Why few Non-Muslim Australian Women are wearing Hijab??

It’s all very well to wear the hijab for a day or to stand with your Muslim friends but really what you’re doing is you’re taking a nice photo … But you’re going to take off that scarf and you’re going to move back into your life, which is free from the threats and intimidation that Muslim women regularly do face.
Aicha Marhfour, a freelance journalist.

This was the response from Aicha Marhfour, who is a freelance journalist from Melbourne, Australia. You may have come across news of alleged attacks on Muslim women in Australia, because of their appearance. During last week a Muslim woman was physically attacked on train station in Australia.

In response to ever increasing number of racist attacks on Muslim women, Mariam Veiszadeh who is a lawyer and activist, launched a campaign on twitter , face book etc. She asked the women to take a selfie in Hijab to support Muslim women. This campaign was named as Women in Solidarity with Hijabis (WISH). After few days when it was begun it has attracted a lot of likes and responses of women taking selfie while having hijab. You can check the tweets and facebook messages from different Australian women with selfies in hijab here. Many Non-Muslim Australian Women and men has expressed their Solidarity with Hijabis. 

I have read stories of many women who have experienced a lot of annoying people, questioning eyes while wearing scarf to stand with Muslim women and showing their solidarity.

Some women also expressed their concerns on actions which are not acceptable in Islam, while in Hijab. Some were threatened and questioned about hijab. Few men also came forward while responding to this call and expressed their solidarity by posting their pictures with hash tag #WISH. We also come across few negative responses and few gratuities as well. Throughout the world Islam is being oppressed , scolded and crushed but all must think that after all such activities it is increasing everywhere. A lot of people from around the world are accepting and embracing Islam. The question is no matter how media is projecting Islam, many get influenced and try to attack Muslims physically , verbally like in this case of Aussie Muslim Women ,but what was response of many , they started taking it as against freedom of choice and started donning with hijab. Muslims are targeted , specially women around the world because of their appearance and head scarves. Many get inspiration to study this religion , and when they do so, I do not accept that fact that, Islam do not have power to change hearts, it melts hearts and bring love of God in it.

I believed as much anyone will try to suppress this religion it will come back with a greater boost. 1400 years ago our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) during in his last sermon in Haj received the revelation of completion of Islam and according to holy book Quran , it is told that Allah has liked Islam for us.

Few women got attacked and a lot came forward to support and if the numbers of attacks will increase he support will come with a massive increase and more people will start thinking and learning about this religion. I think this foolish action benefits Islam in many ways.  I think that such campaigns must fight for justice for victims as well. Otherwise victim will be in background and a new thing start taking place. 

Sarah went a step further by wearing niqab to sport women wearing religious garments.

I am wondering why the Hijab symbolizes oppression, why it is seen as threatening, to many like me it is just freedom of choice represents beauty and humility. 
 I am happy to see many women and men supporting Muslim women by donning Hijab. If they are not scared of Hijab then why others are???

I will quote what Sarah said on #Wish page,’I hope all of the women wearing the hijab or niqab stay strong and safe during these tough times!
Hijab has special importance in Islam, Muslim have complete dress code from God, I have written a post related to it, you can check Here.  So if someone is stopping Muslim women for wearing it, it will be hard to digest.
I have shared some wonderful pictures by many brave non-Muslim women who came forward whole heartily to  show their solidarity and stand with Muslim women. 

Now it’s your turn , what do you think what are the factors that people have Islamophobia ?? What you feel while having a hijabi around you?? Are you ever oppressed by any Hijabi ?? Donning hijab for few moments is sign of solidarity ??? Do we really have the right to live our lives as per will with our differences??

Reference  http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/201410032301-0024207?fb_comment_id=fbc_768471673232706_768478639898676_768478639898676#f36c4486b

First Photo by Twitter User @WISHSolidarity.
Photos from Facebook Group : WISH – Women In Solidarity with Hijabis
I hope you will share this post to support Muslim women around the world who are targeted because of their appearance. I feel it’s birth right to choose how one want to live. 

  • It takes a lot of courage to support anyone for their right. I salute all Australian women who are standing along their Muslims friends in this struggle

  • Hello Niekka
    Thank you for your time and comment.
    Man around the world support the campaign that is actually good to support many who are very tense and feel them weak at this critical time.

  • It is good to see women and men supporting this. The violence against Muslim women is horrible. Thank you for making us aware of this.

  • Hello Beth
    And all Muslim world is Thank ful for their support and love.

    Thank you.

  • You have really cleared up why these women make their decisions. Thank you.

  • Hello Welli

    You are right. I truly believe that it is hard to understand when you are outside as you said and if you will not come inside you can not experience the feelings and desires of those who are inside…. Its not something that you can judge from outside it is something you need to jump in depths to know the truth.
    Thank you for a nice comment.

  • Thank you Ajay
    I really respect and appreciate your thoughts. I hope people will understand the difference and accept hijabis.

  • Thank you Butler for your visit on my blog. I hope Hijabis do not bother you.

  • Almost all of us are searching for the satisfactory answer. Its just like that as one theory is not applicable to everything so many people accept hijabis and some do not. It all depends on ones personal impression and thought.
    Thank you for your comment I really appreciate.

  • Hello Meredith

    Yes you are right. This support is a way to bring acceptance in minds and let people know that normal women wear hijab… It nothing to fear about.
    I really appreciate that many women like you in west understand this difference and accept it and are not bothered.
    Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate.

  • Hello Angela
    Yes we all believe in One God. There are many similarities but there are differences as well and as a human being it is necessary to understand and accept these differences for peace. I am happy that you are not bothered by any hijabi around you. I am happy the way you smile.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  • Thought provoking post. Just made me think how when you are outside something you may think you known what those inside want yet you have no idea what makes them happy and proud.

  • Hi,
    Though i have few muslim friends but still i didn't know this much about HIJAB. I liked your post and would say that everybody deserves respect with their beliefs being equally preserved.

  • I learned a lot from this post.

  • Hi Anna, we should also think on these lines, why people force others to wear as they want or do as per others instructions? If I am following my religion or wear & doing as per my own believe then why I am targeted & labeled as rabble or terrorist.

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  • Hello Tim
    Yes it truly shows the affiliation and a symbol of ones belief.
    No one has ever told a sikh to remove his turban but I am sad that all the time women is an easy target all around the world.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Anna, I always feel like I learn so much from your posts. I never understand why a person would judge or threaten another person for how they look. I think it is based on fear. When you fear something you don't understand you try to destroy it. But what could be less threatening than a woman standing in "beauty and humility" as you said? My heart goes out to these women, and I think it's great that some non-muslims are trying to raise awareness for their muslim sisters. I know it's easy for them to just take off hijab after taking the selfie, but I think it helps to have people get used to seeing women in them and realizing there is no threat from them.

  • I found this post truly fascinating! I studied sociology in college and love reading about different cultures and society. I try to love everyone and leave judgement up to God. I think that mindset simplifies life for me. I'm ignorant of Islamic religions and that makes me sad. So when I see a woman wearing a hijab, it makes me keenly aware of my own ignorance and aware that others probably treat them poorly because of their ignorance. I try to smile at them and say hello as I would with anyone else. I guess I don't understand the animosity between Christians and Muslims. Don't we all believe in one supreme God, creator of all things? I think we can all be inspired by the dedication of Muslims, in particular, their women. Thanks for the article. I hope you'll continue to write on this topic.

  • Hello Arleen
    They are supporting many women with Hijab, it needs a lot of courage to wear hijab. I can understand it as I first decided to go for this in 2006 and then I never turned back. Even at that time I did not think that I will continue it.
    It took a lot of time to convince myself to wear it in a family gathering to follow this … this was when I started this.

  • You have certainly kicked up some dust with this article Anna but with good intent and awareness that the rest of the world needs to come to grips with. The hijab is clothing but it is also a symbol of ones affiliation. Neither of these should be disrespected in a so-called civilized world.

  • I am happy to support for woman. To be attack for one's belief is unconscionable. We all need to respect one another whether we agree with one's ideals. These women are not hurting anyone wearing hijab. Aren't there more things to worry about than someone's appearance.

  • Hello Ken
    Yes you are absolutely right. Together we can help many to understand the differences and try to accept so all be at Peace in World.
    Thank you.

  • Hello Donna
    I am happy that you have expressed your feelings about Hijab and the Women like you who understand and accept differences are a hope for the World. I am thankful for you for this.

  • Hello Lenie
    Thank you for your support.
    This is beauty of the World that people from different race, color , ethnicity are living on Earth, we must try to understand and accept the differences. This is stop Violence of all forms , I believe.

  • Hello Catarina
    It is always nice to see a positive move from anywhere or anyone. All Muslim World is appreciating Australian women, I believe this needs a lot of courage.
    Thank you.

  • Hello Jacquie
    Yes this is a wonderful move by Australian women and they are being appreciated by all Muslim World for their courage and help. I am happy that you feel comfortable seeing a Hijabi around but there are many who are not that comfortable, unfortunately. I am thankful to you for that.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Salam Husnaa
    Yes being in Muslim country and following your dress code is much easier than being in some country who have different customs and costumes.
    Thanks for your time.

  • Unfortunately intolerance seems to be proliferating all around the world. People who apparently have no real ability to think find those who are different to be an easy target.

  • We don't hear a lot of Australian news in Canada and I was unaware of what was happening there with regard to anti-Islamic sentiment and the hijab. I do not feel uncomfortable when I am around women wearing the hijab. Racism and religious discrimination are often the result of ignorance and misinformation. It is important to learn more and to respect each other.

  • Anna, posts like yours are so very important because at any time, racism, is caused by ignorance and only by learning about others can we ever hope it will stop. That's why we need you to keep writing and keep us aware. We can't change everyone, unfortunately, but we can all work to make racism a social blunder.

  • Catarina

    It's lamentable that Muslims are being attacked all over the world. Good move made by Australian woman.

  • I am always so amazed an enlightened by your posts. Even here in Charleston SC we see he occasional hijab. It never occurred to me to be threatened by it. But there is a lot of negative press and I love that you are raising awareness for the victims of these attacks. Wonderful show of solidarity from these women of Australia.

  • Reading your post made me smile as your raising awareness. I am a women who wears hijab but the difference is I live in a islamic country so its normal here for me to dress the way I do. I feel realy upset for the women who live in countries where there not accepted due to there religion and I believe its important for us to stand for there rights. The hijab has been linked to events or issues that show it in a bad light and I think its very nice that the women of Australia have stood with hijabis in regards to the campaign. I hope things improve for women who wear hijab as its a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing your blog post with us.

  • Dear Bindu,

    Thanks for attending the Muslim festival, now let’s talk about your confusions, opinion or objections.first for all Islam does not require mine or your opinions or guide lines or rules & regulations of any underdeveloped, developed state because it changes time to time according to the requirement. But Islam has own defined rules, code of conduct for whole world (only Muslim people) , regulations & duties for both women & man. Even a dress code has been defined in Islam for both genders; Islam gives more importance to women role in society (just read the history of Canada or any country how women treated in 1800 or earlier or even in early 1900).
    As I understand you are finding equality in clothes only but in Islam both are equal but their roles are different but equally important like vise there clothing are also different , first time Islam has given right for women to decide her husband, she can get divorce if she wants ……… Islam has given the right to a women or daughters in the property not now (like west) 1400 years back.
    Just read this link I am sure you will find more information about women in Islam

    Now let’s talk in general. it’s human nature to have understanding of limits & boundaries in relation as well as the dress code, now my question is do u like to go necked in front of you father, mother, children’s or in the market I am sure your reply will be in negative because all human are agreed that they should wear & cover their body based on their believes & spirituality. You many agree or not all religious practicing scholars Muslims, Jews & Christens always wear complete clothes. But issue is only with Muslims, when a Muslim veils they are being targeted & labeled as terrorist but when any Jew or Christen scholar will appear the same school of thought appreciates the modestly & holiness.

    Now some reference form India where unborn, infants’ girls face premeditated murder (just for your understanding)

    But yet in this modern world where women do not have even right to exist we are comparing Muslims men & women genders clothes or Veil rather talking about their equal respect & space to live equal chances to express ,freedom which Islam has provided both of them 1400 years back.
    I think we should not try to see Islam in our own lenses or according to our frame of wishes. It would be better if we study different religion then compare each or them, In my opinion we should understand rather than impose our wishes / expert opinion or advices on other religion.

  • gr8…. gr8……. gr8… works!!!

  • Hey Bindu, the essence of this article is to highlight the prejudice against women wearing hijab and how some Australian women who are not muslim are showing their solidarity with those who are wearing hijab.
    Most of the women are proud and comfortable to wear a hijab. If we talk about freedom of expression and equality, then we should learn to respect others and look at them equally without bothering whether they are wearing abaya or cross or bindi.
    If it is cool to show off tattoos, iphones, luxury cars to reflect a person's identity, why is it not acceptable to wear cross / head scarf / bindi etc. Indeed I have lot of respect for women who are wearing abaya and stand for their belief firmly. In modern days, this requires more courage and mental stamina than going with the flow.
    A woman is Canada will clearly know what dress to wear for an interview and what dress to wear for a night club. So, we know in our hearts the impact of the dress a woman wears. If talk about equality in strict terms, women should be cutting their hair short and wear loose shirts and pants. It is obvious that people are diverse and that everyone deserves respect.
    Abaya indeed protects the body from heat and UVrays in the hot summer. You must be knowing how a Sikh is proud to grow long hair and wear turban. Donno if you ever felt pity for a person going out in hot sun with thick turban and raised such a question to them. It is clear that no one is compelling them to wear turban and they are proud about their choice.
    If we talk about equality and rights of women, it will become a lengthy topic, and I am still searching for a place in this world where everyone is treated equally and where women behave like men in all aspects and where women are treated ditto like men.
    I personally believe the media is very hungry to portray Islam in negative way for the political & material gains of certain forces. If, we for a moment, can push aside the prejudices and try to understand the reality with open mind, we can make the world a better place to live instead of fighting with each other.

  • I know,… no one in this whole world have ever seen Queen Elizabeth Naked with open chest and walking in Public,….. No one ever have seen ENDR GANDHI ever with open chest and half naked and walking in public that she is the PM of the biggest Democratic country and No one can do anything to her…. but its their choice and thinking and a positive role that they cover themselves and go out…….
    Each Single Muslim LADY is the princess of her own Home territory… so they don't want anyone to see them as they are our QUEENS & our PRINCESSES….

    I would moreover suggest you to go to INDIA with open chest in Dehli and practice your right of equality……..

    Men is always stated as the protector for women in an islamic society……..
    Let me know if there is any single muslim country where the female tourists are banned by their home country not to travel… for there is a threat of sexual assaults on them…….

    As per ISLAM The Men have to cover their own stated parts and women have to cover their own stated body parts,…. Its their choice how to cover them….. You must think of the countries like INDIA where the Govt is democratic and the community is mostly Hindu….but the girls are raped in buses and are killed….. so what do you say about that society … for if you Hit ISLAM for not giving rights to WOMEN……

    As far as Muslim Women rights are concerned you must read our books on the principles of Islam for Women rights……

  • Dear Miss Bindu Saju

    I am really pleased to see your observation and learnt about your thoughts and feelings for Muslim Women,,,,
    Let me tell you that First of All No one Muslim Man ever forces her Woman to wear a Hijab or do PARDAH… Its their choice to follow the instructions of the Religion openly and independently, U must also have seen a lot of Muslim women there without Hijab.. so Why you never think about them and think only about a women in HIJAB that she is under pressure or something like that…
    Have you ever seen a princess without any protocol or a sitting nude and naked in front of whole public,….
    Would you ever think or ever have seen ENDRA GANDHI ever without a SARHI fully covering her body,….
    Would you ever think that the Holy book GEETA be placed without a cover ??!!!….
    ….. let me tell you the originality of this MAN KIND,….

    When ADAM and EVE came in this world ,… they were fully Naked, then they started covering their bodies with leaves and other things……. Through out all these ages that ManKind have travelled, got knowledge and awareness,,, Human always started covering their bodies in different ways,,,, firstly with leaves, then grass, then animal skins,,, then cotton was discovered and human learnt to make clothe, then the humans made designs in clothes,,,,, and now we say that we are in the best super duper developed age of mankind…… so do you think that anyone would be willing to go back to the era where from we begun this journey……If we say that we are now in the best era of latest technologies and latest knowledges then we must think about our this though of being going NAKED in public,…. May be its your choice but May be there is anyone sick who come on you and attempt any harassments……

  • A simple thing .would you just do me a favour , search n let us know the rape rate in non hijabic countries and compare it with saudia, iran , pakistan etc .you will know what is the importance of hijab
    Read this :
    Scientific Benefits Of Wearing Hijab:

    The hijab is a religious head covering that is worn by Muslim women. It generally conceals the neck and hair, and has a veil for covering the face. Most Muslim women wear the hijab, while refraining from wearing tight clothing. Donning the hijab and also generally observing a modest Muslim style of dressing offers these benefits.

    1. Represents purity

    The hijab is regarded like an indication of dignity and purity. It highlights Muslim women as chaste and pure women. It also sets the wearer apart from immoral behaviors linked to women who wear immodestly. Actually, the hijab acts like a screen between chaste Muslim women and the world’s evil.

    2. Protects from male harassment

    Most men do not make lewd gestures or whistle when a woman wearing a hijab passes by. In fact, men view the hijab like a sign that says off limits and thus do not approach such women. Muslim women by and large have a low chance of being exploited for their femininity and beauty in contrast with other women.

    3. Places focus on intellect

    The hijab also benefits Muslim women by forcing people, particularly men, to go past the outer appearances and focus on the women’s intellect. Rather than assessing woman for her mind, the society usually assesses her based on physical traits. Many people are truly surprised when they discover that a Muslim who wears a hijab is articulate, intelligent and educated.

    4. Eliminates competition amongst women

    People in western nations are known for sacrificing health and financial savings so as to have expensive plastic surgery with an aim of meeting unrealistic standards of beauty. However, through wearing a hijab, Muslim women can go about their normal duties without worrying about impressing other people.

    5.Hygienic Purposes:

    All public should wear Hijab or head-covering workers serving society to ensure cleanliness and purity. Workers in a number of professions wear "veils" – nurses, fast food workers, and deli Counter workers, restaurant workers and servers, doctors, health care providers and many more.

    6.Female Psychological Balance:

    Covering the hair can also have a beneficial effect on the female psyche as well. Studies of women being interviewed for jobs show that there is a high correlation between what they wear and their perceptions of how successful they will be in their interviews. There are many more examples of how what we wear can influence how we act.

    Wearing a hijab does not have demerits and those who wear it have more strength and confidence as women become less mindful of their physique and appearance.

    Scientific Benefits Of Wearing Hijab:

    The moral duty of wearing Hijab in Islam is an often discussed topic among Muslim women. However, little has been written about scientific reasons that Hijab is beneficial for society. There are, in fact, a number of health benefits that wearing Hijab provides, as well as many behavioral science studies that suggest that Hijab is the best clothes for women.

    Protecting the head is very important from a health perspective. Results Of medical tests show that 40-60% of body heat is lost through the head, so persons wearing head coverings during cold months are protected about fifty-percent more than those who do not. In the traditional Islamic medical texts of Al-Jawziyya, we can find numerous references to the "four elements" of fire, water, air and earth and how these affect the body in adverse ways. In particular, we are advised to stay away from drafts and protect our heads in wind, breezes, drafts and cold weather.

  • Dear Bindu Saju with due respect …firstly you are wrong.In islam it is stated nowhere that females and males are equal .female have to cover their whole body while for males it is stated that they have to cover the area from navel to ankles. reason=women are meant to guide and make a nation , they have to nourish their childrens in order to make them valuable .They are not meant to spoil the nation, about women without hijab , now even childrens say looking at her OMG she is hot ! If this is nourishment you are right then.Men are meant to work in order to meet their family needs.they have to work outside in fields im factories ….everywhere .They have to cover only the stated parts.even people who are not muslims do respect hijab.its sign of respect and safety. Just try it somedy and observe the difference.

  • I was at the Muslim fest last year and many Muslim women were wearing abaya and walking with their male partners, wearing only shorts and T-shirt with clean shaved face. We are talking about hot summer in Canada.What was wrong for the women to get a little breeze on their head when it is a hot day? Where is the equality ? Why they had to cover themselves from head to toe on a hot day while the Muslim men can go half covered? Where is the justice and equality for women? I think, this young religion needs a lot of improvements when it comes to women.
    I am not saying some one has the right to harass a person for what they are wearing. Canada gave freedom for women to go with uncovered chest. So, the women have freedom to go showing only the eyes. I think, religion should not be a show off with crosses ,head scarves and bindis.

  • Hello
    I am happy to hear from you, I hope you will come again on my blog.
    thank you.

  • No doubt it increase my knowledge…..

  • Hello Hasan
    I am happy you have learned from this post. I hope you also support women who are in hijab or niqab , as many men also supported this cause.
    Thank you.

  • Hello Susan
    I am happy that you like it. It is good to see that many females are coming forward to support hijabis. You can check #WISH on twitter.
    Regardless of the reason or the religion, fighting against injustice and for the victims is important. 🙂
    This made my day. This is what we must do. Stand with oppressed and make them strong. Thank you for such a nice comment.
    Thank you.

  • I found this very interesting Andleeb. I agree, when a few women are attacked and then others come out to support their choices, it's a good thing. If the numbers of attacks and the support increases people will start to consider what this religion is all about. Regardless of the reason or the religion, fighting against injustice and for the victims is important. 🙂

  • It really increased my knowledge about Hijab.And also what's goin on with muslim women, when they are in Hijab & without Hijab.Thanks for writing.Really appreciated. I read an interview of a muslim girl who was asked why she wear Hijab like its not appropriate in this era.Her reply was owesome "At first Human ddi not wear cloths , as civilization adnanced they started to wear clothes, if we start to remove then again then that is murder of civilization and advancement not the Hijab !