Recipe for potato cutlets

Recipe for potato cutlets

Today I will tell you how I make an easy recipe for potato cutlets. I hope you will enjoy this quick recipe.
All you need for this recipe for potato cutlets;
  • Mashed potatoes ( 3 medium sizes)
  • Onion bulb ( small)
  • Coriander
  • 1 Egg medium size, lightly beaten
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 1 Teaspoons chopped green Chili ( or according to taste- optional)
  • Cumin seeds ( optional)
  • Coriander powder or seeds ( optional)
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour or breadcrumbs
  • Salt ( according to taste)
  • Black pepper ( according to taste)
  • Vegetable oil, for pan-frying

These(in the picture on the right) are some optional ingredients that you can add. 

The best thing that I like is, the main ingredient is potato little salt and pepper, rest whatever you want to add to enhance the taste is up to you.
 The way, that I normally use is;
You can use leftover potatoes or boil them until soft. Peel them and mash them in a large bowl, add salt and all other spices you want. Then combine them well with hands.
After mixing leave the mixture for an hour in the fridge and then divide the whole mixture into 6 equal parts. For each portion roll a compact ball and then flatten and make any shape that you like. Beat one egg and then dip the cutlet in this and afterward roll in all-purpose flour or breadcrumbs.

Now they are ready to fry. Normally I do not deep fry I just add few tablespoons (3-4) of vegetable oil on a platter or sauté pan over medium heat.
Fry the cutlet, in batches of 2 or 4, until golden brown and crispy. They are ready and you can serve them hot with ketchup or chili or hot sauce and tea. 
You can add boiled and drained chicken, vegetables like, peas, carrot, corn etc. to enhance the taste. You can prepare this mixture or cutlet and keep in the fridge in an airtight container and fry them when you need. You can use these in a sandwich too.  You can give any shape to potato cutlets, depending on your choice; round, oval, lollipop
  • I've never had a potato cutlet before. It sounds very good!

  • Hello Jacquie
    They really are very easy to make. I hope you will love the taste and feel good to make them as they are easy.

    Thank you for your comment and time, I really appreciate.

  • Hello Donna
    Yes I think this is more simple than pan cakes. I hope you will like these.

    Thank you for your time.

  • It is always great to cook something that kids like. I have a small 4 years old daughter and she love it.
    Thank you Leora for your time.

  • Hello Safari On the Blog
    I hope you will like the taste too.
    Thank you.

  • Hello A.k. Andrew

    I am not that good cook, but I love to try things. But if the potatoes are mashed properly then normally they do not fall apart + egg is there to give them coating and protection. I hope you will like them.

  • Hello Michele

    I hope you will try and like this easy recipe. In pancakes we normally add cheese and use with sour cream but this you can eat without anything. But little dip in Ketchup can boost the taste.

  • These look fantastic. It's always tricky not to have them fall apart, so can't wait to try this one.

  • Yummy! I will definitely try this.
    And the recipe is easy which is what I like.
    Thank you Andleeb x

  • I'm made something similar for my daughter – if I spice it just right, she is happy.

  • This recipe looks great. I will definitely try this. It reminds me a bit of potato pancakes, but spiced differently.

  • These sound so yummy! Reading the recipe made my mouth water a little:) This looks much easier than the ones I have been making…have to try this!

  • Yummy! This potato recipe sounds delicious and I do love potatoes. This recipe reminds me of potato latkes (potato pancakes) although the recipe for potato latkes is a bit more elaborate. Thank you for sharing.

  • I hope you will like it too.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hello Shafaq

    I am happy to hear that.

    Thank you for letting me know.

  • Hello Safari on the blog

    I hope you will love it.

    Thank you for your time & comment .

  • Hello max. I will definitely check the recipe of salmon croketts.
    I always try many things.

    Thank you for appreciating

  • Seems Yummy
    I like them a lot but this recipe seems easier than mine
    i will try this

  • just tried the recipe its really easy and delicious thank for sharing. keeping sharing such type of easy recipies

  • Looks yummy . . . .
    Will print the recipe and try it x

  • hi andleeb; my family cooks what we call salmon croketts. they sound similar to these except they use salmon and flour. and i applaud you for no longer deep frying them. it doesn't always take big changes to eat healthier. keep up the good work, max