Story by a Student about #PeshawarAttack

With every tick of clock, each passing second, people are getting aggressive and demanding the establishment to hang all imprisoned Taliban terrorists as a result of attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. People are remembering all those who died in this war on terror. More than 50,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives I would say, were sacrificed to attained desired results, to reach the goal of a Pakistan free from all terrorists. A destination that is still in dark, way is foggy and no one is sure about the path they are following, if right or wrong.
Still all are moving with a hope may be they reach their destination. A destination of prosperity, destination of peace, destination of free Pakistan; where people are not bombed in their work places or while coming back home. Where people are not shot while performing their religious virtues. Where people do not fear to speak the truth. Where people do not fear for the life of their loved ones. Where people get justice at their door steps. Where no one starve to death because of poverty.
Until now, each sacrifice was accepted with a hope of having positive results. People of Pakistan are not afraid of blasts any more, as they believe a secure future for their children is more important. But what if, terrorists have left behind all the ethics of war and started killing and crushing our future; our children, our angels and our flowers. Everything is acceptable but not the slaughtering of our kids, that are our hopes, our dreams, our passion, our future. People are sad and there seems no way out of helplessness. This is not what they expected and sacrificed for. Pakistan has changed in an artificial world with no emotions. 
There is depression, aggression, grief and anxiety in the people. People are remembering each and every single person that has lost life in this war. They are mourning death of 136+ kids that were killed by Taliban terrorists by firing in an army school in Peshawar on16-12-2014. They were slaughtered in school were they went to learn; how to love, how to live, how to accept and appreciate differences and how to stand united with people who are deprived of basic rights for living. A place where they went to know about forgiveness, virtues and care. It was first day in school for the kid in picture on left. 
Everyone from all over the world has condemned this brutal and coward act of terrorists. Taliban have claimed the responsibility of attack by saying as these were kids of soldiers who kill them and their families so they have taken revenge by killing them. Here is message of Army Chief to them. 

The students who survived are sharing heart breaking stories of the tragedy. Tears are burning town every cheek, palm seem to get sweaty and people are shivering after listening about death and blood. Life is uncertain, how in minutes everything change. There seems no hope and happiness for people and they are desperate. 
Social media is full of pictures of children who lost their lives and messages from those who are still in hospitals. More than 60% profile pictures of my friends on Facebook are black. Everyone is expressing pain and aggression over the massacre. This picture is of a student who died in attack. 
A student shared story of a brave female teacher who stood between children and terrorists as  iron wall. She told to terrorists that they have to pass over her dead body to reach students. She engaged terrorists and screamed to students to run for their lives. Some students managed to escape and many were killed. Terrorists burn her to get rid of her and punish her for resistance. Until her last breath she tried to save as many students as possible.
The student who survived and shared this story is bursting in tears and crying for his selfishness as he is saying that he ran for his life but did not go to save his teacher.
People all over Pakistan are admiring that brave women and praying for her forgiveness. I hope you will join and pray for all who died in this incident.
In such times of depression we must pray from our Creator, most Merciful to give us strength and save us from the cunning attack of our enemies and save us from such blood sheds and carnage in future and fulfill our lives.   May Allah bless her and accept her in highest grades in heavens. 
I believe that this world is existing just because of such people who do not care for their lives, risk their lives to give; life, love, happiness and help to others. She truly deserve recognition for her bravery. Malala is on same way fighting for education of girls in Pakistan and this girl also fought and sacrificed her life for education. 
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Pictures source: Facebook