I am sorry – What is Apology ?

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I was helping my three years old daughter with some coloring, having so much colors around me gave me a push to hold and use them. This is what I came up with. I am not good at drawing at all but I liked the quote and thought to share with you.
I do not know about the person who came up with this quote but I really like it.

I am sorry – What is apology?

We normally show or regret for what we have done wrong and we apologize from other people for what we have done. I at times think about the meaning of apology, what it can do, how this is important and if apology can mend our relations? May you have have same feelings in your heart, then lets plunge in and read about apology.

Definition of Apology:

If you check different dictionaries then you will come to know that the meaning of apology is an acceptance of an error that was done by you intentionally or unintentionally and that have hurt others. Apology can also mean the discourtesy that is actually connected with an expression of sadness or regret.

What is apology?

Thinking about what is apology? I personally feel that apology is regretful acknowledgement of your wrong behavior or doing and if you are saying sorry to anyone then this apology should mean that you will not repeat this again.
If you ask for apology by simply saying, ” I am sorry” and then you keep on repeating what you have done, no point of that apology at all.
Saying sorry does not bring any humiliation to someone but it increases the respect in other’s eyes.
One who comes with apologetic behavior is strongest and is most caring person.
What do you think about apologizing? What do you believe, it helps to forget the pain or shows any care?? Is there any connection between ego and apology???
 I will be happy if you will share your thoughts and tell me what is apology for you?