Let’s Practice Patience.

When we are waiting; for someone to come, something to happen, to see someone, to be called for something or we are waiting for results.
Someone is sick in hospital, all the efforts do not seem working. Or if we cannot prepare ourselves within limited time for some important meeting or event.
When we want something to happen quickly and it takes time.
When prayers and efforts seems not to be rewarding—We become depressed, anxious and impatient.
We start getting; angry so quickly, unhappy about situations happening or become  upset. We just want to take control of situation and do best for us.  If we think for a moment we can realize that these responses or reactions towards the situations that we cannot control—make our condition and the situation stressful and even worse for us to act precisely and react effectively.

Let’s think for a while, if we cannot control a situation, better is; to tolerate it or let it go. If we start practicing this trait, we will be comfortable over the time to accept —  the delay, and consider problems as part of our lives. So in all such moments of pain, helplessness, delay, trouble, depression, suffering or anxiety — we have to learn to be patient — to be peaceful, happy and mindful and fulfill our life. 

What is Patience?

I will start with the definition from dictionary. The word Patience means;

  the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Now a days when everything works so quickly and a lot of things are just a click away. We are all impatient.  We cannot wait for anything to happen. We just wish and want it to be a reality all at once. Same is the situation when we are looking towards Almighty Allah to help us and guide us through problems and we get no response in return and think that our prayers are not accepted.

Patience and Islam: 

Patience is considered as one of the best virtues of Islam and Allah has mentioned many times in Quran(The Holy Book) that He will test humans with fear, loss etc. and He will be with those who are patient and will help them and reward them. The Arabic word for patience is SABR. That means stop or refrain. 

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” — St. Augustine 

As I have mentioned earlier that we feel that it is hard to practice patience but I feel that demand of time is to must-have it. If we are patient we will be calm, we will not blow up over anyone. We will be mentally and physically relaxed. I feel when we are impatient we are frustrated and have a lot of negative effects on our body mentally and physically.

Sadness, depression, impatience, happiness all make up our life. We live in two extremes of ; happiness when we want to jump and touch the sky and sadness when we think everything has ended. The happiness in our lives actually depends on patience. The more patient we are, more happy we will be. 

What patience teach us?
It teach us to keep moving towards our goal with a peaceful and calm mind without being frustrated or tensed that normally arise because of impatience— because of uncertainty of the future, results or outcomes.
It teach us to accept what is happening around us—anything that we cannot control is coming from a supernatural power and He has His plans and knows best.  
It teach us to have  peace of mindand brings calmness and gives courage to face the situation. It teach us to have respect, success and independence. It teach us to get what we want. 
How patience help us??

Ultimately, patience helps us to react wisely. With patience we become relax and ready to face challenges. It also helps to bring positive change in our behaviors and relationships  — it makes them better and strong. As we will not be angry on small mistakes and openly accept them and realize that no one is perfect.
How to be patient?

Try to know about the triggers of impatience and try to reduce the intensity of impatience. Try to give you, some time. Focus on good things and times, remind yourself that everything needs time to happen. Remind yourself that the one sitting above the skies and is even closer to your Jugular vein can see things that are not in our focus. Take deep breaths once you realize that you are impatient.  If we think then traffic signals teach us a big lesson to deal with impatience.
Red Light—stop,
Yellow Light — think how you will start again and where you have to go,
Green Light— time for action… Move on.

When you are really triggered, take yourself  off the situation or place. As staying on the scene can lose patience. Leave for moment, change scene, look somewhere else, find the beauty in sight and admire it, it will help you forget about the cause you got anxious and angry.
Patience with ourselves:

“Do not give way to impatience. It is not good for you. It’s not good for anyone.” — Sylvia Boorstein

We need a lot of patience! The more patience and compassion we have for ourselves, the more peaceful we will be and have high-functioning relationships. As a Muslim we believe that hardships and ease are tests for us in this world. What ever Allah gives us, happiness or sadness it has some reward at the end. So do not be impatient in times of difficulties, but trust Allah that He will reward you and try to be patient as He is with those who practice patience. 
The moment you become impatience, what you do to calm down yourself & get your mindfulness or consciousness back???

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