Mysterious Moguicheng

Though man has ripped the sky, investigate other planets but there are so many mysteries left on earth, his home land that is still unsolved. Among these mysteries there are some places that hold some incredibly miraculous powers that man could not get any clues of their mysteries, even though he has the most advance equipments. The legendary tales remain mysterious and unknown to the world outside.

Among these strange places, Moguicheng which is a desert, have a mystery of its own. It is very famous place and the fame is not because of natural beauty but because of ‘who is there?’  Moguichen is situated in Xinjiang province of China. Local call it so as it means City of Devil. In Gobi desert there appear mounds in the shape of castle of different height scattered in disarray.
Moving toward the castles on a sunny day accompanied by breeze will produce a melodious rhythm of millions of vibrating bells or it seems that millions of fairies are pulling strings of guitars. The magnificent stones of different colors like red, green, blue are scattered in rolling hill seems that fairies lost treasure, that give the situation much more mysterious touch.
However if the wind is blowing strongly or a cyclone comes huge amount of sand is blown, the sky becomes dark and the melodious fairies shaking bells or flicking guitar sounds changes to roar of the tigers, trumpet elephants, and dreadful cry of babies then the sounds transforms to screaming of women to mourning and quarreling. That’s not it the storms spins by spurt up the sky associated by frightening wolf growling sounds in the cloudy sunset. It seems that fairies land is attacked by witches and ghosts.
Myth about the area is that ghosts produce such sounds. But actually reason for sounds are unrevealed up to now. Though it’s a bit scary but for a moment force your mind to go out of this technological era and think that these sounds are produced by fairies and ghosts, you will like this and want to visit this scary place and ask Who Is There?!