#Kashmir: Fresh waters of Pallandri.

I was wondering what to share on blog today. Then on my Facebook news feed page, I came across a beautiful picture of my area Pallandri, Azad Kashmir, shared by my cousin. The picture of waterfall was amazing. I asked him if he can send me the pictures. He whats app me all his pictures and I thought to share with you as well.

Many of you may not be aware about Kashmir

You may be wondering about the word, check here to know about origin and meaning of Kashmir. Just as a short introduction here; Kashmir is a disputed area and divided between India and Pakistan since 1947. People of Kashmir are struggling to get their right of self determination and Kashmir has been torn and is bleeding. There is no one who wants to listen to, what people of Kashmir wish for. Apart from being the oldest unsolved issue on the charter of United Nations,  Kashmir is famous because of its magical beauty and fresh-waters. There are many lakes and rivers in Kashmir. 

You can check a video from different amazing places of Kashmir here. 

In a previous blog post I have written about Pallandri, it is the head quarter of District Sudhnoti. You can check the post about Pallandri here. The winter of Pallandri is as beautiful as its spring. There is another post about winter in Pallandri, I hope you will check that too. The winter is cold and full of snow. I have also shared about the snow of my area that I used to enjoy during my childhood. You can enjoy that post here.
Now after checking above link, you may know little bit about Kashmir and a small town Pallandri. Now its time to come back to today’s post. You can see some incredible pictures of waterfalls in this post. This water is actual beauty of Pallandri and Kashmir as a whole. I am always happy to see such scenes while travelling to Pallandri. Still the beautiful sound of flowing water is like a music to my ears. The freshness of falling cold waters, takes the breath away. Visit to such places always relax me and leaves a positive impact on my personality. Nature always do us a lot of favors but we are not much willing to be close to nature. 
If I think about Pallandri, then during my childhood, everywhere we will go, we will be accompanied with flowing waters from the mountains along the roads. 

We used to stop and swim in water, though now, I do not actually remember how to swim. When all my friends are jumping in swimming pool I am just sitting on side and enjoy my coffee. But believe me I was good at jumping from high rocks into the water and staying for long time underwater without any aid for breathing. That was actually a fun game for all the kids. 

The change in environment is effecting everything including beauty and waters of my Pallandri, Pollution is having adverse effect on the climate. Now we have to search for such sites, where we can see natural water flowing. There were plenty of natural resources of water but now, such sites are hardly visible. All of us are aware of importance of water. Water is our life and now, it is disappearing from face of earth. 

Pallandri was covered with trees and was surrounded by jungle of tall pine and cider trees with water flowing through its mountains and falling into River Jehlum at Azad Pattan. But unfortunately, extensive cutting and summer fire has damaged the jungle a lot. No one is interested in planting more trees but old are just cut and used. This too is affecting the cool, amazing weather of Pallandri.
I feel blessed for being the resident of the Kashmir but sadly,

we are destroying our heaven. Serious talks apart, just want to share few pictures, you can enjoy these pictures as I did. I hope you will love all of them and you will feel freshness in your soul as well. The magic of Kashmir is because of it’s #‎hillyland‬ , air sings with the sound of  ‪#‎riverflow. ‬‪#‎kashmir‬ is truly a heaven on earth and no match of it’s ‪#‎naturalbeauty‬ anywhere in the world. Many of my friends who traveled to Kashmir tell me that it is more beautiful than Switzerland. The only problem is lack of  facilities and difficulty to approach there because of long visa process.

Who ever have read this post I think must ‪#‎readyforcoldwater‬  and ‪#‎familytime‬. It helps us in many ways that we can not even count. 

I love this picture on left side. Is not it amazing how water can even shape the stone for its way?

Most of these pictures were taken at Khuirrata, Pallandri by one of my cousin Muazma Khan and few other friends. Thank you Siraj for sending me pictures and thank you Muazama for capturing beautiful scene.

What is the importance of being close to nature??? What affect such scenes have on our personality and life???? What is your opinion ???

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