#Life: Do not stop Questioning.

    World is stopping you to ask?? Do not Stop!!

I do not know if after sharing my posts on Face book or Twitter anyone really wants to listen to what I am saying or not?? But I believe that they are listening. We are often told, what we will think, ultimately will be true.  
In process of revamping my blog, I always try to experiment about stuff. Sometimes I have a lot of ideas to write about and at times, even desperate try do not show productive results.
Today I want to share an inspirational quote by Albert Einstein with you, 

“Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop Questioning.” 

This quote always encouraged me in times of despair as it gives me a precious thoughtful push and hope. I am not sure about others what they get from this, but it tells me; not to regret but learn from mistakes and do not live in yesterday but today. If we will always regret about mistakes in our past we cannot have time to learn and improve our future. Whatever is the case, we must be courageous to question not from us but also from others. This is only way we can be benefited and can learn from our mistakes and experiences of others.  All of us want to go after our heart but always our mind stop us, so in that situation we must ask from ourselves, why heart wants this and why our mind is stopping us?
You can not always have a response that you want in reply to any of your question but you must not lose hope and keep on looking and asking ultimately you will get what you want to learn. I feel this is the secret of success. 
Try to live every moment of your life now, not in yesterday. Try to learn from mistakes and experiences and improve your future. We must live for today as if we will remain in past we will miss the joy of today. We should think good, what we think, we ultimately get that. 

Therefore try to move in right direction by keeping eye on outcomes and do not be depressed to ask, whatever comes to your mind. You will learn more by questions that you will ask. Do not stop them but let them go. Questioning helps in learning about stuff and deciding about better path towards the destination.  

Now it’s your turn. 

What thought this quote brings to you?? What you have chosen to live for ; Past, Present or Future!!  Above all;


  • Some people would go nuts if they didn't question things all the time (I'm sure Einstein was like that). Some people are naturally incurious and only question things when they are forced to do so. I'm in the former category, although I understand the latter mindset because questioning is stressful, who needs extra stress?

  • I love this quote! Live for today, hope for tomorrow. And I can really relate to how you feel about trying things with your blog and wondering if people are even listening. But I think they are, even if they don't always respond. Keep asking questions!

  • Very inspirational quote. I believe in living for today and enjoying every minute of life whilst you have your health. And yes – do not stop questioning as that's what keeps our brain active.

  • I definitely live in the here and now. Life is too shortvtovworry about mistakes of the past, or what might happen in the future. As a journalist, I probably ask far too many questions of everyone Ibencounter, but I reall do care about what's happening in people's lives.

  • I always question – probably too much. I am a forward thinker and planner but focus on the past a little too often for my liking. I am working on this.

  • The thought that comes to me after reading that quote is that you have to do all three. You can't get stuck in the past, nor can you always be dreaming of the future. It's harder than it sounds.

  • Hi Andleeb, I love this quote and especially agree with "Try to live every moment of your life now, not in yesterday. We so often waste time looking back, that we don't have the time to appreciate right now. And I do love learning and hope to discover new ways of doing things and new things to do for many years to come.

  • Catarina

    Good, and true, quote. You can't change the past and have power only over today and the future. Besides the day I stop learning and asking questions, I'm dead. At least I hope so because I'm not afraid of living and dying. But anything in between I'm not interested in:-)

  • I have always asked a lot of questions because for me understanding the "big picture" of things is important. But also I use a lot of questions in personal growth exercises to help people get to the root of their problems and challenges in life. One of my favorite motivational speakers is Tony Robbins and he says it very well, "If you don't like the answers you're getting, then you need to ask better questions." Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love that quote. But it's harder to live than it is to read, right? Trying to learn from past mistakes, holding on to the positive, and really desperately trying to be in the present. I think that it is the hardest for me. I seem to always be rushing forward!

  • Moving forward to be forward in life.

    Absolutely lots of great lesson and wisdom in your post.

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  • I hear you about wondering if people even care what I have to say. I too ask the very same questions. I agree, live every moment of your life now, not in the past. Our mistakes and experiences are great teachers, as long as we're paying attention. Hugs.?