#Kashmir Solidarity Day: 5th February

Kashmir, a paradise on Earth. But sadly this heaven is facing pain from years. Our homeland has been brutally divided by force into two parts; Azad Kashmir( with Pakistan)  and Occupied Kashmir( with India). We can say,

  Kashmir a Divided Heaven

No serious action has been taken from many years to solve Kashmir issue. Kashmir Problem is oldest problem in UN and now I think this must be addressed and solved in a peaceful way. Many experts have expressed their views about Kashmir and many suggestions have been given for the solution of main dispute between India and Pakistan.
I do not have much knowledge about the history of issue and agreements that have been made between these two countries. As a Kashmiri, I just want to express my feelings and belief about the issue on 5thFebruary, that is celebrated as Kashmir Solidarity Day.
People express their passion, aggression and concern about the issue. They are concerned about the future of their children. No one knows in Azad and Occupied Kashmir, when they will be able to see each other and the distances of the decades will finish. Any patriot can easily understand the attachment to homeland and the blood, spiritual and psychological connection to each other on both sides is no surprise.

Kashmir is torn–It’s bleeding

Kashmir dispute is main cause of anger, aggression and hatred among the people of India and Pakistan. India and specially Pakistan is under terrorist attacks, recently, you may have come across news of terrorist attacks in a school of Peshawar, Pakistan. Most of the time after every attack there is a blame game between India and Pakistan. The enmity between these two countries is increasing because of unresolved issue of Kashmir. Both the countries were pushed in war three times from their independence in 1947 over the issue of Kashmir.
Now a days  the condition in Pakistan is critical as Pakistan is a ally in war against terror that has cost thousands of lives of civilians, army personnel , property and resources.
Over the past years, some efforts were made to solve issue between India and Pakistan via dialogue and little progress of contact were made by Samjota Express and bus service between different cities of Kashmir. Such efforts are not enough to bring these countries near each other and bring peace. Many issues between India and Pakistan can be solved by dialogue and mutual understanding. But the way towards peace starts with the consideration of issue of Kashmir. Understanding the problem and accepting Kashmir as dispute between two countries. Dialogue cannot be effective unless started to solve Kashmir dispute. Kashmir issue must be addressed and solved as soon as possible. Both countries must show some courage to come on table and be open to the issue of Kashmir.
Where these is hate and jealousy there cannot be peace and harmony.
It cannot be said that the people of both countries cannot live with peace with each other. If we consider the history when country was one and people of all the religions lived with each other from centuries together with peace.
India and Pakistan are facing some problem due to corruption and natural calamities but rest of the problems are linked to the problem of Kashmir, in one way or another. The destruction, militant groups and attacks are just because of unrest and issue of Kashmir.
Both India and Pakistan are using large sum of money for the production of nuclear weapons and for sure this is linked with Kashmir dispute. Both countries believe somewhere deep inside that may be some day they have to come face to face again over the issue of Kashmir like past three wars between both countries that have been fought over the  issue of Kashmir. Both countries are trying to get ready for that war, that is actually very sad as we are not thinking about peace but war, that is not the solution of problems, many wars have been fought in the world and not even one helped to resolve the issue.

People of both the countries are living below poverty line and both are wasting their resources on weapons and missiles and bombs.
If the issue between two countries are resolved with dialogue then there is no need to deploy both the armies on the highest battle filed of Sia Chin glacier and on other snow covered disputed areas.
This move cannot only save a lot of resources which both countries are spending for the living of soldiers in severe weather conditions but  also the money that is being used to buy or produce weapons for long standing armies of both countries.
Many times throughout the year we hear about the violation of cease fire and agreements on the Line of Control (LOC). Obviously each gun shot or the missile fired cost a lot to both countries and hinders both countries from the economical development and peaceful living.
If both countries settle sensibly the Kashmir issue according to the wishes of Kashmiris, it will bring peace to both countries and then the defense budget can be utilized for the welfare of people.
Any solution cannot be acceptable, if the people of Kashmir are not included in dialogue. Over past years some efforts were made and the representatives from both sides were included in dialogue and were allowed to see each other as well but unfortunately due to non cooperative behavior from India side the dialogue couldn’t continue. So the solution of issue is yet to be found.
After recent referendum in Scotland, an example has been set to give a chance to the people to decide for their future. I think this example is now set to follow the steps. There are many in Kashmir who want to be United but referendum can help to know about the wishes of people if they want to live with India or Pakistan.
No matter how the solution is found, I hope someday I will be able to visit the Kashmir on the other side of the LOC that is just 10 km away from my home. I can see cars moving on roads and sparkling window planes of the buildings. Shining water of the river and lush green valley but cannot breathe in the air and my feet cannot touch the ground on other side of boarder.
We must not forget the realities and our past. I think youth must know about all the details, as if we do not know about our past, we cannot build a secure future. We in Kashmir are still thinking about Simla Agreement and talking about it and regretting the violations. Watching toward UN and trying to seek help. World has moved way forward, there can be many solutions, if we want to find and talk about them. 

What you will say about this issue of Kashmir between India and Pakistan??? What do you believe, is it fine to keep families separated by Line of Control (LOC) and do not allow them to meet?? Is it fine to deprive people from their home land?? Until when this can be done with force??

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  • It is strange, I just happened to watch a documentary on this a week or two ago. So while I had heard about it and had done knowledge of the situation, your post definitely gave me s mite personal view point. It's a sad situation, one that seems will not be ending soon.

  • I'm happy that you are able to highlight the awful situation in Kashmir with others.
    It is a truly terrible situation, and I don't know what the solution is. Kashmir should not be divided in this way. It is sad that is does not receive the media attention that it deserves, but know that many people are concerned about the people of Kashmir.

  • It must be incredibly stressful to live in such a situation of unrest. I think it's interesting that you reference the Scottish referendum. I personally was glad that they didn't succeed, as I think it would have been economically disastrous for the UK as a whole,but the attempt at least was made. But poverty and a country being torn apart definitely needs a resolution

  • It's so sad that because of this issue in Kashmir, families are divided and unable to see one another. A country divided is certainly a split that burns. I hope for a lasting solution that will bring peace, prosperity, and understanding, to the people on both sides.

  • I don't know much about Kashmir . It's so sad and I appreciate your sharing your feelings about it. A lot happening in this world! It makes me angry to see people suffering, living poorly and all. So much pain in this world of ours

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  • Like most Americans my knowledge of the issues between India and Pakistan is limited to the media's version of the story which is generally centralized around any story that will sell more papers or advertising. I certainly don't envy anyone having to live under such circumstances and pressure – it may be naive but I do hope that one day there will be a peaceful solution found.

  • Isn't it amazing how often countries are split in two? I don't know much about Kashmir but I hope that a solution can be found. If only we humans didn't spend so much money and effort in creating horrible weapons!

  • Andy

    Like the other commenters, I am not very knowledgeable about this issue. But that's not gonna stop me from rolling out a favorite quote that is relevant to your post:

    "Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it."
    – Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • Catarina

    This has been going on for a long time and it seems finding a solution is almost impossible. Considering that India is becoming more and more important on a global scale they will probably have the main influence on what happens. Hope that the conflict is sorted out sooner than later, but sincerely doubt it. Will never forget the beauty of Kashmir when I looked at the view from the Pakistani side.

  • This sounds like so many other places in the world: Palestine and Israel have been warring forever, Turkey and Greece have been at war over time. While like others commenting I know little about Kashmir I do know, our world is full of agonizing situations like this that make us feel powerless. Prayers and positive thoughts to you Andleeb.

  • Andleeb, do you feel frustrated by our lack of knowledge about Kashmir. Reading through the previous comments, and I have to admit I knew nothing about Kashmir myself, I'm thinking you must be screaming – no wonder nothing gets done. But posts like yours, that inform and educate are important to spread the word. Once many people become aware of the issues, then some government – either India or Pakistan – may feel the time has come to listen to the people and ask them what they want, just as you suggest.

  • I didn't realize that Kashmir was still in existence! Thx for sharing this post and educating us about it. It is so unfortunate when the happiness of people is sacrificed because of politics.

  • I don't know much about Kashmir but I do empathize with your feelings…oh how heartbreaking. How is it that governments never really understand the cost to the real people?

  • I don't know much about Kashmir and, like Ken, feel I cannot offer an intelligent opinion. I appreciate your sharing your feelings about it and can understand the frustration of being divided. It is sad to see people living poorly anywhere, especially when lots of money is going to weapons.

  • Thank you Jeri.
    I appreciate your support and comment.
    I hope some day I will also visit many of my friends who are sitting on other side of Line of Control.
    I hope someday we will have right on our homeland and will be free to go where we want and enjoy the beauty of my Kashmir.

  • Hello Ken

    Actually Kashmir is not separated on the basis of religion. But families were divided by force during the independence of India and Pakistan. You will not believe what are the scenes, when relatives or even brothers are standing along the banks of a river and can not touch the hands of each other.

    As for as Independent country is concerned, a movement had emerged who was motivating people to have an independent state on the basis of fact that Kashmir was never with India or Pakistan in history but was an independent state.

    I am also not sure with which country people want to live, but Muslims in Indian Held Kashmir are really fed up the way they are humiliated and killed by India and many migrate to Pakistan held Kashmir.

    A referendum or election can tell actual situation but the problem is that India is bring a lot of Hindus from India and settling them in Kashmir so in that case they can help to bring the results in India's favor. As Occupied Kashmir is much bigger in size than Azad Kashmir so large settlement can really change the original results.

    I really appreciate your time and comment.

  • To deprive someone of their homeland is a cruel measure indeed. Political borders weak havoc in so many ways. I can't imagine how the daily reality of this feels, but your post enables me to see it all a bit more clearly.

  • I really don't know much about Kashmir so I have no intelligent opinion to offer. Was it split along religious lines like the rest of Pakistan and India? Do you think Kashmiris want an independent country or is it about whether to be part of India or Pakistan?