How to Improve Mathematics?

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.  ~John Louis von Neumann.
Most of the students do not realize the importance of mathematics and take it as a burden during studies. This is most common of all the subjects but still hated the most.
Are you the one who is having phobia and trouble with math? 
Let us try some tips to get rid of this fear from math and improve our skills related to it. 
What you have to do?
You have to watch what your teacher is doing in class – very carefully. Try to be very active in class, take all notes , list all the concepts and questions explained during lecture very carefully and write them neatly as when you will refer to them on later stage during exam you can understand easily. Always try to write the explanation of the steps with each step. Do not use your mobiles during class at all. This is really big distraction that keeps you away from learning maths. 
You need to do it all yourself – solve as much questions as possible to know about the concept and steps for the solution unless you are confident about the method. Try extra question from text book or online.
You have to explain – to your teacher about your concept when you are asked during class. Try to respond to question raised during class keeping aside all fear and hesitation of being wrong. Explain questions to friends. You will notice that your concepts are getting clear by answering every question that will be asked from you. Always look for study groups of students where you can get new concepts to solve questions and also teach them yours. 
 You have to be confident – do not hesitate to ask any question. Do not be bothered about what others will think about this question. You can learn best if you clear your confusion about problem. 
You have to understand –  each step of question and do not try to memories it.  Each concept of course should be clear before moving on next course, if you will not do so it will be hard for you to cope with concepts of coming subjects. Try to find connection between different concepts, it will be easy for you to understand by relating concepts. 
You have to call – friends or tutor in times of need. If you do not understand any problem do not waste much time on it and ask for the help of friends if they cannot help you go for a tutor. Tutor can tell you the concept very quickly that you cannot understand properly. But never leave any concept without understanding.
Remember Always what Albert Einstein said ;
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” 
Exam or Test Strategy:
Start studying math a week prior to your exam. It will help you to be well prepared by the night before exam and you can focus on revision of all the concepts, formulas and methods easily. Prepare your calculator, pencil, pen, rubber and student card a night before. Try to sleep early and after getting up have healthy breakfast and then try to revise for some hard formulae on your way to institution. Do not start writing all of the sudden after getting exam. First read exam paper carefully twice and start with the questions you are confident about. The questions that are not much clear to you highlight them and get back to them after solving rest of exam. After finishing your exam check all the questions, if you have missed some and also check answers. Do not forget to use calculator for calculations. Try to stay away from distractions during exam. 
Online Resources:
There are great number of resources online that you can check for extra help and better understanding of concepts.
Khan Academy: It has large collection of video lectures, worksheets you can easily download required thing and study.
Coursera: This website offers courses for graduate and undergraduate from well reputed universities of the world. You can register for free and develop better understanding of mathematical concepts.
MIT  open course ware (MITOCW): It has a long list of different online courses available around the world.                                             

 Always try to follow William Glasser’s results:
10% of what we READ
20% of what we HEAR
30% of what we SEE
50% of what we SEE and HEAR
70% of what is DISCUSSED with OTHERS
95% of what we TEACH TO SOMEONE ELSE
William Glasser
 I hope you can improve your mathematical skills by practicing these simple steps. All the best.
Be happy for your grades as you have worked really hard and you 
deserve it!
I hope now you believe that ” MATH IS EASY!!!”
 One of my student from department of graphic design gave me above picture with girl shouting ,” Math is very difficult”. She gave me this two years before and I still have this with me. 

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