Things To Remember in New Year

  Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope this will be one of the best years of your life. I am so excited to make this new year my best.
Sorry for being little late. I was busy with few assignments.
Everyone wants to make every year successful, so do I. This year I thought to make a list of few things that I feel worth remembering in new year. I want to share my list with you.
·         Be courageous.
·         Never be afraid to take the initiative.
·         Live simple but think high.
·         Patienceis key to success. Try to find this key.
·         Life is not bed of roses, do not try to make it one.
·         Do not stop dreaming. Dreamand work hard to make it a reality.
·         No one is perfect and I do not think anyone can be. So stop pretending.
·         Success is not a ripened fruit that will fall on you. It’s like a diamond you have to dig for it. Get ready to dig, start digging until you get diamond.
·         Life is name of continuous struggle, get ready for it.
·         Do not stop questioning.
·         No matter what keep going.
·         Find new paths.
·         Do not forget to enjoy life.
·         Value your relations.
·         Do not wait. Start Today.
·         ExerciseDaily, it will bring health and happiness.
·         Emotions like;  happiness, sadness, depressionetc.  are part of life. Just do not Lose Hopein hard times.

    I think that if we remember all these things and practice them every month then we will be able to see a remarkable progress in our new year. We will feel the difference when the year will close its doors.
   I have written a lot of posts related to New Year  I will try to upload them soon. I have posted one before, you can check that  here

     All the best with New Year. I wish you all have peace in new year. 

What’s on your list to remember and practice in new year? How you will start new year?

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  • Hello Tahir.

    It is nice to be kind to others.

    I really appreciate your time.

  • You are right Assan recipe

    I really appreciate your time.

  • Hello Jeri

    My prayers are on your way for strength and I hope that you will be successful and for sure it will teach you a lo of new lessons. All the best in your life.
    I really appreciate your time.

  • Hello Safari on the Blog

    Thank you for your appreciation. I hope new year will be good one for all of us.

    I really appreciate your time.

  • Thank you Adeela

    I really appreciate your time.

  • I want to be kind towards others. this is what I want to remember in new year

  • I think that this also is true for me. I must try to remember these points in new year to make it successful than previous.

  • Your list is music to my ears today. The end of last year and the beginning of this one are bringing huge, unexpected changes my way. I have to keep reminding myself the struggles life brings can often turn out to be its greatest rewards.

  • Thank you so much for this post.
    It needs to be printed and pinned on a wall, to be seen and read every morning.
    Awesome post!

  • Very nice post

  • Thank you Faisal
    for your comment I really appreciate.

    You can remember other as well 🙂

  • Very nice post. I will remember:
    Never be afraid to take the initiative.