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Pakistan is divided into two battle fields. Army is fighting one battle against terrorists;sacrificing their lives for the ego of Pakistan. Its integrity is far more important than anything else for them. Other battle field is set up in Abpara , Islamabad. Where Three political parties are in action on main stage, fighting battle for their ego. This is most critical time of history of Pakistan.  One party is Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz PML(N) that is holding office and other  two are Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)  of Imran Khan. PAT walked in Islamabad from Lahore under slogan of  “Inqilab “ ( revolution) March stepped up his call for democratic reforms in the country and justice for forty innocent people who were killed by Punjab government and PTI is here with #AzadiMarch slogan, demanding for resignation from Nawaz Sharif. The agenda of both later parties is to force the governing part to resign from office as they are blamed to be there by rigging election polls of 2013. They are protesting for new and fair elections.  Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri have addressed their flag waving protesters and vow them to stay strong and determined until government step down.  The crowd of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri and IK is very committed. Government is not taking this rally and protest seriously as they argue that the crowd is smaller then it was promised by the leaders that they will bring. In reality Crowds are not checked by their number but by their commitment , enthusiasm and devotion. The crowd with these parties are ready to die for the cause. They are in Islamabad away from their homes fighting against heat and severe rain and are committed to stay in Capital for as many days as asked from them.

Many around the world believe that these two internationally recognized personalities, a sportsman- turned politician Imran Khan and Cleric Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri are increasing security threats in country by disturbing equilibrium among the people by protesting for; resignation of democratically elected government and reforms. The people of the country now believe that PML-N is now playing with fate of country and the existence of country is in great danger. This unrest in country is giving a chance to enemies, they are getting ready to take advantage of this uncertain condition to  vanish Pakistan from face of Earth.

Pakistan came into existence  on the basis of Ideology and people in establishment must work for ideology and interest of the motherland rather than protecting their personal interests. All television channels are storming the news of two protesting rallies in Capital Islamabad. The populist politician Imran Khan (PTI) has called for the Civil Disobedience movement. He is asking public not to pay any tax or utility bills to fraudulent Nawaz Sharif’s government. He is facing severe criticism after this call . No one knows that how the establishment and  politicians from Punjab  will respond to his Civil disobedience Campaign. Millions worldwide are watching this drama on their  Tele Vision screens and are interested to know the outcomes of this protest and waiting desperately which political party will tumble towards the defeat.

Pakistan is divided in many pieces with this wrestling by political parties. Apparently division is not much on the basis of provinces but on affiliation of people with political parties. Sindh and Baluchistan somewhat seem dormant as affiliation is with other parties.  Kaber Pakhtoon Khawa (KPK) have to face natural disasters and also fighting against terrorists and extremist groups.

Intellectuals and analysts  are afraid that this political instability will surely increase economic crisis in country. Country is going through critical and dangerous period of her life time and her existence is under great threat. Political parties are fighting against each other in the capital for chair but they are forgetting about many Marshalls that have pushed Pakistan many times during past in depths and darkness. There is no Benazir Bhutto left that can be sacrificed again to restore democracy. Analysts are emphasizing on dialogues and condemn the use of force against civilian.  Time has come that the establishment must come forward, considering the suggestions by Jamat-e-Islami , Mutaheeda Quami Movement and Pakistan People’s Party for dialogues and PTI & PAT must show some flexibility. It should not let people enter in red zone as there will surely be the loss of lives. This will be only way to keep Pakistan away of national and International threats of chaos and destruction.

Some believe that this is deviating attention of Pakistan from the pain of people of Gaza. This is the time to stand united and fight for the rights of Palestinian. In current situation the actions of the political parties are irrelevant when the people of Gaza are suffering from brutal killing. Pakistan need to be a stable country so it could help other Muslim countries.

No matter what anyone believe, Pakistani Nation is happy that still this rally is non violent. Everyone is hoping that protestants will not fall as if this happened no one will dare to stand against fraudulent government for decades. I hope that parties will settle their problems through dialogue and outcomes will be in favor of Pakistan and this protest will remain peaceful without any unpleasant incident till its end. 


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  • Thank you Don
    The world is full of every kind of people some are good and some are corrupt as now a days in Pakistan. I believe that any wrong act by some one has nothing to do with nation or religion it's ones personal act.
    I am happy your experience was good.

  • Hello Muazma
    Yes I feel this is a time for pray too. Allah is the one who can save us and we can be successful against these corrupt politicians

  • Don Purdum

    Hi Anna,

    It's interesting that in the US we don't hear much about Pakistan except for the border with Afghanistan. I have met some amazing people over the years from Pakistan so your article is very revealing to me.

    I appreciate your post!

    ~ Don Purdum

  • ya u r ri8..
    i'm agree with u, and appriceat ur good feelings…..
    Allah bless our country and every1 who defand it, and protect from thz evils.

  • I feel almost 80% of population in India and Pakistan are interested in Politics.

  • You are interested in politics too… Nice to know.

  • Thank you Laila
    Yes you are right about that. At this point everyone from Pakistan who supports PTI is looking towards KPK just to have an idea what PTI is doing there.
    I hope this problem of protest will be settled peacefully and we will have a Pakistan free of corrupt Politicians.

  • Laila

    Good analysis. If our Prime Minister had acceepted Imran Khan's proposal of assigning judicial commission to inquire the rigging issue in July, circumstances would not have been the same. But, the incumbent govt did not took the matter seriously. Imran Khan stance at this point is legitimate. However, I also believe that PTI should work hard for the properity of Pakistan, develop KPK into a model province, help flood victims, bring an end to VIP culture and similar issues.

  • Thank you Welli
    There are so many who are trying for a successful dialogue between opposition and establishment but still from last one month nothing seems working.. Lets see

  • Hello Niekka
    I hope the situation will be better and corrupt politicians will think about country and nation first , before their pockets.

  • Thank you Vernessa
    I feel many from across the world are concerned. Daily people are dying , being killed by these corrupt leaders and their generations, girls are raped and have no right to file case against it.
    I am feeling sorry and hope for a peaceful and bright day.

  • Thank you so much Ken
    I am happy to know that you have keen interest in current affairs from around the world and your comment is like anyone who is very close to this condition.
    I totally agree with you and hope for best for this beautiful country… Its just ruined by corrupt politicians.

  • Hello Beth
    I appreciate your time. I can understand this situation when come to news like this from a totally far of unrelated country. But we all hope no matter where we are .. our hope is for Peace…

  • Hello Arleen you are right in saying so.
    The biggest problem is, mostly commands are coming from America and continuously people are complaining and protesting against American interference in Pakistan. People believe that Pakistan is on this stage just because helped US in war on terror.

  • Hello A.K Andrew
    We are all hoping that this will remain non violent. But the condition is surely critical.

  • It pains me a lot to see the pain and suffering in Pakistan and I agree that there should be a way forward based on dialogue and peace.

  • This provides some good insight as to what is going on. This helps me to understand more of the situation. Thank you.

  • Hi Anna – Any time a country is wartorn, it is heartrending for those who are in the midst of it, those who are natives but far away, and even those who have a heart for peace in the world.

    I'm not intimately familiar with the situation in Pakistan but have colleagues and clients who have ocassionally spoken of the unrest and shared their concerns. Thank you for enlightening the rest of us.

  • Is it likely the two opposition parties could work together to get Shariff to resign and then possibly form a coalition for the elections? One would hope that there is a solution which would help unite the country rather than break it apart. Always appreciate reading these posts since we get very little first-hand information about what is going on in Pakistan.

  • I don't know nearly enough about Pakistan and I appreciate your explanation of what is causing the chaotic situation. It is hard to tell from the other side of the world.

  • The media in the US gives us a short segment that we hear little. Political unrest will lead to destruction. Unfortunately dishonest politicians are prevalent in many countries. For many of us sitting in our living room, our hands are tied.

  • Hello Lenie
    First politicians beg for votes like beggars at our doorsteps and later they start killing us. There is a lot of trouble because of dramatic moves of these corrupt politicians. But one day for sure Pakistan will rise.
    Thank you for your support.

  • Political instability is never good for a country, but at least if the divisions can stay non violent, I think that's the most important thing.

  • Hello Michele
    Some corrupt politicians have stolen the mandate unfortunately. This is our right and that is the only reason people are standing against this rigging in election polls of 2013.
    Thanks for your comment.

  • Hello Catarina

    I was stuck for few days in City because of this protest and from day first I am watching this protest (from last one month) through Live stream on different channels and I am in contact with many of my friends who are part of this protest. Yes unfortunately Pakistan is full of Dirty and Corrupt Politicians and this is also true that they are from within. Means we Pakistanis have to work in many fields to be at a better place.

  • Catarina

    Presumably this analysis is based on what you have read in newspapers? Personally knew Benazir privately and have worked with Pakistani governments. There is much more to politics in your country, unfortunately.

  • Every nation deserves free and fair elections. I find this really dismaying when everyone wishes to live in peace and to have their voices be heard.

  • Hi Anna – thanks for this write-up. We try to follow world affairs through our tv's and reading but often there is a lot we don't hear. I appreciate you filling in some of the blanks. It's unfortunate that there is so much upheaval when the majority of the ordinary citizen just wants to live their live in peace.

  • Thanks Tim,
    Yes Imran was a great player and now struggling in politics from last 10 years and now he is protesting against rigging in election polls and demanded the government to resign. Lets see what will be end of this sit-in protest. It's been a month that people are there and suffering… I hope the end of this protest will be peaceful.

  • The problem is I am also sitting far away from this situation and all the time watching it on TV . I wish I can go and experience it myself and see the situation over there.
    Its been a month that protesters are sitting and sleeping there but not even a single demand is accepted yet by the establishment. Lets see what happens next.

  • Very interesting summary of the situation in Pakistan and I was drawn in by the fact that Imran Khan is a major player. As a child I would watch him play cricket and was always amazed at how good he was. As for the present situation it really sounds like a powder keg and I hope when it explodes it does so in a way that is not too harmful to the country and its peaceful people.

  • This provided some great insight for me, an American. I try to keep current with world affairs through reading but you have provided such a great a concise analysis of the situation…thank you!

  • Anonymous

    nice analysis…keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  • Thank you aliya for nice comment… I am also writing about deteriorating fame of Imran Khan because of his this act. I hope to see you there too.

  • Thank you summya

  • aliya

    good analysis. I was great supporter of PTI during elections.. but the situation of country right now making me to think again…. what sort of leader we need today or just change of leader can change our plight…Tho most important thing we need today is not change of leader because that is the thing we tried a lot in past decade. we need someone to take stand for our rights for our problems. some one who can boldly say people cannot pay that high electricity bills, utility bills. we are poor nation. who can force government even by sitting in opposition. you cannot take that debt, what a poor man wants in his life. The revolution is not to take army out of den and rule. Revolution we need is simple.. some one who can raise voice for a poor man.. not some one who just have one idea .. to get seat but without plans.. without efforts that people expect from him for whatever power he has.

  • Nice..