Ramadan, Now and Then

Eid-ul-Fitar has just passed and now we are about to enter month of zilhaj, signifying the arrival of Eid-ul-Azha. Still the jamboree of Eid, its charm and happiness is with all Muslims and we are heading towards another. I would like to say the greatest day of sacrifice. Not in sense of any kind of fight/war but for the obedience of Allah the Creator of Universe. Eid-ul-fitar is a gift from God for all those who fast in holy month of Ramadan. This eid is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. 
What is Ramadan?
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said for Ramadan, narrated by Anas bin Malik ” One night in this month which has commenced, is ( in the point of dignity and honor) superior to one thousand months. Whoever deprives himself from attaining its auspiciousness is deprived of every facility” he added, “Only an unfortunate being is deprived of its facility”( transmitted by Ibn-e-Maja)*

Ramadan is month of blessings when God opens the gates of Heaven and closes all gates of Hell. Commencement of Ramadan brings many rewards with it. This is a month of charity, forgiveness, blessing, generosity. Its days and nights are best throughout the year. Ramadan is holy month when all Muslims are advised to fast from dawn to dusk. This month is for Ibadah ( worship God )for asking forgiveness from Him and to get Jannah ( heaven). Muslims are supposed to pray and recite as much they can. Each prayer offered in month of Ramadan is worth many in other months. This is the month when Allah completed the revelation of  Holy Quran ( the noble book). This month is hiding inside the treasure of the holiest nights of Laylatul Qadr. This month is a gift for all the Muslims, it teaches many things like; controlling our minds, hearts, our desires, to believe God strongly. 

Few decades before the Muslims were happy by listening to announcement of Ramadan and use to prepare themselves for long nights of worship, confession, obedience and days with fasting and reciting.

They enjoyed their long days of fast with hunger and thirst in world’s most hottest areas with out much facilities. They had less food to open and close fast. All night Muslims used to stand in front of God to pray and trembled in fear of hell. They wished if whole year could be Ramadan. They use to fast no matter if they are dying of sickness or hunger etc. They used to isolate and pray to make their God happy.

Contrary to that if we see around today we can understand very quickly that this month is losing its concept. Now Muslims are not taking it as a religious month for offering prayer but as month of festival. Today we emphasize more on decorating our houses , buildings and markets. We are happy with the festivity and enjoy feast of Ramadan. Now we do not emphasize much on fasting and find ways to get rid of fast and enjoy fast food and drinks. We have forgotten the fact that if we miss any fast deliberately we can not get that reward even fasting throughout year. We have uncountable dishes on our dinning tables to start or break our fast. We are enjoying our nights out in
Malls and enjoy; shopping and parties. One who will get best offers during shopping consider him/her to be the luckiest. We wait for Eid-ul-Fitar from first day of Ramadan. We are happy to socialize as much we can in Ramadan to be happy. Sadly, many companies wait throughout the year to make money during this month. Media is also playing its role to attract more people towards markets and have advertised this holy month as some type of commercial festival rather than a religious one. 
We have totally deviated from true spirit of Ramadan.

I wish we sit back and analyze our behavior as a Muslim and try to understand what we were supposed to do and why we were sent to this world. To be happy and enjoy or to make our God happy with our actions. Let us prepare for this month like companions of Holy Prophet( P.B.U.H). Take best out of this holy month by improving your grades in front of Allah. The rewards of fasting can not be measured and performing Umrah is equivalent to performance of haj.

May God bless all of us with many holy months of Ramadans and we utilize its each moment to its fullest. We can make our Ramadan productive by checking this card by productivemuslim.com

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*. Reference used from a book: Kitab us Sayyam by Iqbal Kilani
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