Motivation: #Life

Life changes with each day, some days are; when we are very energetic and active and at times we all lack motivation and desire to do anything. We are easily distracted and fear failure. Ultimately, put off our tasks.

If we are not motivated we cannot do our work with interest. Motivation is result of both internal and external factors like; needs, goals and expectations that stimulate the desire to do something.

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“We can say that motivation is a force that drives us to do something.”

There are so many theories in the world about motivation. But I think there is a lot of motivation in religion. When we worship our Lord without any material gain, I think this is also a powerful motivator in itself.  

As a Muslim I can write about few of sources of motivation in Islam.
  • Quran (Holy Book )
  • Hadith ( Way of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H)
  • Nature
  • Life after Death.
Islam always teach us to do good and tells us about the rewards that are kept for us in this life and here after. If we think about the rewards then it keeps us going.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts ­ Eleanor Roosevelt

How to be motivated?
Believe it or not, all of us have motivated our self many times in life. So, we do not need to go out to get it, but it is inside us, we have to find it or wake it up. At times you have to #PushYourselfAs a human we love to start new things in our life. It gives us a sense of freshness, hope, courage, confidence and excitement depending upon the case. That is why we are always happy and excited about our new jobs, meeting new people and going to a new place.

You can have #inspiration and #motivation if you try to;
  •  do something new and different with every passing moment of life.
  • –  to be one that can help society and humanity in every possible way.
  •  work hard to raise the standards of your life and nation as a whole.
  •  help your country grow.
These actions can help us to get some energy and #motivation when we feel down.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain


I believe that we feel down or less motivated or even not motivated at all when we cannot think about rewards and success. These are triggers that stimulate our motivation. If we remember that;

  • All the good deeds that we can do to benefit our; religion, country or nation can be key to success here and here after.
  • All the prayers in front of Allah can be source of peace, satisfaction and fulfillment.
These are the best rewards that we can have, when we will keep eye on these rewards our each new day will give us a new start and desire to do something new and amazing.

What to do?

With the passage of time and on the basis of experience we must ingrain gradually new attitude towards things in us. When we will keep on changing our way of looking at things. Every time we will find something new in everything. It will give us a feel of freshness like we are starting a new thing. We will be excited and motivated, with a strong will power to do something new and good to benefit us and others.

We must understand the value of discipline in our life, if we are disciplined it can bring a lot of success and motivation.

If we want something, we have to work for it. There is no short cut or magical way for it. We have to overcome our fear and use it to advantage us and give strength. If we see a snake, we get frightened, we have to run from there or kill it (in critical situation) to save our life.

Exercise to motivate :
  • Clear your mind from negative thoughts.
  • If you have put off a difficult task, it is like humans. All you need now, is to, try and complete all pending tasks that have lowered your energy level. Sometimes we put off task and later when we start, feel that easy and finally finish it. We think for a while about the delay and say, “ Why I was putting this off?”
  • We have challenges in life and try to avoid them, but today, try to challenge your challenge.
  • Always try to keep an eye on the end. No matter how you start, when you will finish the task, it will bring a lot of happiness as reward. To get that reward forget about the fears and get started.
  •  Above all, in times of depression, when you feel you lack motivation, a silent prayer or time with God (Almighty Allah); a bow, can bring all the lost energy and motivation back within a second. He is the one who knows; all the feeling and causes of depression and is only one who can fix things and has solution of our every problem and can give peace and motivation to us.

Now it’s your turn to tell what you do to keep yourself motivated?

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