It is Snowing Again

The #nature has again changed its color, the #winter is at its peak  and it is snowing again in some parts of the world. I am sitting thousands of miles away from it and looking at the pictures shared by my friends and family from across the world on Face book. Showing the Earth full of snow that has covered and ceased almost everything. May be by now it’s on the go. Unfortunately, I do not know :’( . These pictures of snow bring many sweet memories from my childhood, when I used to enjoy snow in my Paradise Kashmir . The place where I lived throughout my childhood is Rawalakot. It is called PEARL VALLEY, because of its scenery and spectacular beauty. When there started  snow all the children used to come out of their homes to play. Covered with many woolen clothes, coats, jackets, gloves etc. I feel the quantity of clothes on any child depended on the intensity of cold their mother felt J . The picture on top is my daughter’s favorite poem. As I am talking about my childhood so I thought this screen shot worth sharing.
The picture on left is of Pallandri Azad Kashmir. Coming back to point; all children from surrounding will come together and we made snow man, fight with each other by throwing snow and hiding to miss snow balls thrown on us. Use to slide on snow and finally we end up with eating snow with some sugar. All this normally take place when snow gave us some break and at times if we are excited, we will enjoy while it was snowing.

When we think about snow, a lot of things automatically rush to our minds like; Winter at its peak, frosty winds, frozen water, earth wearing white sheet, cold, fire etc. Fire that we lit to keep us warm. It’s nice that how two opposite things have a great connection.  So when we were cold after playing in snow, we used to rush to fire to bring life in our frozen hands and feet. I always thought that hands and feet get so cold as they are constantly in touch with snow πŸ™‚ . We used to wait for winter and snow throughout the year as Rawalakot was a winter station and children always got holidays for two months. Life is uncertain, so is snow. Due to uncertainty of snow many plans of travel were cancelled. Sometimes we were stuck in our homes and got bored. Only three options were left with us; play in snow, eat dry fruits and sit in front of fire.

The thing that always looked amazing to me were the foot prints of everyone and everything walking on snow. We walked for hours on snow and made different shapes on it; circles, homes, hearts with an arrow crossing it J . Well, it’s always sweet to think about the memories of the times that we enjoyed in  our lives. When we look back apart from some great lose we hardly remember about bad experiences and incidents. These memories and activities were from the day.  The cold winter night with snow have totally different image in my mind.

This was fun part but when we think about snow many other feelings also come in mind; it brings

complete stillness in lives. Life gets stuck, silent and still. Just cold air whisper in our ears and strike on our window planes sometimes in a scary way that I used to hide inside my quilt to be safe from a ghost that can be wondering outside to catch children he come across. A stillness and darkness prevail whole night. It seems that someone have paused the life for some time.
Only sound that broke stillness was of wind. It rolled and rushed around, making loud noise. Nothing seem to break the spell of the snow. A spell of stillness and silence.
This snow symbolizes many things from dark to bright. It shows that many memories are dead and buried deep under it and when it will melt it will take them with it and seep inside the heart of earth. It also gives us news of new hope as it declares the arrival of spring and new year. A new year with the spring is knocking on our doors and old has gone in dark somewhere in dark nights of snow.

I think that God has kept the snow at the end of the year to cover all sorrows and freeze all the tears. 

It brings the news of  peace, joy and happiness in hearts. That take us out of depressionand helplessness. This is the beauty that God, wants us to have, by closing one door of the old year and for opening the door of new hopes, success and independence with new year. For me snow symbolizes the fulfillment of life

The scene when sun comes after days of snow on snow is always spectacular when each drop of water and snow sparkles as diamond. After every snowing dark night there is a bright sunny day that sparkles everything. Cleans and brightens everything. Brings

These were few memories attached to snow from childhood. I do not have any snow around now and do not know how I will feel if I will have snow back. I too believe that we can get what we want. I want snow, I will get it someday, I know. Until then I am keeping these lovable memories saved with me. 

What are your memories related to snow? Do you like snow and enjoy it?

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First picture is a screenshot from you tube. Remaining pictures are taken from Facebook. 
  • I miss and love snow. All the pictures of snow are very nice. Truly snow is to cover our sorrows at the end of the year

  • Those are beautiful pictures of snow. It sounds like you grew up in the place Far Pavillions was written about I loved that book when I was growing up and I recently reread it so having read that I picture you an Indian princess riding a beautiful black horse over a windswept plain to happily ever after. Such is the power of imagination. In Victoria there isn't much snow but in the interior wher I grew up we also had snow days where we bundled up and built snowmen, threw snowballs and made Angels in the snow. Thank you for getting me to remember.

  • Snow is very pretty to look at but that's all for me. I'm not really a big fan of snow and cold. I would rather be in the sunshine at the beach lol.

  • Reading this post was almost like reading poetry. I have many fond memories of playing in the snow, everything from sliding down a hill on a sled to making snow angels. Very nice memories indeed!

  • Andy

    I am another Californian who doesn't see any snow and am glad that that's the case. However, I'd be willing to put up with some snow for a two-month holiday. πŸ˜‰

  • I live in a place called a β€œsnow belt” off Lake Ontario; we are noted for snow fall. I lived through the great snow storm of 1978. We have a light post out front of the house, I stand 6’1” and I can change the light bulb, if I can stand on my tippy toes. I have a picture after the snow storm where my dad has to bend over and put the light in that light post, that is how much snow we had during that storm.

  • What a charming story! I think it's true that mother dress their children for the cold depending on how cold mother feels.Sometimes I'll see children so buried in clothes and blankets you can't even see their faces! It's cold here in NY today with just a light covering of snow. But the older I get the less I like the cold and snow.

  • Those are some lovely pictures of Pallandri Azad Kashmir! I wish I had great snow memories from my childhood but I lived in Texas. I only remember pictures of when it snowed two feet when I was 2.

  • Lovely article Andleeb. I grew up in So California so no early memories of snow. However as an adult I have spent a fair amount of time in areas that do have snow, in particular the East Coast of the U.S. and have many good memories of my travels. That said, I enjoy living in Hawaii and "visiting" the snow much more than I think I would living in it. πŸ™‚

  • Good childhood memories in the snow but unfortunately I cant relate to snow cos here in my countries we dont experience winter.

  • I have fond childhood memories of the snow. It was like a blanket of peace falling over the city; everything became so quiet. It's funny how much more accepting I was of severe weather as a child than I am as an adult. I was much more in the moment not thinking how the snow would stop me from doing anything but more how I could enjoy the new outside reality.

  • Catarina

    Am sure Kashmir is beautiful in show. Loved snow when I was a kid and started skiing and skating as soon as I could walk. Now, however, I only like snow if I'm in Switzerland skiing. Thankfully it didn't snow when I lived in Riyadh because that would really have frightened me. The drivers can't even handle rain, imagine snow. Since I know how to drive in snow I would have been petrified. πŸ™‚

  • These pictures are amazing! I don't miss the snow at all, but just reading your descriptions of the quiet and the crunch of footsteps bring back warm childhood memories. I also remember the laughter when we were sledding, and how the cold didn't bother us at all!!

  • Wowww lovely pictures. The way you narrated the things plus these pictures created a nostalgic feeling. You are lucky to have spent a childhood amidst Kashmir's beauty..

  • Snow is beautiful to look at! Having to travel in it is another story – especially here in the UK.

    As a child I played snowball fights. I would stuff ice inside my friends coats and watch them scream!

  • I used to live where it snowed when I was a child too and i miss it sometimes, particularly around Christmastime. It is funny how kids around the world seem to play in the snow the same way. It was a lot of fun and great memories. πŸ™‚ Now I'm in California. No snow for me unless I travel.

  • I grew up in Michigan in the U.S. and it snowed all winter. I hated it then and I hate it now. That is why I live in sunny California, where it never snows! I enjoy looking at pictures of the snow and the ones you include here are indeed beautiful. Enjoy and stay warm.

  • What a lovely post about the snow. Last year, I lived in a ski resort town and the snow was quite literally up to my shoulders for four months! That much snow was too much snow for me though I still find the snow to be very beautiful and I love the pristine and silent stillness a snowfall brings.

  • Anna, this is a wonderful memory piece about snow! I guess that children in all parts of the world where it snows do similar things. I did quite a few of the same ones. I too loved the footprints and always took a deep breath before engraving my own on an undisturbed expanse of white.

    Sent by Beth Niebuhr

  • When I read your description about the winter night, I could feel the stillness and hear the crunch of a footstep on packed snow. Sound travels so far on a cold, calm night. I grew up and lived my entire life in Manitoba, where winters are very cold and very long. I have good and bad memories of the snow. Freshly fallen snow can be so beautiful, but shoveling was never fun. This is the third winter my husband and I have gone somewhere warmer for the winter. And surprise, we had a little bit of snow come down lat on New Year's Eve in the greater Phoenix area. Of course, it was gone by morning.

  • A timely post for me because we are under a severe snow watch at the moment – could get up to 30cm but I'm with you, snow is beautiful. I really like this sentence – I think that God has kept the snow at the end of the year to cover all sorrows and freeze all the tears. You are right, snow covers up a lot but I never thought of it in that context. Thanks for all your beautiful posts.

  • What a fantastic post, it had me missing Londons snowfall which I haven't experienced in a while! I do miss playing with snow now that you mentioned it.
    Thank you for sharing your memories!

    Love, Husnaa x x

  • I haven't seen snow in about a decade. It would be nice to visit a place that has snow, but I'm happy I don't live with it anymore. I do miss that quiet you mentioned when the world slows down and there is quiet. I also appreciate my childhood memories of playing in the snow. The pictures you posted are really beautiful. I do miss the beauty of looking outside and seeing freshly fallen snow.

  • Hello Adeela

    Thank you. I appreciate your comment and time.

  • Thank you Shafaq.

    I appreciate your time.

  • Hello Faisal

    The memories of childhood are always sweet to remember.

    Thank you for your time.

  • What a beautiful piece of writing really wonderful

  • "i think God has kept the snow at the end of year to cover all sorrows and freeze all the tears " its beautiful. worth reading!

  • what an awesome picture of snow and childhood. loved the post and it really brings back memories