World Teachers’ Day

My Great Teacher; Dr. Aslam.

Today while on an airport, waiting for plane to board, I got notification on Facebook for one of my friend’s status with this picture. I replied, today is Teacher’s Day? Before waiting for her reply I googled to confirm status. There I got, it truly is……. Today 5th October, World Teacher’s day, you can check details about the background here. After confirmation, I started to toggle my past memories from my childhood and educational years. Soon I remembered about my teachers. So, here I want to unfold few memories to share with you. Many people came in my life who have great impact on me. My parents, family, friends and my husband. There are many who supported and helped me every time. They guided & taught me lot of values for my future life. 

Surely our parents, grand parents,siblings and close relatives always think about us. They help us to improve. Today I want to remember those who do not have any blood relation directly or indirectly with me and greatly influenced my life, with a real change in my personality.

Dan Rather

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.”

I got this from here.

I want to share about my school days when I was an average student of the class but I never liked myself to sit on back benches. Due to unavailability of windows on back side of class. My friends and me mostly managed to sit in the middle of the class room to have good view of outside world through window rather than look attentively towards the teacher & black board. In a day or two teachers always kick my friends and me out of the class as punishment & we make fun of the students who used to come and drink water from the schools water tank right in front of our class. School life was going on and I was very satisfied because at the end of every year I always qualified for the next class with 15th -20th position out of 40 to 45 class fellows. I was in grade seven when after returning school from our summer vacation we came to know that our class teacher was changed.
The previous teacher was very strict also he was well aware of all the students. New class teacher surly required some time to adjust although he was an old man retired from forces. He was very soft & kind. Between we liked to discuss more about his services as a soldier rather than our own syllabus J . I always asked a lot of questions from him about army, about Wars between Pakistan Vs India, about Kargill, Afghan, Russia (which was ongoing) WAR at his time.

After 3 or 4 days, on arrival in class, all were surprised to see what happened in class. He changed all the seats and position & partners in the class. All of our groups with students were broken. I was shocked that I was on first bench now. I do not know when he got impressed and saw a genius in me ๐Ÿ™‚ and started asking many questions all the time. I was thinking as I have asked so many questions now this is his turn to take revenge. By with the passage of time ultimately I got that he was dragging me towards studies. Whenever he asked questions  or took any kind of quiz he called me every time with my name ( Andleeb will you say something about this). If I could answer he appreciated me a lot and if I was unsuccessful then he gave me a push to study hard. As a result I started giving attention to my lectures.  I was getting very serious about my studies and was trying to excel. 

As a result I started improving in class I became more focused on studies. He told me that he have strong believe on me that I can compete anyone in the class. He used to talk generally about studies and it’s importance while being inside class and outside gave me a lot of time on my character building. Once or twice he played badminton with us during games period. He made very strong connection with all the class, particularly with me (I felt that). Within 3 to 4 months my grades started changing from D to B, B+, A and  A+. He discussed result of my other subjects with me. In school students were divided in four houses for sports. My house for sports was Abu Bakar House but my favorite teacher was always head of Omer House, many times I requested him to change my game’s house to Omer house as I wanted to play from his house, but I was never successful. He always encourage my spirit in games. At that time I never thought even for a moment that why he was so kind to me?
I got the answer when I reached my 10th grade. One day I asked him a personal question; “Sir how many kids u have ?” He replied, โ€You all are my children.โ€
I asked again, “No, sir how many kids you actually have in your family?”
He asked me, โ€œAre you not my daughter?โ€
I said, โ€œ Sure ! I am, but I mean your real children 
He said,I” do not have at home” and left quickly from class. I could not understand anything but I was surprised why he left in such unusual way without goodbye to all. After wards when I came to know about reality I felt his pain.
After finishing my school I took admission in a well-reputed college, because of good grades. Thanks to Mr. Aslam for that. I was still connected with my patron, benevolent. He really changed me from an average to promising, shining star of school.  Even now I do not have any idea how smartly he pulled me from an average student to bright one. He actually changed my whole life. After some time I got disconnected with him. Time started passing quickly & I became more involved in studies and our communication was almost finished. I was admitted in Government college and here in Pakistan on government level there is segregation of boys and girls in colleges, being a female mostly we have to deal with female teachers, just few male teachers join in female College. Mostly male teachers teach the boys. That was also another reason I was out of contact with him.

 Once I went and see him in school but came to know that he has left the school. I got his home address & went to his house to meet him. My teacher was very surprised and happy to see me. I wanted to tell him about my distinction in college and wanted to thank him for all his efforts to push me towards a better future. I got to know then that he was alone in his house, his wife died years ago actually having no family at all. He became very happy to see me after years. At that time he was planning to go for umraah & it was our last meeting as he died while performing umrah & he never came back.

He was great man, he was always kind to students & appreciated all, even for very small thing. Some times we believed that he had appreciated too much this time and use to laugh hard after class ๐Ÿ™‚ . He had the art to make soldiers to fight and sacrifice their life so he was aware how to generate results form average students, like me J .

I am & I will be always be grateful to him, the way he guided me was amazing. I could never resist admiring him in my heart. This is only because of his unconditional love, care which changed me and shifted me away from the complications of life. Mr. Aslam you will remain in my prayers always , till my last breath. I am remembering you while writing this post and unconsciously , tears roll down my cheeks. I miss you a lot and thank you for everything. 

I have written this post to pay my gratitude for all such great teachers like him. Mr. Aslam played a vital role in my life and taught me, how to pay back, to society and how can I, contribute to the progress. If you believe that some teachers, have not done much for you, but I believe they actually did in their capacity, what they did was a great thing. They have helped and guided you. They have saved you from damages and difficulties, whom you feel to be dependable and reliable.

Do you have such teacher in your life who have changed your life? I would like to hear your feelings about your favorite teacher who was wonderful and great teacher who actually changed your life. Whom you still admire for help and guidance.

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I hope you will share this post to pay tribute to all those teachers who provided you with quality knowledge to stand in world. 

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