Bleeding Gaza

Check Photo by Majdi Fathi

What to say and talk about Gaza. A lot is written and talked about burning gaza. I believe, this is the time for action. 

We can see Gaza strip in this link; .


We see a lot of pictures of injured bleeding till death on internet. This biggest jail in the world is burning by air strikes. Jews are killing un armed, innocent people of Gaza. We hear screams of children and women every day. This breaks my heart. We see blood falling on ground, is it that cheap? I was wondering why Israel is  afraid of this innocent Muslim population that, it is working on an agenda to destroy them. Does Israel only need piece of land without it’s people? Or testing its equipment on these unarmed civilians  or making use of those missiles or rockets that are about to expire soon?  Or want to take bath in river of Blood? 


 Do you have any answer?


I do not think so. I believe any briefing from anywhere will raise more questions in minds.

This world has double standards, UNO is silent , all have closed their eyes,  ears and pretend as if  do not see or hear anything. There is no hope in this whole world for people of Gaza , no one is standing with them. They are alone, they have to face this genocide without any support from outside world. What can be expected from rest of the world when the Muslim rulers are quiet and are not taking any initiative to help the unarmed people of Gaza. I wonder who will break the ice and will say “ STOP” but I feel no one can and no one will.
                                                                ..… SIGH….
We Muslims have been divided in sunni , shai , shafi etc. sects and are happy if our brothers from other sect are brutally killed , we do not look towards the bloodshed. We have forgotten the message of God and his messenger  Prophet Muhammad (P. B.U.H) who has advised us for tolerance , respect and peace and asked to help brothers , if they are in trouble. We must know what Holy Quran tells us about this situation , but alas we do not have time to open our holy book , but happy to see and share every update on Facebook.

When I see pictures of innocent children who are killed or severely injured by Israel army , all of sudden the picture of my own kid appear in front of my eyes and my heart breaks and I start trembling just with a thought if this happen to my kid . What I will do then???  There are many parents in the world like me and I appeal to them , please come forward and raise a voice as this can come to our door steps , if we will spare culprits like this. They will be stronger with passage of every single day  to crush more with their deadly weapons and cunning moves.
I question myself many times , what can we do in our capacity to stop this genocide and brutal attacks by Israeli army to save innocent children, women and brothers of Gaza ?  May be we can be helpful by confronting Israel’s constant mistreatment and violence of Palestinian human and political rights. When I see that in return of heavy shelling and bombing young hurl stones.….I think how they can fight with stones and bricks but this act makes it clear that their strength, courage and elegance will not perish.  They are brave to stand and fight empty handed, they know their birth right and their efforts  will bring a new day for them . They know that their attempts cannot stop ongoing abuse , but they do not want to lose hope.

No one knows what Israel wants to show by taking hold of 360  km² area? What it will do by killing unarmed , innocent population of 1.8 million? Cease fire of few hours will make no difference . We see on our TV screens  many laser guided Missiles and bombs target Schools, masjids, hospitals and residential buildings, turning them to ashes and smoke, killing masses and people that move in streets cover their eyes and ear just to lower the intensity of dust, smoke and blast.  Seems people are shocked and the thunder of these missiles have paralyzed the people of the world and they cannot help as they are helpless themselves.  Palestinian are living on edge of life and death , unaware of the fact which bomb will be fired to hit them.  People are sheltering in schools and have very small quantity of food and safe water for drinking.

Where is UN , why it cannot stop violence?  What Israel wants to show by displaying this aggression?? This is not about any particular religion it is about the humanity. I wish someday someone will come to help and violently intercept Israeli army. I hope that all allies of Israel will mount pressure to ceasefire and negotiate.
I have recently read a post on reason for conflict between Palestine and Israel over Gaza , you can check here; . 

Israel have fired more than 2800 rockets on Gaza in last month. What type of revenge Israeli army is taking from people that death toll have put on thousands and they have kidnapped many kids and women.  We see thousands of people with corpses, protesting against this brutal act and call upon world to put pressure on Israel to stop this massacre. If this would have been some other country killing innocent Christians or Jews , UN must have imposed sanctions. This silence of UN is not understandable and totally unacceptable. Apart from helping in stopping this massacre,  supplements of arms and explosives are being sent to Israel for more destruction in Palestinian under nose of UN and it is blind. Gaza is standing against war from many years but still not discouraged or broken. I believe we must SUPPORT Palestine.  

I deem it necessary to support these traumatized refugees of Gaza  with  peaceful negotiations.  All of us know that every single unarmed and innocent person of Gaza will continue to challenge Israel’s illegal siege on Gaza till death. I feel that they need our help  to create some difference, we must stand with them in this hard time by participating and supporting different initiatives to break the blockade of Gaza. We should condemn massacre of inhabitants of Gaza.

World must stand to curb violence with those who are struggling to survive and bring PEACE in GAZA. Alas these atrocities are happening while the world is watching deaths and listening to screams of brothers and mourns of mothers. This will only give way to intolerance , terror and fear among generations. There is critical need of time that think tanks of World come close and define rules and regulations and make such policies that no one can violate and harm other nations.
                                                                                                                     Got this photo from Facebook.

We are ignorant of  the fact that this monster has reached our door steps and will be knocking may be breaking our doors soon. 

 There are so many photos of Gaza blood shed and massacre on internet but I am not that brave enough to even see or share them. I am confident, I am not only one like that, I wonder if some can not see it how other can do this to humanity!!!!!! Its not about religion, its about humanity and blood have same color… I guess….. :'( .There must be immediate end of this Gaza blockade. There are millions around the world who support Palestine I appeal to all of them to boycott Israel and boycott each of its brand and never see again.

The after effects of war are coming in this way.
As the Ice Bucket challenge to aware people about ALS is spreading around the world , here is one from Palestine.
Refugees of Gaza need shelter , food , water , medicine , fuel and many other basic necessities of life. This effort is daunting. Different organizations are striving to provide shelter, food  etc. for desperate  refugees. Their efforts cannot continue without our help and support. We can donate for these vulnerable refugees in Gaza and help UNICEF through Link of This website .