I am sorry – What is Apology ?

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I was helping my three years old daughter with some coloring, having so much colors around me gave me a push to hold and use them. This is what I came up with. I am not good at drawing at all but I liked the quote and thought to share with you.
I do not know about the person who came up with this quote but I really like it.

I am sorry – What is apology?

We normally show or regret for what we have done wrong and we apologize from other people for what we have done. I at times think about the meaning of apology, what it can do, how this is important and if apology can mend our relations? May you have have same feelings in your heart, then lets plunge in and read about apology.

Definition of Apology:

If you check different dictionaries then you will come to know that the meaning of apology is an acceptance of an error that was done by you intentionally or unintentionally and that have hurt others. Apology can also mean the discourtesy that is actually connected with an expression of sadness or regret.

What is apology?

Thinking about what is apology? I personally feel that apology is regretful acknowledgement of your wrong behavior or doing and if you are saying sorry to anyone then this apology should mean that you will not repeat this again.
If you ask for apology by simply saying, ” I am sorry” and then you keep on repeating what you have done, no point of that apology at all.
Saying sorry does not bring any humiliation to someone but it increases the respect in other’s eyes.
One who comes with apologetic behavior is strongest and is most caring person.
What do you think about apologizing? What do you believe, it helps to forget the pain or shows any care?? Is there any connection between ego and apology???
 I will be happy if you will share your thoughts and tell me what is apology for you?
  • This picture is very nice.
    It is always best to say sorry

  • This is a lovely picture Andleeb. Nice handwriting too. With regards to the quote, it can be sometimes really easy to apologise,but sometimes it is tough, but it is always good to be the better person, in either accepting an apology or uttering that simple word with only five letters: 'sorry'….


  • Thank you Maryam

    You are right accepting apology is also a big thing. But once we do that , we must wash all the grudges in our hearts.

    Thank you for your time

  • Hi Anna,
    Awesome post, very sweet quote & nicely explained.One thing we all should understand including me we all are human & human can make mistakes. Realizing own mistake & apologizing means you are snubbing ego & keeping the relations alive. Accepting the apology is also great act.
    If we start caring & try to understand others problem , let the relations to breathe then we may not require apology. Relations are very fragile so proper handling, attention , time & sincerity is always demanded.

  • Hello Tuhin.
    sometimes according to situation even knowing that you are correct you say sorry to get rid of troubles and problems.
    By the way I tried this as I am really inspired by the pictures you draw in your post.

  • Thank you Crystal
    I agree with you. Sometimes both know who is wrong and just ego come between and in the situation who comes up with apologise gets respect and love.I totally agree with you.

  • Hello Paul
    Thank you so much.
    When even knowing that you are not wrong and you say sorry it truly indicates that you care and value your relationship. I agree with you.

  • Hello Jay
    have you ever come across a situation when you are stuck in an argument and even knowing the fact that other is wrong , just to get out of that argument and in try to make things less worst you simply apologise to get rid of situation. Real apology is one with feelings but sometimes you have to be smart to get away from someone's stubbornness.
    Just to tackle the situation.

  • I believe sorry should be expressed only when it comes from heart! And apologizing means we value the relation more than our ego!

  • Hello Welli

    Yes this is more about valuing and showing care towards our relation.
    Thank you.

  • Hello Lenie

    If one was not wrong and said sorry I believe it's greatness but if one is wrong and does not admit and apologize then slowly will be segregated.

  • Apologizing is admitting your wrong and you are not perfect. Ego is when one is stubborn and will not admit they are wrong. When one cleans up their side and is truly sorry, then the ego disappears and only love remains. I love the picture and great idea. =)

  • I think this is an excellent card and an excellent quotation. Sorry does not have to mean you were wrong, simply that you are sorry the other person was upset, but if you were wrong then there are 2 good reasons for saying so

  • jay

    There is nothing like a heart filled apology. Apologizing to me means accepting the fact that you were wrong and letting the other parties involved know that you respect them enough to admit your wrong doing.

  • Respect is really important thing in life. " I am sorry " just three words. One do not need to climb a mountain to say them… just have to take in some air and say it… three words are simple , wonderful and magical.

  • Hello
    Stubbornness is surely not good at all , if you want to have a long and happy relationship.

  • Hey Anna. Interestingly I read something on apologising and I agreed with what was said. Apologising is more sincerity than words. Mean what you say. And I agree with you that it is about valuing the relationship.

  • Lenie

    Apologizing is a great part of life. We all make mistakes and if we never say sorry we will soon be totally isolated. Thanks for the thought.

  • Catarina

    Saying you are sorry is one of the most important thiings in life. Pity far too many people find it so hard to do. The world would be a better place if they had the courage to apologize.

  • That is a great quote and I am it sure strikes a chord with a lot of people, me included, who can sometimes find a dose of personal stubbornness is not always a good thing.

  • Hello
    Yes you are right in saying that. But sometimes to keep our relations going one have to sacrifice. I strongly believe that you can change others by showing little care.

  • Thank you Max.

    I really appreciate. Sentiments are much better and more powerful.

  • Hello Becc.

    Thank you. It was just a happy moment when I was sharing colors of life with my daughter . I really like this quote , so thought to share.
    Thank you for your time.

  • I think one should only give an apology when they truly mean it. I don't see the point in a forced apology because whatever they are apologizing for will probably just happen again since it was insincere.

  • hi andleeb; a great share. I can't see your picture so i am sure it is wonderful. and the sentiment is even better. color more worry less apologize win necessary. not a bad lesson. take care, max

  • It is a lovely quote (and a lovely drawing). Sometimes, I think I need to remember this 🙂

  • This is another aspect and I agree with you.
    Thank you Jeri

  • Hello Debra

    Sorry can work more than we can expect.
    thank you for your time.

  • Hello William
    You are true in saying that.
    Coming to reality, it is hard to come forward and leave our ego behind… But we must try.

  • Sincere apologies count for a lot, but the flip side is that too often they can often feel forced.

  • Great thought, some days it's far too easy to let ego get in the way of friendship. A little sorry can go such a long way.

  • Hi Andleeb,
    I think an apology emerges from one's true self after recognizing that their ego needed moving back into the shadows. Where ego reigns, one is not so forthcoming.