Fulfillment of Life

Every day of our lives comes with a new hope or fear, joy or sadness, challenge or acceptance, positivity or negativity, certainty or uncertainty .

I hope you are full of positivity and joy while reading this.
There are days when we wake up and feel strength and peace within us and at times we also come up with difficulty and despair with no joy at all.  We wake up feeling tired and do not want to face the world. We feel guilt without any reason. We feel like facing challenges with difficulty and fear of failure.
Don’t you think if we face any kind of illness, loss, financial problem, complication in any relationship, we cannot be energetic? At times, while facing problems we are upset, feel down and full of negativity.
Apart from all this if we do not have any problem related to career, relationship, financial matter and have a nice life. But still “blues” take hold and we cannot put our finger to figure out a single reason behind our tension. We do not find any apparent cause of our depression and disappointment. We feel tired, anxious, even knowing that nothing is wrong around us.
No matter if we are aware of reason  or not,  negativity  or emotionally dreaminess leaves actually no room for action or peace.
This lack of willingness to face the world can be a cause of many reasons. We are in a quest of more and more all the time.

I feel when we feel unfulfilled in life we need few changes. We must focus to enhance our positive energy. Few adjustments and focus can give us new hopes and satisfaction.  All we need to do is to seek God in such times when we figure out nothing actually is missing, but we feel incomplete. This hollowness, sadness, incompleteness is because of our increasing distance from God. I believe that our heart long and look for God only without Him it do not feel peace and satisfaction. He is the one who can take us out of despair and helplessness.  Connection with Him can bring happiness, joy, enjoyment, peace and satisfaction. With His guidance you can get what you want. This is what our soul’s longing for to achieve. We can feel change after our connection with our Creator. Soon, we can experience a fulfilling direction.

Quran tells us that our connection will creator can heal our wounds and bring peace to our minds and soul.

Bible also agrees that greatest need of life is not simply guidance but a relationship with GOD.

So, what are your tips to regain a sense of well being and peace of mind and soul?
Photo credit goes to my lovely friends;
Jennifer Moss and Muazma  Khan.
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