School Massacre

Today is Blackest day in the history of Pakistan. Every eye is filled with tears and hearts are throbbing violently with the pain. The flowers have been crush with brutality and left country mourning. 141 children between the age of 5-18 years were killed brutally by indiscriminate firing of 9 Taliban terrorists in an army-run school in Peshawar Pakistan. Many are injured, among them are students, school officials and military personnel. Injured were transported to hospitals by ambulances.

My tears are rolling down my cheeks, while thinking about this brutal slaughtering by butchers. Mind is not working, I am heartbroken and my heart is bleeding like many across the world.
I am thinking about those mothers who may have prepared their kids with their hands, kissed their forehead and have sent them to school. She did not know that she is sending them today towards their end. Many laps are empty today and clouds of darkness, anger, anxiety, revenge and acute depression prevail over nation. All are in deep sorrow and pain. Not even a single mother knew that she is looking her kid for the last time.

I am thinking that the kids must have gone playing, laughing while walking towards school. Some may have complained about pain or their unwillingness to go as may not have prepared any test. Parents must have pushed them and motivated them. Now, they will be regretting.

I have a 3.5 years old daughter and the way I call her to get up and help
her to get ready for nursery every day. I leave her in her class room and come back after kissing her. All the mothers do this. They
cook food and wait for their kids to return from school. The day when she do not eat her breakfast is really painful for me. During cold mothers are more conscious as they get afraid if kids will not be careful and get cold. Insist kids not to remove gloves, sweaters, caps and threaten them for not acting accordingly. Who knew that on that day this cold will not only touch their bodies but make them cold forever.
Yesterday when parents have got the news on TV about terrorist attack on Army Public School Peshawar boys wing. I can understand how the parents have rushed to schools. Kids went to school in green uniforms and returned in caskets. Not only sons were kid, but also many dreams were killed with them. Dreams of their parents, of their own, their families and of nation.
From yesterday I am reading about the incident, watching TV programs about this heinous attack of barbarism. Each and every word, each and every news bring deep pain to heart. I am thinking about those mothers, those sisters, those fathers, those brothers who have planned something for yesterday night. How kids have planned coming winter holidays. How all the dreams are shattered and death, grenades and bullet firing have taken the place of laughs in school.

School where they have went to learn and be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, social activist, journalist, army officer became their graveyard. Floors got covered with red by blood of innocent children. Books got torn, school depict picture of battle field with rattled bullets.

Pakistan is receiving condolences from all over the world. Whole world have condemned in strongest words the targeting of innocent school students. Pakistan is observing mourning for three days and turkey has also announced a day of national mourning. All the leaders and government establishments are expressing their anger over the inhumane attack on innocent students and educators and expressing solidarity with the grieved families.

Google also sympathizing with people of Pakistan. I am thinking that if such words, candle light vigil that are held across the country in solidarity with the victims can comforts hearts of their family members? For sure, NO, NOT AT ALL.

Someone rightly said,”Smallest coffins are truly the heaviest the carry.”
I think this is time for the world to decide that , ‘IT’s Enough Now!” and take strict measurements to eliminate such terrorists from the world. This was an inhuman, un-Islamic and most coward act by perpetrators. Pakistan has paid heaviest price for the war on terror. We do not know until when we have to pay the price of terrorism. Now it’s time to pray from Almighty Allah, the supreme power to help us in uprooting and throwing such tumors out of this world, straight in Hell. Whole world is grieved by this massacre and standing with families of victims and praying that Almighty give strengths to hearts of family members to bear this tragic loss of innocent lives and accept innocent kids in high grades of Heaven.
We all know very well who is actually dead in this massacre. These school kids are martyr and martyr never die. They have killed the kids of soldiers, now they have to get ready for the consequences. Terrorists have to pay the price of each blood drop that was shed in this carnage. 

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Picture Source: Facebook