Back Again.

Away from Social Life.

I was thinking to be away from internet for only 14 days during finalizing my stuff of whole year  but then I have to go on 61 days of holidays . These holidays were not from blogging and internet but it happened.  Before these 61 days I never thought that I can be away from my online life for that long.

I opened my email just once during these days and then decided not to do so again. When I started doing that and decided firmly to stay away. During start I found it very hard , but then I felt much relaxed and fresh.

 I was thinking as if I am away of cage and heavy chains. I experienced life to its fullest , I learned about people around me , I had some good and some sad moments, in short, I experienced different colors of life. I experienced that mind is free and you get many ideas, I was amazed to see everything that I managed to complete during vacation from social media. I have drafted so many blog posts that I will post soon. I believe that it is better to take social media vacation. I am not alone in telling you this , if you open surveys by different sites than you will see a lot of people take social  media vacation. Some leave it complete because of privacy issues. In short it was a good decision.

I experienced joy by being so close to nature. I enjoyed cool breeze and chirping of birds. Fruits from trees straight in my plate, enjoyed Ramadan and Eid and finally some family functions.

I visited a lot of places around, some with boiling waters in river and some old building with frightening

stories. Visited some cities for the first time , saw very nice architecture of buildings and masjids (mosques) . I also stitch a lot of cloths for my daughter , to let her know , how much I love her. I interacted with lot of people and came to know many of their problems that I never thought about. I also experienced electricity failure not for hours or days but for weeks. Thanks God our solar panels helped us survive in that time 🙂 . Enjoyed rainy season of one part and hottest weather in other part. This difference of weather amazed me.

I will surely write about different places I have visited and share pictures of my beautiful Kashmir. I hope to see it again and again. I enjoyed best time of my life that I will never forget. I met my whole family after seven years.  I was offline from my social life but I believe I was more social by being offline.

In short I really lived in these two months , had wonderful experiences. The memories are enough  for years to come, to keep me smiling. I will miss Kashmir and all its places with natural beauty and above all, my family. Now I know why people in past before this technological development lived longer and healthier life.

We know that its life and we have to move on….

So I am back to normal life.

Ready and ambitious for next year to come , with hope and pray that it will be one of best years.