Why few Non-Muslim Australian Women are wearing Hijab??

It’s all very well to wear the hijab for a day or to stand with your Muslim friends but really what you’re doing is you’re taking a nice photo … But you’re going to take off that scarf and you’re going to move back into your life, which is free from the threats and intimidation that Muslim women regularly do face.
Aicha Marhfour, a freelance journalist.

This was the response from Aicha Marhfour, who is a freelance journalist from Melbourne, Australia. You may have come across news of alleged attacks on Muslim women in Australia, because of their appearance. During last week a Muslim woman was physically attacked on train station in Australia.

In response to ever increasing number of racist attacks on Muslim women, Mariam Veiszadeh who is a lawyer and activist, launched a campaign on twitter , face book etc. She asked the women to take a selfie in Hijab to support Muslim women. This campaign was named as Women in Solidarity with Hijabis (WISH). After few days when it was begun it has attracted a lot of likes and responses of women taking selfie while having hijab. You can check the tweets and facebook messages from different Australian women with selfies in hijab here. Many Non-Muslim Australian Women and men has expressed their Solidarity with Hijabis. 

I have read stories of many women who have experienced a lot of annoying people, questioning eyes while wearing scarf to stand with Muslim women and showing their solidarity.

Some women also expressed their concerns on actions which are not acceptable in Islam, while in Hijab. Some were threatened and questioned about hijab. Few men also came forward while responding to this call and expressed their solidarity by posting their pictures with hash tag #WISH. We also come across few negative responses and few gratuities as well. Throughout the world Islam is being oppressed , scolded and crushed but all must think that after all such activities it is increasing everywhere. A lot of people from around the world are accepting and embracing Islam. The question is no matter how media is projecting Islam, many get influenced and try to attack Muslims physically , verbally like in this case of Aussie Muslim Women ,but what was response of many , they started taking it as against freedom of choice and started donning with hijab. Muslims are targeted , specially women around the world because of their appearance and head scarves. Many get inspiration to study this religion , and when they do so, I do not accept that fact that, Islam do not have power to change hearts, it melts hearts and bring love of God in it.

I believed as much anyone will try to suppress this religion it will come back with a greater boost. 1400 years ago our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) during in his last sermon in Haj received the revelation of completion of Islam and according to holy book Quran , it is told that Allah has liked Islam for us.

Few women got attacked and a lot came forward to support and if the numbers of attacks will increase he support will come with a massive increase and more people will start thinking and learning about this religion. I think this foolish action benefits Islam in many ways.  I think that such campaigns must fight for justice for victims as well. Otherwise victim will be in background and a new thing start taking place. 

Sarah went a step further by wearing niqab to sport women wearing religious garments.

I am wondering why the Hijab symbolizes oppression, why it is seen as threatening, to many like me it is just freedom of choice represents beauty and humility. 
 I am happy to see many women and men supporting Muslim women by donning Hijab. If they are not scared of Hijab then why others are???

I will quote what Sarah said on #Wish page,’I hope all of the women wearing the hijab or niqab stay strong and safe during these tough times!
Hijab has special importance in Islam, Muslim have complete dress code from God, I have written a post related to it, you can check Here.  So if someone is stopping Muslim women for wearing it, it will be hard to digest.
I have shared some wonderful pictures by many brave non-Muslim women who came forward whole heartily to  show their solidarity and stand with Muslim women. 

Now it’s your turn , what do you think what are the factors that people have Islamophobia ?? What you feel while having a hijabi around you?? Are you ever oppressed by any Hijabi ?? Donning hijab for few moments is sign of solidarity ??? Do we really have the right to live our lives as per will with our differences??

Reference  http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/201410032301-0024207?fb_comment_id=fbc_768471673232706_768478639898676_768478639898676#f36c4486b

First Photo by Twitter User @WISHSolidarity.
Photos from Facebook Group : WISH – Women In Solidarity with Hijabis
I hope you will share this post to support Muslim women around the world who are targeted because of their appearance. I feel it’s birth right to choose how one want to live.