International Day of the Girl Child – to Fight Challenges

#dayofthegirl: In the Line – To Challenge Violence

11 October is recognized as the International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC). The day is observed to promote the rights that young girls deserve and to help them fight the challenges they are facing. You can check the details here. 

You can also check this for some picture and more stories. 

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Today I want to share the story of a girl who was a victim of domestic violence, illiteracy and poverty but was strong enough to fight against them and was struggling to get her right of education.

I visited the hospital where my mother was working during my holidays. My mother went to examine some patients in the ward and asked me to accompany her. She wanted me to meet Mona and asked me to give her some comfort by talking to her. I was wondering what my mother wants to do, how I will talk to a stranger. When I reached at last bed, my mother introduced me to a beautiful girl, Mona. She was lying on the hospital bed, with broken arm, injured foot, few bandages on her face and with stitches on her forehead. I was shocked to see her condition. Her beautiful eyes which were full of tears and disappointment were telling her story.

I was very sad to see her condition and I could not control my tears that rushed out of my eyes rolling down my cheeks. My mother pressed my hand to tell what I was doing. I was completely lost in her beautiful sparkling eyes and I could see immense pain and fear on her face. Emotions of anger, anxiety and depression rushed into me. I was able to notice her discomfort clearly. My mother told me what happened to her and then she held Mona’s hand and exclaimed that she is a brave woman and she will fight her pain with courage and told her that time is the best healer . 

She started sharing with me about her life. I came to know that Mona was just 14 years
old when she was married to a 36 years old cousin. Her parents were unable to  bear her expenses for life and thought it is better to marry her and just get rid of her. She was managing a one room mud house and was working on newly constructed road with her husband to eat at most two times a day. She has reached hospital in critical condition after her husband beat her for not giving him money to waste on drugs. It was not first time she was beaten by her husband but this was severe than all attacks. I was feeling very sad for her pains and the situation she faced in young age.  

The meeting time was over in the hospital and I had to leave though I didn’t want to leave her. When I was about to leave, Mona tried to put her hand under her pillow to pull out something and I jumped in to help her. I managed to take out some torn papers from a Urdu language book. I laughed and asked her from where did she get that. She replied that she found them in the garbage that she collected few months ago. I asked her if she can read and she started looking at page and read few lines and I was surprised and I asked from her,” From where did you learn to read?”. She replied that she was working as a maid for a lady, where she had to wash clothes and clean home. The lady who employed her was kind enough to teach Mona how to read. She said, “I know all this book” and asked if I can give her next level book. I promised to do so and the next day I went with the book and a note book. The joy that I noticed on her face cannot be expressed in words. She started crying after getting her new book.  

We have many such incidents happening around us in our society where some are severely injured requiring treatment in hospital and some victims just hide and feel it is better to stay at home until the wounds of physical torture are gone. Some men in our society feel that it is their birth right to physically attack women who are under their control.

 I hope these scars of Mona will not ruin her life and she will return to normal life soon. I stayed with her for few hours and she told me a lot about her dreams, her ambitions with enthusiasm. Though she tried to put a smile on her face, I could sense how deeply she was hurt inside. I was hoping that these violent attacks  will not ruin her trust on people, her confidence and chances for normal life.

What is the root cause behind such violent eruptions from male in our society? I believe that lack of basic needs of life creates unrest in male and they express their frustration over their poverty, illiteracy and failure to the easiest target – female.

Mona was only 16 and had 12 brothers and sisters. She was married to a cousin whose story was not different at all. He too came from same poor background living below the poverty line.

I consider it worth mentioning that the study of Islam reveals the fact that Islam started during the time of ignorance where girls were buried alive after their birth. Islam stood for women’s rights and Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) told that violence against women is crime against humanity and big sin. Men are supposed to protect women, not beat or torture her. 

Dr. Bilal Philips has mentioned on his Facebook page,” The rights given to women by Islam in the 7th century were unparalleled anywhere else in the world at that time. The rights were earth shaking. Many of those rights were not given to women in western countries until the 20th century, 1400 years later.” 

All of us are familiar with domestic violence and throughout the world many women are coming out against such violent attacks against them.  All such violent physical attacks must be stopped. Government need to spend more on free education, and provide basic necessities and jobs to ease the suffering of the poor people. It must ensure equality in society and give opportunity to all to live a life they long for and be the one they want to be. We as an individual can inspire people to raise voice against injustice, and we have to play our role to empower girls like Mona to end child marriage, child labor and  violence against them. Religious scholars should repeatedly give lectures on importance of protecting women in Islam and should emphasize on education and teach values of respect and humanity.

I deem it worth mentioning that on this specific day Nobel Peace Prize was grated to Malala Yousafzai & Kailash Satyarthi who are working for the rights of children and girls. You can check the details here.

Whenever you see such violent attacks and stories of domestic violence and oppression from any part of the world, you must understand that Islam do not teach this at all. Islam is religion of mercy. The people who do so have NO knowledge of Islam. Such Black Sheep are present in every religion and society. 

I came across a website suggesting the ways to STOP Domestic Violence.

You can take these steps to help girl child grow and fight the challenges.

I hope you will share this post to stand with many women in the world who are facing such violence against them. 
  • Girls and women are tortured all over the world by men and it is sad that we bring up our kids and do not teach them the values to respect each other. we give importance to boys and ultimately they do not take girls equal to them and oppress them in later stages of life… it is sad reality and a bitter truth

  • Hello Arleen

    It is good that US is taking this issue seriously , but unfortunately there are many more matters that need attention , this issue do not seem standing any where right now, but I am still hopeful that someday we will live in a free world as per our wish , without any pressure and enjoy the facilities that is our right.

  • Thank you Cristine
    We can hope that we will accept the differences soon and have peace with each other.

    Thank you.

  • What a heart felt story. Giving Mona a book where she can immerse in and take her mind off of her pain was brilliant. In the US they are making a big deal about domestic violence. There is an ad running right now on TV, called no more. Stories need to be told so all are educated that violence is not the way.

  • Thank you for sharing this story. It is really sad that domestic violence affects women all over the world. I hope that it will some day stop.

  • Hello DC
    Government provides security and teach them many skills and there are many vocational training centers build by government to equip these women with skill but the problem is this they are not ready to complain and if government try to given them justice they will negate the whole truth as they are afraid and stuck in many chains of traditions and family bounds and can not think out of that and saddest of all is that they take violence as right of their husband, they say that all husbands beat wives….
    No one can help in such situations not even Govt.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Thank you Hassan
    I really appreciate your time.
    All of us have to stand for something in our life. We always raise voice against any violation for our rights. We must remember those who have no voice.
    I will contact you in need. Thank you.

  • DC

    You were a ray of hope to this girl – but the real solution would be to free her from the tyrant that is her husband – does they government offer help and rehabilitation for girls like Mona? Maybe teach them a skill and get them a job so they can be independent?

  • Andleeb,

    Awesome Blog. Most importantly you believe in raising your voice and doing your part for others, that's what I like about your blog. You know my blog url, use contact form to contact me or directly email me at whenever you need some kind of help regarding your blogging.

  • Hello Angela
    My mother always come across such patients and I really admire her for her help , as my mother always go out of box to help people like this.
    She not only helps but also motivates others to help poor people.
    I am thankful to my mom for always guiding me towards peace of mind.
    A smile on someones face gives you a lot , that can not be bought.
    Thank you for your comment.

  • Thank you Safariontheblog!

  • Hello Jacquie
    Thank you so much , I did not thought that this small thing from me can help her to have some trust in people. Thank you for helping me think about this side of picture.
    I tried a lot to motivate few students as well to continue their education who can not afford it I will try to share those stories as well.

    I think if even one child can have education because of our moral support or any little (other) support it is a BIG thing.
    I really appreciate your time.

  • Hello A.K. Andrew
    I really appreciate your time.
    You are right but I feel even women are in same situation as they are deprived of basic right of education. They do not know their rights and can not raise a voice against it. They do not know that State gives them protection against all such oppression.
    Thank you.

  • Hello Jeri
    I am thinking that you are referring to that Norwegian girl who took part in a campaign to raise awareness about child marriage.
    I have also read that news.
    Yes in developing countries there are many problems like , child labor , marriage , violence, I am hopeful together we can stop them.
    Thank you for your time.

  • What a wonderfully written post to further raise awareness of what happens to many young girls. Your post reminds me of the Child Bride Shock campaign I noticed in my Facebook feed a few days ago.

  • Thanks for alerting me to International Girls Day – wasn't aware of it. And certainly domestic violence is a terrible thing , especially when it's young girls who have no power and typically nowhere to go. Thank goodness you are able to give her a little hope.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this story Andleeb…it made me cry. What a wonderful gift you gave this young wasn't just the book, but you gave her hope that there is kindness in her world through people like you. This alone, might help her move forward and give her the courage she'll need

  • Well done Andleeb and keep it up x

  • Andleeb…thank you for sharing Mona's story. I was touched by how happy the book made her. I'm glad your mom introduced the two of you and you were able to bring a ray of light to her life. I hope things improve for her. She's a brilliant and strong young woman.

  • Hello Tayyaba
    Together we can bring change.
    Thank you so much for your time and Support.

  • keep it up sis this world is cruel 🙁 its reallly a very heart touching story

  • Thank you Fareeha , I hope you will visit again.

  • Thank you MotivationandInspirationStation
    That you visited my blog.
    She is fine now. Yes it also gave me happiness and pleasure when I saw her happy. You are right all of us know the importance of education even if some times our condition do not help to gain it.

  • fareeha

    Adeelb you are doing a great job hats off

  • This was a very touching story. One thing I really loved was the joy on her face when you gave her the books. Maybe people somehow instinctively know that education is the way out of a lot of bad circumstances. Reading can take you on a journey. I hope that Mona is ok now. Thank you for sharing. PEACE!

  • Thank you Hassan
    You are right about that. I feel that this violence in Muslim countries is just because of ignorance of the teaching of Islam.
    I really appreciate your time and support.

  • Dear Andleeb, Reading your blog made me cry.Actually the problem is we all speak against it but no one tries to do nothing.females are tortured and many times beaten to death by their husband or husband's relatives infront of a crowd but no one even says its wrong unless He /she finds her daughter in the same condition.just a few people are trying and struggling for female rights .May Allah help them order to make this all stop we have to wake up and stand against such ill minded persons.They should be punished in a hard way .And teachings of islam should be spread as in islam women should be treated gently and they should recieve care, protection and respect