Uncertainty of Life!

Two different news that have sadly dominated media from the past few days were about; a young  German student known as Tugce A, 23, of Turkish origin, who died after almost two weeks in coma.
She tried to aid and stood for young girls who were bullied in a violent quarrel. She was hit by a boy who waited in parking area for her to come out of McDonald’s in Offenbach, near Frankfurt on a Saturday night, where she was dining with friends according to ibtimes UK.  After being hit by boy she fell on ground and entered coma. Her parents let her die on her 23rd birthday as doctors told them there is no hope left for her survival. Today Germany mourns the death of this courageous girl.
The other sad news shocked all cricket Fans and rest of the world. Australian cricket player Phillip Hughes died at the age of 25 as he could not recover from an injury, he was struck by a bouncer on Tuesday , fell on ground and could never stand again. All cricket lover are in deep pain with this sad news. 
You will be thinking why I have mentioned about these incidents here, as for sure I am not any kind of news reporter etc. I believe when anywhere in world such incidents take place, it concerns us all. Point of mentioning these two happenings here is;  “ How uncertain the life is!”

The future is no more uncertain than the present. ―Walt Whitman
Such incidents always teach us certain lessons;
·         Death is universal and inevitable, it’s part of our life. So we must prepare well to die a GOOD DEATH.
·         We must not forget to praise God for His blessings.
·         We must thank Him for giving another beautiful day.
·         No matter what we are doing, we must do it in an extra ordinary way.
·         We must try to help other and stand with courage if witness any injustice towards anyone.
·         Believe in your abilities, faith, dreams and try to make best use of it, every day.
·         Remember the stories of successful people who fought, struggled through challenges before success.
Every day when we get up in morning our mind is full of plans that we think to execute during the day. We sleep with a hope for other day and we wake up with a hope for a bright day full of planning. In all this the thing we miss, we do not realize for a moment that this can be our LAST MOMENT and DAY
Every day while on the way to our working places we come across many road accidents and news about people who die. We feel sad about their demise and feel sorry for families and then move on. Get stuck with our work and plans and not for a single moment we think about our last day.
With each passing moment we must remember about uncertainty of our future and end of our life. On the other hand this uncertainty of our life must not stop us for doing great things. Few among us have inherited a fear about the future. No one from us know what’s going to happen?  As we are not sure about our life and future so we must not be painful or disastrous for tomorrow — but be hopeful, peaceful and thankful for today.
Odds of us getting in car accidents, bad news or some great happening are not greater tomorrow than they are today. Being a teacher many times I talk about rolling a dice. I feel our life is like the outcomes of dice i-e; unknown, we do not know what will come. Are you scared, while rolling a dice, about it’s outcome? I do not think so. I think that “ not knowing” is not a big problem. Whatever possibility life brings to us happiness, loss, pain we must try to stand courageous and fight. All the problems can help us take new challenges in new days,…………..” if we will get”.
We must not be afraid to follow unknown paths. Try to flow with change. Try to be flexible. No matter what unexpected comes to you, try to deal with it without fear and anger. Respond with calmness and in this whole process every day we experience something new. It sometimes makes our lives beautiful and more meaningful. 
I think in our everyday life we must take some time to thank our God for blessing us with another day full of hopes. We must thank Him for granting us another day to fix our errors and mistakes. On the other hand we must take every day as last day of our lives and try to do best.

We must think that each day we have, is like an exam paper with unknown questions, with a limited time. We do not know when red signal will come for us and we will be STOPPEDfor ever. All we need to do is, start the day like a day in exam. Do best in every part and moment of the life and by the end we must try to finish all the assignments that can be completed within a day. We must not leave anything on tomorrow as we never know ,” if we are going to have it , or not.”
We have the ability to develop our lives and overcome our sufferings. We can change our lives and leave an ever lasting impression. Try to be the One with an everlasting impression.
I hope that all of us will try to;

 “Live a beautiful life with a try that people remember us after our death”.

How the uncertainty of future normally affect your life??

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