Drama is a form of art that was popular among people from ancient times. Some great dramatists in ancient Greek were Euripides, Aeschylus, Sophocles and comedian Aristophanes. History shows that Greeks were fond of theaters and mob of people come to theater to see and hear their great actors and poets. In England drama truly came to boom during the age of Queen Elizabeth.  The most famous dramatist was Shakespeare. His plays attracted English people to come to theaters. At that time theaters were primitive stage and sceneries were used rarely. But the dramas produced are the actual treasure in English literature.

Now theater buildings are large in number with larger space for people along with comfort. Sceneries are used often that are superb and rational. The realistic sceneries not only catch our eyes but the background music and the situation of the plot pull us into the world that is presented on stage. So we forget our worries and sorrows in compassion with the happiness or troubles of those who are performing on the stage. So most of the dramas presented have happy ending, though often such ending is not possible in real life.

Pakistani theaters are basically the result of stimulus of western theater. Though Pakistani dramas performed on stage were very entertaining and were elevated in moral tone. Now Pakistani theaters are in worst condition. Majority of the stage presentations are copy of different earlier period plays. Moreover low standard dialogues along with immoral acts of actors destroyed the beautiful image of theaters. These factors have given such damage to theaters that people think theaters are not family entertaining sites. But it will be wrong to put full blame on theater management. As they put such acts which they think will pay and, if those pieces/acts are immoral, it is the fault of viewers. As it’s the audience that actually set the standard of plays by watching and taking interest. So public is responsible more than the management or actors.