam asks men to lower their gaze before asking females to dress modestly. 
You can check this link from BBC for different styles of head covers:
  1. Some women go with hijab, some niqab and some choose veils but some conservative women also wear gloves and socks to hide their hands and ankles from unrelated men. They want that no part of their body can been seen by any other man who is not mahram. It depends on their customs and traditions or on national dress of many countries. In some Muslim countries in South East Asia women do not even use head covering and some have a long shawl and cover their hair and body with it. In some Arab countries women wear hijab and some niqab
  2. Niqab is mostly common in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you go in any market then hardly you will find any women who have not used niqab. With niqab female also use a long loose cloak called abaya to cover their body. According to teachings of Islam women must wear such dress that her body parts or their body shape is not clear. Women are asked to keep their dresses simple so it may not attract eyes of un-related person. Now a days niqab is becoming very common in females in Asia but many females wear abayas with beautiful embroidery and have different designs and patterns on abaya
  3. Veil is actually an additional covering with niqab that also covers eyes , but eyes are covered with a sheer black piece of cloth that hide eyes as well but as it is see through so female can easily walk and continue with her work.  This piece sometimes is attached with niqabas an extra covering for eyes and sometimes bring one side of their scarf back and brings it down from to conceal her eyes.
Muslim women is not allowed to pray if she do not observe her dress code she have to wear khimar to cover her hair and upper chest , there must be loose skirt for legs as well. 

Ban on Hijab or Niqab:

In some western countries there is ban on hijab or niqab. But I personally believe that it must be choice of women to decide how she want to dress up according to Law of Islam. Women must keep their dress simple, loose and she must cover her body.

My Experience with Hijab & Niqab:

I started using hijab and abaya in 2007 and then niqab from 2010. I never had any problem with that. I think I feel more comfortable and confident when I am in public with niqab. It was purely my choice and no one forced or even asked me to do so. Many females of my family even my sister and mother do not use it.  I am happy with my decision.

I am sharing a link with you in which you can know about dress code for a Muslim women in more detail, you can also know about opinion of some females who choose to wear niqabhttp://www.apologeticsindex.org/504-muslim-veils

On last note I would like to tell you that the religion of Islam is not about keeping fast during month of Ramadan  , praying five times a day every day, wearing hijab or niqab or veil or growing long or  short beard, it is certainly not about exaggerated dialogues and debates by scholars . Try to understand Islam. I would like to request everyone to read about teachings of Islam before blaming Islam. It is a way of life a way to Peace.

What do you think is it matter of women’s rights to allow women to dress up how they want or you think that wearing hijab or niqab is any hindrance to her progress??? What do you believe that ban on Muslim dress code is fair by some countries???? Is it necessary to have dress code???

I will be happy if you will share your opinion for this dress code or If you are a hijabi then share your experience. 

Recently I came across this study related to women who wear hijab.