VIP Culture in Pakistan.

Pakistan came into existence on 14thAugust 1947. The founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam

was born with a golden spoon in his mouth as he was from a noble and rich family of Sub-continent. He was strictly against VIP culture. At different occasions he did not allow his family to take any favor because of him.

I am not sure exactly when this culture penetrated in Pakistan. We are paying the price in our everyday life with every single passing moment. This “VIP culture” has become a parasite and killing us. I still remember the time when I used to go to university and everyone on road have to wait for 2-3 hours in heat or cold, during morning and evening, as all the traffic was blocked for many hours for the protection of passing VIP’s . Saw this picture on Facebook.

We used the term “ROUTES” for this road blockade for the VIP’s from Islamabad. No matter which VIP has to pass, people have to wait for hours until VIPs reach their destination.

After sit-in protest by sportsman turned politician Imran Khan and cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri from Pakitsn Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and Pakistn Awami Tehreek (PAT) respectively against rigging election polls 2013, things are changing in our society. People are getting up from deep slumber and thinking about their rights. This is one of many tweeted reactions against the corrupt politicians of Pakistan. 

Here is an example of change that I am talking about. People of Pakistan have stood against this VIP culture and started thinking that they are humans too and must be treated with respect. As before I do not think that we were thinking about being a human and we never thought or fought for our rights as all rights are reserved for VIPs. We were just slaves of VIPs. 

I am sharing a video here in which passengers protested against the delay of Pakistani flight from Karachi to Islamabad as politician Rehman Malik arrived late on flight . Two people (Ex-interior minister) Rehman Malik and PMLN MNA Ramesh Kumar were thrown out of the plane. You can see a video from you tube when the minister was off-loaded from flight by angry passengers as they were forced to wait for two hours.

Let’s not forget to check the reaction from Rehman Malik, he tweeted as; 

His page is full of tweets about the event defending himself. He explained that the delay was from PIA ( Pakistan Airline) and not from him.  Finally he has asked for the inquiry of the event. Hopefully we will know about the consequences of the  event very soon. The answer came from PMLN MNA Ramesh Kumar who told to angry passengers that flight was delayed because of Rehman Malik. On inquiring he explained that he did not board the plan as was waiting in lounge for the arrival of ex-interior minister.  He was also thrown off the flight due to his late arrival. 

Here is an other link of video from #BBCtrending where they have inquired from few concerned people about this.

Let’s have a look on the reaction from VIPs  in Parliament of Pakistan. In joint session of assemblies of Pakistan; national assembly & senate politicians have strongly condemned the off loading of the Rehman Malik & PMLN(n) Ramesh Kumar. 

The VIP culture has strong roots in South East Asia from decades. After this reaction from people,we can see, the effect has crossed the boarders and many have tweeted their wishes somewhat like this;

This is a change and revolution that we need. This can make Pakistan a better country and better place to live, where politician will be accountable for their wrong doings. Politicians have to learn that they are servants of the nation not the King. We have decided as a nation that we will change the destiny of Pakistan. Now people of Pakistan have decided after 60 years of suffering and there is no retreat. Politicians should wisely change their way as people have started rejecting VIP culture.

Detailed video of the incident is Here.

This is a link from Daily motion as YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. Dailymotion video.

I believe , the need of time is to have politically conscious and progressive youth. The Youth that come forward and send these corrupt politicians to send in back ground, better behind the bars. 

  • It was best thing that was ever done in Pakistan by Public to say no to VIP culture

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  • Hello Deidre
    People have decided to stand . Lets see what comes out of this fight against injustice and corruption.

  • The thing about a backbone is that it stays in place. Keep fighting. Keep standing.

  • Thank you Lorraine for your support. I really appreciate that.
    I feel when we can not remove this corruption from grass root level we can not move forward. Will have same situation as we are in now.
    All Pakistanis are hopeful for a change .. lets see.

  • My heart aches for you, Andleeb, and for your people, too. Hopefully a great change will occur and you can find someone who will lead you into peace.

    There is way too much corruption in this world!

  • Thank you Tatia
    We hope that this Prime Minister will not be thrown out once more because of his corruption. I hope this time he will be sincere to country.
    Yes in Pakistan much have to be done.

  • I hope that New prime ministers on both sides will turn to the growth of countries as both India and Pakistan are on a critical point regarding human rights and war on terror is concerned.
    I hope that both these countries will say Bye to VIP culture. People are living below poverty line and establishment is busy for their comforts.

  • Hi Anna. The world definitely has its share of corruption, and Pakistan has a lot of work to be done. Let's see what this new PM can bring to the table.

  • DC

    Both India and Pakistan seem to be in the clutches of corruption and the gap between the rich and the poor seems to be widening. We are hopeful that our new PM will ring in a new era of growth and development without ignoring the suffering of the masses.

  • Thank you Maryam.
    Yes many like you are linking this courage with the courage of Imran Khan. I just want that Pakistan get rid of corrupt leaders and God gift us with some sincere leadership who can understand the problems of poor and try to help them out.
    Long Live Pakistan

  • New dawn is arriving in Pakistan!!! After reading & watching the shared clip it’s quite open that the VIP culture is near to its end. The citizens of Pakistan are sick of this culture they have unrest, inferiority & class complex, its common feeling they are yet to have freedom from this culture. I completely agree the Imran Khan protest has given strength, courage, self confidence, faith & power to stand & speak against the injustice. good keep writing on such issues

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