Prophet Noah

Before preaching Allah’s religion the Umah of Nuh forgot Allah and started worshipping idols. Allah Taala sent Prophet Nuh to preach tem oneness of Allah. When Nuh (A.S) showed them the right path, they did not believe him. Rich people insulted and made fun of him. Their followers followed them. They were shocked that a person who is neither rich nor an angle has right to guide us? And we are supposed to follow his orders. When they saw poor and weak people standing under his umbrella of guidance they said with arrogance that we are not like them and we will not accept you as our guide. They thought those were poor and blind people. They don’t have right to give suggestions and if they pay attention to Nuh’steachings they would insist him that they cannot sit with them. Prophet Nuh would answer them that I can’t do this because they are Allah’s virtuspeople and if I did so Allah will punish me. I am afraid of that punishment. All are equal for him accept the pious and noble. They are superior to all. He further said that I am messenger of Allah to you. Those people are untouchable for you because they are not rich like you.They are not poor for Allah Hazrat Nuh also cleared that he don’t want any return or money from them. No doubt, only Allah (who knows all the secrets passing in the deep hearts) can give me reward. Prophet Nuh did his best to bring his Ummah to the right path but they did not follow his teachings. They said that don’t force us. We will not follow your teachings and do whatever you and your Allah can do. He replied that punishment is not in my hand .It is in His Hands. When He will order everything will happen. When Nuh (A.S) saw that he preached Allah’s religion for nine hundred years but his ummah didn’t follow his teachings then he became very sad.

The boat

Allah (who has the power to shake the earth beneath our feet) accepted his pray and decided to punish them but He ordered Nuh (A.S) to make a boat He decided to prevent Pious and noble from punishment. When he was making the boat KUFFAAR used to laugh at him they used to say that how nice! When will be drowning then Nuh and his followers will be safe in this boat. How foolish You are? Prophet Nuh used to answer them and remained busy in making boat. At last, his boat was completed. Now it was time for Allah to do what He wanted to do and Prophet Nuh noticed that first symbol which was told him that was a water bloom from the bottom of earth. Then Allah sent him message to take his family, a pair of each living animal and his (forty) followers on the boat. When he did so, then it was ordered to sky to start raining and to wells to start overflowing. Boat was safely flowing over water.

Kanan son of Hazrat Nuh

At the time of flood, Hazrat Nuh prayed for the forgiveness of his son but Allah stopped him from doing so. Allah promised him that He will not punish his deserving so Prophet Nuh prayed for his son Kanaan but Allah became angry with him. He said that if one does not know about a thing then he should not ask questions about that thing. Then Nuh (A.S) asked for his forgiveness and Allah forgave him. Allah said to hazrat Nuh to take his family on the boat but your whole family will not be safeT.Allah Has decided to punish some of them. Hazrat Nuh was very disappointed by his wife because he knew that she will not follow his path .But he in love of his son thought that he may become MOMIN in the company of noble men in the boat therefore, he prayed for Kanaan but Allah Taala didn’t liked that. Allah’s promise was only forthose who are at SIRAAT-e-MUSTAKEEM (The right path).Prophet Nuh said to kanan to be the believer of oneness ofAllah but he replied that I will climb up a mountain and it will save me. Hazrat Nuh further said that today, nothing will save due to the orders of Allah. Suddenly, a tide took Kanan with it.

Mountain of Jodi

When disaster came to an end then boat of Nuh stopped on Jodi. In Torah, Jodi is said to be one of the mountains of Ararat. Ararat is actually the name of an Island. Water started drying slowly and people on boat stepped second time on AllAH’S earth that’s why prophet Nuh is called ABU ALBASHAR USANI or ADAM SANI means second father of Man.He is also called AWALURUSL in a Hadees.

Translated from the book “Qasas ul Ambia” By AA Sardar